L.A. Basketball Wives~ Someone Say Draya?

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

Episode 6: Internet has it….

Episode 7: Someone Say Draya?

I am already over this episode and it hasn’t even begun yet. I just know that it is just more Draya drama.

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

Jackie, Gloria, and Laura are heading out to eat the day after the attack on Draya. Why is Draya still on the tips of their tongues? Hell, treat it like penis, suck it and keep it moving.

Malaysia and Imani meet to talk about Draya as well. Damn, do you females NOT even have a better topic? But why is Imani trying to cut out the connection that Draya was trying to have with Malaysia? Oh lord. Females, grow up! I swear I forget that these females have millions of dollars and the free time and resources to do things that most people could only dream of, but they act like they just stepped off the city bus. Shame.

Ummm, when did Gloria become an actress? She is auditioning for Cedric the Entertainer’s new show. Bwhahahaha. The casting director told her “ I’ll call that a warm-up” after her first time through. And Gloria said that it is hard to pretend to flirt with the female casting director. Umm…honey, isn’t action PRETENDING! You can pretend with anyone. The vision is INSIDE OF YOU, but that is just my MFA in Theatre talking. Lol.

SO they are all headed out to try and find a guy for Imani. Um… what is this HORRIBLE! Outfit that Jackie has on. It looks like a corset shirt with red lace at the top. OUCH!!! Tacky. WOW! Derek, Gloria’s friend is HOT!!!! Yummy! If Imani doesn’t want him then you can definitely send him my way. But the look on Imani’s face when Derek grabbed her shoulder was HILARIOUSLY PRICELESS! So Jackie introduced Imani to Kyle, he is a cute white dude. Yeh… he can get it. If he were taller, then he would be my type. Ray looked decent; he was Laura’s friend. I honestly wouldn’t date ANYONE that Laura hooked me up with. So Imani has made up her mind that she is going to start playing with the other team. You know what I say, once you go white, you can drive through Virginia at night.

Please tell me what is up with Jackie’s tacky obsession with her lace bras peaking over the top of these shirts? And Imani’s boobs playing peek-a-boo through this dress is turning my stomach. But I am glad that Kyle likes Imani and called her stunning. So cute. DAMN! Y’all were just talking about a good man and then Draya comes up in the conversation. Go get a life!

 Ummm… Females, Draya did NOT say Doug’s name. She just repeated what you said….. I’m not even going to go there. I am not going to get on that.  Umm… was that a stain on Imani’s left boob? Sweat? Design. I just caught it as the scene changed.

Draya meets up with Malaysia. I want to see how Malaysia will be because she was so anti-Draya when she was sitting with Imani. But who is saying that Draya is being fake and phony? Y’all just don’t believe her, that is not the same as her being a snake.

Imani and Gloria go to get their nails done. I am waiting to see if Draya’s name comes up. Damn! I didn’t even get the sentence typed well before Imani says that Draya cant come. And then Gloria says that Malaysia may not want to come if Draya is not going to be there. What the hell is up with this whole “circle” theory that these BBall wives keep coming up with.

Laura and Imani meetup to talk about the blind date party they had for Imani. Again, let’s see how long before Draya’s name comes up in the conversation. Why did they say that Kyle had on the Teddy Pendergrass tight pants? Bwhahahaha. Hilarious! What? They got through the whole thing without mentioning Draya? I bet you they edited it out.  

Malaysiaand Laura meet up for some one-on-one girl time. So Laura is having an event for EOYDC (East Oakland Youth Development Center) and she wants to have Malaysia come. But her side interview with all of these double negatives and her trying to sound proper is KILLING ME! Cut the bull. YAH, TRICK, YAH!

Side note: If you find grammar or spelling errors, that is my fault because I post so you can read immediately. I blog 5 shows in one night so come back in a week and watch the changes…lol.

So they all show up for the girl’s night and damn, they aint let the secret fart settle in the room before Draya comes up in the conversation. I love how Jackie says that she is not going to judge her but in the same breath she says that she believes that she is not a good mother. Lord.

Draya meets up with Laura to discuss the whole rumor that she was talking about Laura’s family. Draya says that the conversation occurred BEFORE they met. So she apologies the minute that Laura walks up.

Damn Lurch! Draya is trying to apologies and you had to throw up in face that you are not thinking about her. BUT YOU ARE!!! You fought this girl like this bitch stole Shaq from you…lol. And then you told her to own who she is. YOU DO THE SAME! Own that you look like Shrek. Own that you start shit. Own that your man left you while you were pregnant because your cooch aint hitting on shit! Just saying?

Wait, in the same breath Laura invites Draya to her EOYDC event? You call her a hooker, a stripper, and a jump-off, not to mention a bad mother, and then you invite her to be at an even for youth? I am SOOOOOOOOO confused.

Gloria has a lingerie photo shoot and Matt shows up , as well as Imani. This lingerie is like bumble bee yellow. She looks sexy. I love how Matt says her butt is naked and he bends down to bite her butt…lol. And the look in Matt’s eyes look like he is ready to have sex with her right there if she let him…lol.

So Imani is headed out on a date with Kyle. He was in the military and has been out of a relationship for a year. At least her earrings are cute. But she is judging off of a man who she JUST met. The guy said that he is moving into a friend’s place and she immediately put that as a strike against him. Boo, you weren’t into his plans three days ago, so maybe he is a smart man who wants to save money.

I LOVE this peach jumper that Draya has on. I think that it is appropriate attire. Draya sees Jackie when she walks in and walks over and peaks and give a hug. Jackie gives her a compliment and says that she looks mature, hot and sexy. So strange. So Jackie confronts Draya for never saying that she appreciates what Jackie does for her. Draya admits that she could learn a lot from Jackie. Lol. But this side interview where she says “attention everyone, I want to tell Jackie thank you.” Lord. They are killing me. Oh Lord, so NOW Jackie is listening to Draya trying to tell her side of the conversation about her “being crazy over her man”. *Sigh* I am soooooo over this.

SO Jackie says that she heard some bullshit about someone talking shit about her. She never says who it is. I am wondering who it is. I wonder if it is Malaysia because she said I was ready to jump in a fight for you. WAIT!!!!!! It’s LAURA?

Next Week: I am SOOOOOO LOST! They were all mad with Draya and then literally all of a sudden you are ready to fight Laura? And then next you are calling Draya a fake? I’m done.




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