L.A. Basketball Wives~ Buy My Bull-ish

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

Episode 6: Internet has it….

Episode 7: Someone Say Draya?

Episode 8: Buy My Bull-ish

I am sitting here ready for this episode to begin! Jackie and Laura have beef.

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

Is it just me, or does Laura look like she is walking around a dick? But I cant help but crack up laughing at the fake ass wave and “hey girl” hug she have Laura. Wait, did Gloria’s brother just say that Jackie looked pregnant?

Can someone PLEASE find appropriate times to confront a person in an adult-like manner? I have never seen so much drama handled inappropriately in my life.

Draya is starting a bikini line? Niiiiiiice. I hope that Jackie isn’t helping with the fabrics for this line. Are Jackie’s boobs real? I ask because she is busty but these breasts are saluting in this top when she is in the fabric store. I love how Draya wants to have a Brazilian bikini line.

This Ya-Ya Sisterhood thing that Jackie and Draya have after one episode is freaking me out. Like….. umm… no one becomes cool after the shit you pulled. And why must Gloria’s brother leave and go to Orlando? I’m so confused. I am still trying to figure out who Gloria’s brother looks like. She doesn’t look like the father at ALL and she kind of looks like the mother, but where did this linebacker build come from?

Wait, so Laura is looking for houses in Orlando? And she wants the kids to be close to their father? Okay… I’m over it.

WHAT!!! We get to see Kniko (Draya’sson, and her mother? However, this swimsuit is a tad bit revealing to have on around her son. Any minute her boobs could fall out. I think she tried to show the love for her son, but this swimsuit is about to be the source of a new Draya attack. Damn. And how old is her mom? She wants her mom and son to move out to Cali with her. Nice.

Gloria’s sons look JUST like Matt. I mean, he couldn’t deny them if he tried. I love how these kids appear to be paying attention.  I think that this is a good look for them, this youth basketball camp. I was also surprised to see the amount of girls that were at the camp.

Ummm… Draya is showing up for an improve class. As an MFA actress, improve is a skill set that you damn near need to be born with. Lol. But Draya SUCKED at this improve rap. Lol. And of ALL the things she said she chose “in the bedroom I like to teach”? The women that improved with her were hilarious.  And the sex scene was ummmmm yeh. No comment. Why did it all have to be sexual? That’s all I have to ask.

I LOVE this outfit that Jackie has on while shopping with Malaysia at Eggy’s. Wait, aren’t you all shopping for baby clothes when you turn around and ambush Malaysia. And that whole conversation just confused me.

I am so happy for the dedication of their sons to God. That is huge. Their son jumping upon the stage is hilarious. Pastor Clark is hilarious. Ummm…was that wishful thinking on Gloria’s part thinking that Matt would want to get married right then and there? I ask because…it didn’t happen. *Sigh* Girl, just be honest and tell that man that you want to be married. I hate this pretending mess.

All I have to say is…. what does Draya’s father look like because she looks NOTHING like her mother. (Thank GAWD!) I love how Draya confirmed that she are paying all of her mother’s bills as well as her bill inL.A.But Draya, boo, please tell your mom that her blonde hair is NOT working. She is too light.

Wait, Jackie has a line of clothing? And she is putting together a fashion show. Is this Real House Wives of Atlanta? Instead of She by Sharae, Jack Your Ass Up By Jackie.

Is this episode called Subtle endorsement? Everyone has everything! Does Laura have a linebacker line? Imani has a hypocrite lip gloss line? And I am still trying to figure out which children would be wearing these diamonds that Malaysia is trying to have. I mean, there will be kids in the hood wearing rent money. Lawd, please help my people.

Why are they steady shopping? Jackie and Gloria are shopping for the golf tournament for the cancer benefit. Okay, I approve this shopping. And then Jackie told Gloria about Laura’s gossiping ways. Did we not already learn that Gloria’s loyalty is with her brother first. ( I’m waiting to see how many of y’all have noticed that I keep calling Laura Gloria’s brother.”.

I don’t know what Jackie is talking about either. All I know is that I smell drama. Does Jackie only have one earring in. And no, Jackie, she is not being phony. Everyone can only be nice fr so long. Hello, you were only nice with Laura until she started allegedly gossiping about you. So shut the hell up.

Again, I am looking at this small gathering for Malaysia’s jewelry line. Now…. I’m not trying to kill a dream, but I honestly need to see who would buy this. The jewelry is adorable and cute. But I wouldnt buy anyone under the age of 13 real jewels. So what age group is the line directed towards? Because it looks like teen and adult jewelry.

Wait, Jackie went from gushing about Malaysia’s jewelry line to talking shit about Laura? Wow! And then Imani jumps in and starts telling everyone how Laura has all of her furniture and stuff in her house. *Sigh* Can we NOT talk about people behind their backs. This is going to come back and put some real mess on the table.

Next: There is a bunch of traveling coming. if this is like any other season, there will be a fight. In short, Doug’s face was hilarious!



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