L.A. Basketball Wives~ Not Good Enough

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Hold up! Did the preview of the show have Suzie in it? Also, why must you show me the whole damn episode RIGHT before it comes on? Let me watch the show, please!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

So Jackie and Laura are meeting up for drinking. Okay, didn’t Laura just say that she’s known Jackie for a LONG time….and then Jackie reveals that she has been married 3 times before? How close are you if you do not know that your girl was married 3 times before. And Jackie was married to a white boy? How did they put up with Jackie. HOLD THE HELL UP!!! Did Jackie just lie and tell Laura that she looks better than all of them? O_0.You need friends that are NOT going to lie to your face.


Okay, soMalaysiagoes with Imani to go get gelatos. Now, Imani judges whatMalaysiahas on. Trick, you don’t know where she came from before she met you and where she is headed after she leaves you that requires her to dress the way that she is. It’s a cute outfit, stop hating. But I am glad that they got to get to know one another better. See what happens when you stop judging.


WOW!!! I LOVE Doug Jr.’s hair! I am so jealous! I think that it is awesome that they are going to Skype in Jackie’s mother to the wedding.


Oh snap! Gloria plays basketball? So she is like Hoops? Hahahahaha. But I do like the fact that Matt and Doug came out to give these girls some pointers. I think it is so hilarious that she is teaching these high school girls and then she behaves the way that she behaves once the cameras come on. Kind of like Tami giving a scholarship for college but then beating a girl’s butt. Lol


Ummm… did Laura really drop a Uhaul worth of stuff at Imani’s house? But those Louboutin’s are HOT!!!! And I don’t know her story, but somewhere around kid #2 without a husband…. You might have slowed down on the kids. But that could just be my assumption. Again, I don’t know her story.


So, Draya is doing a photo shoot and she says that she wants to do something different other than swimsuits and ass shots. So…..she puts on panties and a bra, but no ass shots! Lol. So silk, not nylon is classier? Just wondering. Lol.


Malaysiacomes to the photo shoot to check out Draya in her element. Draya apologized for the way she behaved at her BET party which rubbed Malaysiathe wrong way. Oh snap, Malaysiadid videos as well? SO they both were video vixens? Niiiiice. That reminds me of Jazz (Tae Heckford’s character) from The Game. Lol. Wow!Malaysia revealed that the other women were testing if she was good enough to attend the wedding. Wow! SO she is good enough to laugh at but not good enough to hang with? Shame!


Color Me Mine looks like a ton of fun. Imani’s smallest children Stacky & Taylor are soooo adorable.  I LOVE Taylor’s hair… so gorgeous!


Oh snap! Here comes Suzie. Wow! Immediately, Draya pops up in the conversation. And the way that Gloria is jone-ing onMalaysiais an ass whooping waiting to happen. And then Gloria said F the Miami BBWs? Wow! SMDH!

SO Jackie meets up with Gloria and Imani for lunch. And after the discussion of what the media thinks of her marriage, she informs everyone that all of the girls are invited to the wedding.


This lime green, Magic Don Juan limo pulls up and out pops Jackie and Doug. Wade has worked a miracle on this suite for them to get married within.  I simply LOVE watching Jackie’s softer side when she is around her husband. When he is around you can see that Doug IS the man in the relationship, and she allows him to be her protector. THIS is the side thatAmericaneeded to see ( not that they owe us an explanation) in order for us to understand that what they have is possible.


Jackie looks AMAZING! Her make-up and hair are so on point! This dress is lovely too. Okay, so why did Jackie regret inviting Draya? If you didn’t want the girl to come, just say that you didn’t want her to come. Now, why is she nervous for this wedding when this is number 16!? I don’t get the nervous part.


So how did they go from a scene of Jackie preparing to walk down the aisle to Draya spread-eagle getting a Brazilian? That is the most hilarious transition in the world. I don’t know if I could have my girls watching me get my snatch…well…snatched! There are some things that my girls should have to use their imaginations on….lol.

Awww Doug says “Damn Baby” when he sees her walk down the aisle. And her mother was successfully able to be skyped in as her children watch. hahahaha I love how Doug asked ” Damn Right Mom” instead of “I Do” lol. I love them together. Matt Barnes is his best man. Awwww Doug starts crying through his vows. I LOVE DOUG!!!! I love it when a man isnt afraid to show his emotion. THAT IS A MAN!!!

So the nuptials have been said and Jackie notices that Draya is not there. But I find it HORRIBLE that Jackie has to say that “she must be in the bed with 5 guys with her”. That was so uncalled for.

Next Week: Next week looks like a bunch of exercise and Draya explaining why she wasnt there. And it looks like Draya and Laura have a round two of how Gloria got her ass handed to her in Miami….smdh.



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