Drop Dead Diva S:3~ He said, She said

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Episode 6: Closure

Episode 7: Honor Thy Mother…Until

Episode 8: He said, She said

I know that I am late… shoot me later!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #DropDeadDiva

I wish I knew who was singing the song in the opening scene. I like it!

MY EYES!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!! Jane mistakenly walks in as Parker is in his office almost naked with Deb’s mother, Bobbi ( Sharon Lawrence)! *MY EYES!!!! MY EYES!!!!! They don’t have the kind of doors in this office that lock so why would they be on the couch getting it on anyway?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel Jane’s pain!!!! But I love Bobbi’s bra. Cuuuuute! Who knew that Parker was so buff in the chest….does he shave his chest? BWAHAHAHAHA How Jane dropped the sandwich she brought him onto the floor….hahaha. Best opening scene ever.

Hahahahah. Then Jane goes outside to scream. Bwhahahah!

Kim’s niece, Ella (Sophia Watson), is in the office and she was hanging out with Grayson. Wait. Kathy Griffin is Kim’s sister Jena and Ella’s mother? I LOVE IT!!!!!

Jane gets called to a hotel by a high school cheerleader named Mia (Olesya Rulin) who Google searched her name. The girl told Jane to hold on to a camera before walking into a hotel room where another cheerleader had a man name Vince Adams (Richard Blake) tied to the hotel bed.  Okay, the video tape says the guy raped the first cheerleader at a party a month ago. Vince said that it was consensual and the case was dropped by the police and the university police. Whoa… what a case.

Okay, so Vince was the star Quarterback. So, Vince told his coach what he said on the camera and the school doesn’t want the video to go viral. We also find out that Grayson is alum. Who knew? But, the DA wont press charges against the girls if they hand over the camera, don’t press charges against Vince or post the video. I have a feeling that Jane is NOT going to take this deal…lol. Wait, Grayson  dismissed the fact that Mia was raped and just wanted to get them off the charges. 

I personally think that Jane should make a copy of the video before handing it over to the DA. There is no law saying she can’t have copies…lol…or is there? Jane promises that if the girls hand over the video that she will find a way to hold Vince accountable for the rape. I wonder how.

Bwhahahaha Jena (Kathy) is hilarious in this Binding Arbitration meeting…lol. She said “ I don’t see you, I don’t hear you, but I do, however, smell your anti-fungal foot spray.” Bwhahahahahaha I love Kathy. So Kim, on behalf of her sister, located hidden assests that Jena’s husband was hiding. This evidence allowed the judge to prolong the case until more assets are discovered and catalogued.

So, Jane filed a lawsuit against the University because she feels that they were negligent on handling Mia’s rape case. Grayson felt she was wrong for doing so and they begin an all-out argument in the center of the office. The entire office stares at them yelling. But kudos to Jane for winning this one. She tells Grayson “ The place is just a college, a bunch of buildings. Are you so impressed with your diploma that you would let them cover up a rape?” One for Jane, zero for Grayson.

Oh… the bra Bobbi was wearing was La Perla! HOT!!! Also, Deb bought her that bra.

But then Teri has a run-in with Jena over used Almond milk. And then Jena eats Parker’s sandwich…lol. COMEDY!!! That banter was after my own heart.

Jane’s trial for Mia begins. The campus police determined that the original complaint was a He Said, She Said case.  And then Jane breaks out into a cheer that starts off every football game that says “Come on, it’s time to scream. All bow down to the football team.”

Soooo Jena wants a clock that is in the bedroom and has been in her husband’s family for generations. Her husband says that she can’t have it and Kim says that she can’t have it either. That shuts down these proceedings and the husband walks out.

The way that Vince forced her to have sex was because Mia cut her finger so she followed Vince to go get a band aid.  The friend, Ali, mentions that Vince even talks about everything on Twitter. So Jane asks Teri to get his twitter feed. The opposing counsel ( James Patrick Stewart) for the university mentions that Ali hooked up with Vince on Valentine’s Day.  Ali said that she didn’t hold a grudge and it doesn’t give her a motive to testify against Vince.

