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LaLa’s Full Court Life ~ Po’, Po

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Episode 1: Bet That

Episode 2: Kelly’s B-day

Episode 3 : *Yawn*

Episode 4:

Episode 5: The Press

Episode 6: Starve a Rumor

Episode 7: Trina

Episode 8: Maybe, Baby

Episode 9: Girls’ Week Out

Episode 10: Po’, Po

I did not expect this to be the season finale!

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I LOVE this dress that LaLa has on when she is getting her own handprints done at Planet Hollywood. Sexy!!!!! So Po couldn’t make it to this event because she was in music rehearsal for her performance.

Okay, this is cute dress day for Lala! I love the dress she has on when she goes back over the hotel room to talk about apartments. And apparently LaLa never wears underwear and Po is in need of more underwear. I have yet to figure out if she needs new underwear because her undies are ragged or because she doesn’t wear any. Lol.

I love this place that they go see. The house is amazing and it is not even on the market yet. It is also $20. But I don’t know if it is $20k a month or $20 million. I am confused. Lol. And Carmello says that he wants to go ahead and get it. Niiiiice. I love how LaLa hung up the phone with “fuck you later”. Lol Read the rest of this entry »

L.A. Basketball Wives~ Jackie in the Middle

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

Episode 6: Internet has it….

Episode 7: Someone Say Draya?

Episode 8: Buy My Bull-ish

Episode 9:I Hate Gloria’s Brother, too

Episode 10: Jackie in the Middle

I cannot wait to see the shit hit the fan tonight!

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

Oh lord… I did not realize how much bigger Laura is over Gloria. Oh goodness… I know that Draya is a free spirit, but WHY must they always attack her as being the hoe? EWWWWWWW! Laura….please cover up! I can’t see your ass…. I almost threw up in my mouth.  

Noooooo. Imani is going to put all of Laura’s stuff out of her garage? Where is she sending it? To a storage unit? Why didn’t Laura have enough money to put it in storage, or be able to ask if she could put it in her sister’s or parent’s house? Wow!!!! I do, however think that it is childish to remove someone’s property without their knowledge. Again, these are some childish females. What, was she scared Laura would eat her if she called her over to come get her stuff?

So they have all this unsettled drama and they manage to make it to Hawaii. Wait, did the boyfriend and husband come? Read the rest of this entry »

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