L.A. Basketball Wives~Introduction

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Episode 1:

Okay, I heard that they were doing another season of Basketball Wives, but that they were moving it to L.A. Once this news hit my ears, I just had to hop on and catch it. I know that everyone who is anyone will want to know about these females. And if their lives are an ounce of the mess we have come to know and love over the past 3 season with the jump-offs of Miami…. then we are in for a wonderful ride.

There is something entertaining about watching people with money ruin their own lives. Who knew that watching the girl who threw in your face that she was marrying a million get cheated on and beat up on television in the privacy of your own home could be so damn beautiful. And as guilty of a pleasure as it is….. you still don’t turn the channel or sign up for therapy…lol.

So, who are the women for the L.A.  cast? They are:

GLORIA GOVAN – fiancée of LA’s Matt Barnes. I know you know her. Remember ” ride or die” *double wrist turn* “that’s what’s up” chick. Or the chick who got popped in the face by Royce. Or the one who was supposed to get married and threw that in everyone’s face but she still isn’t wifey yet. Yeh…..her.

 LAURA GOVAN – sister to Gloria Govan. You know….Shaq’s supposed side piece and the reason why Shaunie O’Neil divorced him. Or Gilbert Arenas’ main chick. AKA all around jump-off. Yeh, her. Or, the one who looks like a trani in the pic above.

 KIMSHA ARTEST – self-described ‘partner’ of Ron Artest and mother of three.  And I don’t care WHAT YOU SAY… after 17 years of being with someone but you don’t have a ring on it… boo, you’re just a side piece. Dont get me started. But this pic… um, boo… aren’t you wealthy? Just saying.

IMANI SHOWALTER – ex-fiancée to player Stephen Jackson and mother of three. She’s another reason I wonder why they call this show Basketball Wives. Ummm…she wasnt married to Stephen Jackson. Can we have ONE season with ALL real & current wives? Anyone, Anyone? *crickets* Her face is cute but we have GOT to help her with her wardrobe.

MALAYSIA PARGO – wife of Chicago’s Jannero Pargo. She gets props from me just for being an actual wife…..unless she gets on my nerves once the show airs…lol.  And she’s pretty… so she can stay.

JACKIE CHRISTIE – wife of retired player Doug Christie. And your husband USE to play ball…….but at least she is an actual wife, so she can stay. And this pic just SCREAMS “Hate on me, I dare you!” lol. Loving it! The outfit is hot, the hair is whipped, the face is beat, and the shoes are to die for! Yup, I can tell an Alpha Female when I see one…. nice to see you soror…lol. (Sorority of Alpha Female Alpha….lol)

DRAYA MICHELE – Basically, Draya is the Royce of this location. She isnt with a basketball player, per say….which makes me wonder why in the hell is she even on the show. *Sigh* its like seeing the title Moby Dick and find out it’s about a whale, quite the let down.

Well, those are the ladies. Of course Shaunie will be behind the scenes. So, tune in on Monday, August 29th at 8pm on VH1 to witness the newbies on the screen. See ya then!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Jackie Christie, if Draya was my daughter, I’d tell LA County to reserve a Cell for me. I’d never let you set up my daughter like you did Draya. She ought to charge you with Defamation, Slander because no producer, or authority verified what U used to put Draya out there on Blast. I have a message for U

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