Wait… Parker said that he is about to break it off with Bobbi! NOOOOOO! I hate him!

Wait! Jane walks into Grayson’s office and the opposing counsel is sitting in there and she flips a new lid.  And the band and the cheerleading squad walking out of the elevator better be a dream with Paula Abdul….lol.  Wait… Grayson was dressed in a Hammond University football uniform…. So yes, this was a dream. 

Stacy advises that Jane come up with a lie to get Bobbi to dump Parker before Parker dumps her. So Jane comes up with the idea to tell Bobbi that she hunts animals. Rumor has it that Bobbi is a member of PETA.  Ever have a feeling that this is going to backfire in Jane’s face?

Doug, Jena’s husband, brings the clock into Kim’s office because his fiancée wanted to continue their wedding. Kim wishes him well on his new marriage.

Teri checked out Vince’s tweets and discovered that he is a total ass.  On the morning of the rape he tweeted the number 9 and over the months prior to that he has tweeted the numbers 1 thru 8. I think he is counting his rape victims. Oh snap. On Valentine’s Day he tweeted the number 7….that was the day he had sex with Ali. He also puts a link beside the numbers and a pick pops up of him “Dancing in the end zone”. Grayson says that is football code for “getting some”/having sex.

Thurman, the opposing counsel in Jane’s case, had come to Grayson’s office to ask him for help in the case. This convinced Grayson that the university did have something to hide. Grayson admits that he was wrong and offers to join Jane in court for second chair.

Bwhahahahaah. Teri says that she hate football and thinks that they should call it “ Let’s give each other brain damage.” Lol. Fred asks why is the picture of Vince “dancing in the end zone” depicting him throwing the ball out of bounds.  Fred discovers that the football is an Easter Egg, a hidden link that leads to a secure website that is superimposed onto the original picture. So they try to crack the password for this hidden link. They cant figure it out so Teri heads to get a subpoena.

Okay, sooooo.  Jena never wanted the clock. She pried the clock open and inside were a seas of uncut diamonds left behind by Doug’s grandmother, Daisy.  Daisy passed this secret on to Jena.

Sneaky Sneaky opposing counsel! They posted Facebook pictures of Mia drinking on the night of the party when she was allegedly raped. See….social media can even be used in the court of law…lol.  And they even tried to attack who she slept with prior to this alleged rape. SHAME!!! I wanted to scream!

Teri figured out, via the subpoena, the password to Vince’s website was “score12”. They got on and there are video tapes of all the girls that he slept with.  Except…..he was smart enough to wipe the vids of Mia clean and his personal laptop was wiped clean as well, that guilty son of a muffin top having female!

Kim gave Doug back his family heirloom, but not before he switched the stones out which means that he knew about them. He still has all of the uncut diamonds and NOT Jena. Doug said that he is going to keep the diamonds for Ella, his daughter. So Kim set up a trust to ensure that those stones will go to her when she turns 18. Niiiiice.

Jane puts Vince on the stand. Grayson takes over the questioning. The second chair of the opposing counsel is a member of the school’s board. And they also bring up the fact that Vince had a school issued laptop, which means that the information was saved on the school server as a backup. The accessed it from the courtroom. Vince revealed that his lawyer , the same opposing counsel in the courtroom representing the university, advised him to delete the tapes and that he would take care of the case for Vince. GOTCHA!

Bobbi broke up with Parker and she figured out that Jane was trying to protect her. Smart woman.

P.S. The music from this episode were:

Good Life by One Republic

Perfect Day by Jess Furman

For you I Could Try by Jasmine Ash

 Counting Stars by Tigercat

Next week:  Okay, so Jane’s plan backfired with Grayson and there is a weird case. I was going to watch it anyway….. so see ya there. Lol.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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