LaLa’s Full Court Life ~ Trina

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Episode 1: Bet That

Episode 2: Kelly’s B-day

Episode3 : *Yawn*

Episode 4:

Episode 5: The Press

Episode 6: Starve a Rumor

Episode 7: Trina

Running behind……. did you miss this post?

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Okay. This should be an interesting episode. I watched it but didn’t post it…. I’m so out of it.

They start off with telling all of Trina’s business. Is this called LaLa’s life or all of LaLa’s friends’ lives? Just wondering. I have come to learn more about her friends than I have LaLa. Ms. Carmen (LaLa’s mother) looks so friggin young.

So they are going to try and hook Trina up on a blind date? And Trina said that she wants a regular guy. Ummm? I know for a fact that her standards are too high for just a regular guy.

I love how Po wanted to share a bed with Trina.Pokeeps me cracking. And everyone HATES when LaLa says “I have an idea”. Lol. Dice even asked who does it involve. Lol. Together they all agree to hook Trina up with the boxing trainer Hino. He was cute. I wonder how tall he is. Hmmmmm.  He agrees.

LaLa has a realtor, Eunice Dockery (The Prince Group), to help her find a house of their own in NY. So the make their first stop to a penthouse in Tribeca. Apparently Jay-Z and tons of others live there. This guy just said the floors are made of leather……WTH? And this small ass apartment is going for $18 thousand dollars a month. LaLa said, “ I can call him [Justin Timberlake] on the phone, I don’t need to live next to him.” Lol.

And I don’t know if you saw…. But they blurred out Trina’s nippies when she leaned forward. Yup… I have the BEST DVR that plays video in slow-mo. Her double sided tape must have been on a break.  Lol. Oh lawd, this long list of requests that Trina has for what she wants in a man. Okay, so she is a hygiene freak. Understandable.

Oh my goodness! They finally drag Trina out of the bed for this blind date and then they decide to sit in the restaurant in the cut to watch the date? BWHAHAHAHA. Hollywood Hino shows up and Trina gets all quiet and sexy voice on us. Yeh, she is feeling him.  WHAT!!! NAIJA STAND UP!!!! Hino is from Nigeria. Cute! But the way that LaLa is acting up in the background is straight silly. Awww, he complimented her nails. Yeh, he is a keeper. *Waves my Nigerian flag*.

Did Po, Dice, and LaLa have to show up during her date? They could have just snuck out without making a scene. Goodness gracious.

Next Week: Yawn.




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