L.A. Basketball Wives~ Jackie in the Middle

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

Episode 6: Internet has it….

Episode 7: Someone Say Draya?

Episode 8: Buy My Bull-ish

Episode 9:I Hate Gloria’s Brother, too

Episode 10: Jackie in the Middle

I cannot wait to see the shit hit the fan tonight!

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

Oh lord… I did not realize how much bigger Laura is over Gloria. Oh goodness… I know that Draya is a free spirit, but WHY must they always attack her as being the hoe? EWWWWWWW! Laura….please cover up! I can’t see your ass…. I almost threw up in my mouth.  

Noooooo. Imani is going to put all of Laura’s stuff out of her garage? Where is she sending it? To a storage unit? Why didn’t Laura have enough money to put it in storage, or be able to ask if she could put it in her sister’s or parent’s house? Wow!!!! I do, however think that it is childish to remove someone’s property without their knowledge. Again, these are some childish females. What, was she scared Laura would eat her if she called her over to come get her stuff?

So they have all this unsettled drama and they manage to make it to Hawaii. Wait, did the boyfriend and husband come?

The minute I hear that they are going to tell one another their most used catch phrases…. I just have a feeling that this is going to go south some way or some how. Why would females with this much underlying drama play this game? Laura has a catch phase of “Hell Nawl”.Malaysia’s is “ What had happened”. Imani has “Let me explain something”. Draya’s is “And Yous guys”. Jackie’s is “There it is.” And then Jackie gets offended when they get to her. If you don’t shut her sensitive ass up. Everyone else was having fun and laughing it off…but Jackie and her miserable ass….uh. Here is my catch phrase: Shutcho ass up!

Their first night is in Turtle Bay and they have their luau. I really feel that Jackie needs to get a life. Does it matter where people sit? Bwhahahahaha Laura said that Jackie is like “59 and a half”. Lol. And while sitting at the table Imani informs Jacki that she had all of Laura’s stuff out of her garage. These mics are picking up on everything. But I love how Laura got up and began to dance silly. The hula dancers come and get all of them to dance along.  Why id the camera man zooming in on Laura’s butt? *barf*. And of course one zooms in on Draya shaking her butt. Lol. Pure comedy how Malaysia moved so the fire twirling guy wouldn’t burn her weave. Lol.

So, Jackie is how old and she doesn’t know how it tastes? And why would you eat something in another country without asking? There is a HUGE ass pig on the table and you think that it is CHICKEN?! I mean, these people are telling a story and performing behind you and you are ruining it. And I love how Imani is promoting the idea of her throwing up her digested pig. This dramatic ass female.

The next morning Imani and Jackie are talking about Laura moments before she walks over to the table. SO FAAAAAKE!

Draya has the hottest body on the show. And I mean damn… she hasn’t even sat down all of 5 minutes and Jackie starts Imani and Draya into the whole Laura situation. I don’t understand why Jackie is at the center of this? Did you and Laura squash your mess and swear to be sisters forever? Then why are you doing the SAME damn thing that accused Laura of doing in the first place? And I agree with Imani, Why is Jackie so worried about it.

Wait… did Jackie just say that she is a “PSYCHIC” and someone is going to have their butts handed on a silver platter but she doesn’t know WHO it’s going to be? Umm… then what kind of psychic is she?

This surf board lesson is pitiful. Jackie.. shut the fuck up! All of these girls worried about their weave in paradise? Why come if you don’t plan on getting your hair wet? This is why I am a natural haired woman….I can live life without my hair hindering me. Just a shame. Really… did Draya lay out on the board in model pose. Lol. That was hilarious.

I love this pink ensemble that Malaysia has on when they all head out to the beach picnic. Soooo cute! And then they see this huge turtle when they want to take a picture with it. Oh my word, how many times does Jackie have to say “you’ve got to tweet it”?

Laura asks Imani to go for a walk to discuss why they have had their distance. Okay… Imani doesn’t have a horrible body, but her body is not appropriate for some of the shirts she wears. This grey beach shirt is HORRIBLE! I love how Laura said, how is it that you don’t know me if you are listening to someone else. Listening to someone else before talking to the source is horrible. And BAM! Dead smack in the middle of the conversation, they figured out that Jackie had something to cause this drama. Jackie is acting guilty on the sidelines.

Jackie is even trying to figure out what was said in the side conversation with Imani and Laura. Why is it her problem. Then she had the NERVE to say that talking behind each other’s backs is detrimental to the group. But Jackie, boo, you talked behind everyone’s backs. So shut up.

I am glad that Imani and Laura had squashed it and Imani said that she is not going to share details with the group. Of course Jackie is the most paranoid after the details were not shared. It is about to go down!

Jackie and Draya go to chat. Jackie is spilling everything “supposedly” happened and how her name got into the middle of it. Poor Draya, please just keep quiet while sitting with Jackie. Dont feed into it, boo. But why does Jackie care what the conversation was about.The funny thing is that neither Laura or Imani said Jackie’s name. And then Jackie called Laura a “smiling devil”. Lord, this old ass female is crazy. Has Jackie been checked for Bi-polarism? No, all jokes aside. This is more than just hood ignorance, like there is seriously a chemical imbalance with this woman. It is HIGHLY visible and I kid you not…. something is medically off with her and how she behaves.

Laura brings in Imani and Malaysia to discuss Jackie. Imani and Laura had exchanged notes on what Jackie has said to them over the time. Some of the notes started to sound the same and they have caught on to her game. Malaysia brings up the times that Jackie has told her that the girls think that she is “too preachy”. They all feel like Jackie has played them. The only person who is making sense in this conversation is Laura. I think like Laura… if you know me, you know me. Fuck what anyone else says I said.. .come ask me. But only bitch niggas hold animosity in without trying to come see if it is true. I am the type to bring everyone who is included in the drama in the same room and hash it out.  I dont do that back and forth bullshit.

They have all figured out that Jackie wants them to hate one another but love her. Oh snap! They are not going to squash it tonight.

Next: Next week they are going to attempt to sqaush it. S.S.Jackie is going to get sunk. I cant wait… but I will be tuning in at 10pm to catch Laura and Jackie talking with Tami Roman.



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