L.A. Basketball Wives~ I Hate Gloria’s Brother, too

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

Episode 6: Internet has it….

Episode 7: Someone Say Draya?

Episode 8: Buy My Bull-ish

Episode 9:I Hate Gloria’s Brother, too

High School is still in session

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

So they are recapping what we already saw last week?

The thing I hate is how Imani is quick to talk about people. Even if Laura is speaking negatively about Imani, she has to be adult enough to talk about Laura…TO…Laura. Gloria walks up and Jackie reveals that they are talking about Laura atMalaysia’s jewelry release party. Laura didn’t feed into it. At least someone is mature about it.

I have seen more men on theL.A.season than I have in the entire Miami seasons put together. And I love how Matt and Gloria has known each other since Gloria was 12 years old. And then she made him wait for the sex. Lol. She says that her making him wait turned him on. Lol.

I’m not going to be able to watch this scene with Jackie’s mother without crying. Her mother has cancer and her kidneys have failed. Jackie looks the most like her mother. Tami looks like her mother too.  Mama Cora is so beautiful. I see where Jackie gets her strength from. She is her mother’s daughter.

It doesn’t even seem appropriate to continue the rest of this show with this high school bullshit after that touching and powerful scene of Jackie and her mother. I mean really, bitches? I am so sick of this. Your mother’s health is weak and you are concerned with what some female supposedly said to you? Unless you have recorded evidence like Evelyn had on Jennifer…. Let that ish go!

So they are walking the red carpet for Matt’s charity event, Athletes for Cancer, when Jackie gets asked if Draya is her daughter. Lol. COMEDY!!!! But the amount of time it took for Jackie to figure out the press was calling her old was priceless. I am conflicted by how far Draya’s head is up in Jackie’s ass. Boo, why are you jumping on this “ Laura Aint Shit” bandwagon? Just sit by, boo and don’t add in.

In walks Laura, wearing red, as they say “speak of the devil”. Jackie pops up all fake and starts rubbing bellies with Laura and being all facetiously nice. Even Draya saw the fakeness. Imani refused to even get up to hug her. And after some beating around the bush, Jackie and Laura have squashed their beef. Oh Lord, Draya said “You can’t trust Laura as far as you can throw her. And she’d a heavy girl so you can’t throw her very far.” Smdh.

Ummm… can someone, anyone please tell me what the hell Draya has on while she is golfing? Did shethink she was going golfing at the Crenshaw Mall? And Imani looks like a pimped out kindergarten teacher. I mean, how many gold chains do you need to play golf? Draya, Jackie & Imani go back to the cart while Gloria and Laura actually make an attempt to play golf, even if they are horrible at it. I just wish they would stop talking behind people’s backs!

Oh shit! Jackie asks Laura if she thinks that Draya is adorable, and Laura says no. Oh Lord! But Draya made a good point, Laura does hug her every time she sees Draya. So if she doesn’t like her, she has a funny way of showing it. Goodness, Draya had to defend her right to dress conservatively. BWHAHAHAHAH! Draya said Laura needs to stop being so mean because it is not sexy, and Laura needs all of the sexy points that she can get. I agree.

Can someone please tell me how did Laura come up as the topic of choice on the red carpet event? Jackie, didn’t you supposedly squash your beef with Laura already? Shut the hell up with your bubble neck! And Laura comes over and hugs Draya… AGAIN! Lol. Didn’t you say that you weren’t feeling Draya earlier today?

Gloria and Laura meet for lunch. Everyone else had to leave while Gloria was in the middle of her speech but Gloria didn’t know that so she is upset that they left without saying goodbye.  Laura says that she has to put Draya in check again? What? What did I miss?  Damn, Gloria said that Draya would be cool if she wasn’t all mentally fucked up. Damn.

On the other side of town, Jackie and Imani are having lunch and they invite Draya. Imani says that Draya grew on her at the golf tournament. She said she was all prepared not to like her, but she is starting to see the other side of her. I do have one question: Why is Laura’s stuff at Imani’s house and not at Gloria’s or her parents? And do you not have enough money to rent a storage space a month? I’m just asking. Draya is cracking me up how she is basking in the glow that Jackie and Imani like her more than Laura…lol.

Imani and Gloria come over to Jackie’s house to hang out around the pool. Jackie and Imani apologize for leaving without saying goodbye. They all decide to go to Hawaii and have concluded that Matt and Doug can come as well. So which of the girls will come? All of them, and they say that they can hash out all the problems that they have like adults before they go. This should be interesting.

Malaysia and Draya meet up food and drinks. And guess what the hell they are talking about….. Gloria’s butch ass brother. Lol. I’m so over this back and forth. Just like I was when they were talking about Draya. Grow up. I wouldn’t even watch this show if you guys didn’t read my blog. Lol. I feel like I am watching grown females held back in special ed high school courses.

Next: They are in Hawaii. It looked like fun….until…..




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  2. I had to rewind the DVR to make sure it was Gloria i saw playing golf so poorly. This was just after she was on the radio with Matt saying that she plays golf…as in on a regular basis…with a modicum of SKILL. Nope. Did she actually play basketball in high school and college. Somebody check that out. I didn’t and I can play HORSE too.

  3. I am going to have to stop watching this, this just feeds too much negativity into my rotation. I’ll continue to read your blog but to watch it is too much for me. Ur on point tonight!!

    • Trust me… If this show didnt bring mega hits to my page… I wouldnt watch it. it is sad to see wealthy, and priviledged adult aged females behaving as if they still live in the hood and not in gated communites. It is really disappointing.

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