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Drop Dead Diva S:3~ Foundation of Truth

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Episode 1: Amended Circumstances

Episode 2: False Alarm

Episode 3: Dream Big

Episode 4: The Wedding

Episode 5: No H8

Episode 6: Closure

Episode 7: Honor Thy Mother…Until

Episode 8: He said, She said

Episode 9: For the Love of Love

Episode 10: Foundation of Truth

I know that I am late… AGAIN….shoot me later!

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Amazing!!! Stacy actually got an acting job on a TV show!!!!! It took 3 seasons… but I love it! The cop on the show with her looks familiar. Wait.. is that what’s his name…umm… Robert Hoffman… from Step Up 2 & MTV’s Wildn’ Out? Yeh… he can get it.

Grayson is still dating the chick with the tramp stamp. What is her name? I think it starts with a D or a C….yeh. Cassie. Cute outfit though. And then Grayson kisses her in the office? Read the rest of this entry »

T.O Show~ Pee Jar, No Antibacterial

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Episode 1: ACL + Hope

Episode 2: Pee Jar, No Antibacterial

This is my 5th out of 5 ( possible 6) blog tonight. I’m balling! Check out Alphas, Basketball Wives of L.A., Tia & Tamera, and Lala’s Full Court Life. Oh yeh, I laughed so hard during this episode. Yeh… enjoy.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #T.OShow

Beautiful, but random, that Kita is sitting on the beach to make this phone call toMo.

Victor,Mo’s husband, makes me itch. How is he going to come at her like that? Because of  T.O they can have what they have [ I assume]. So I dont get where his anger is coming from when it comes to T.O and her job. Why is he acting like he is a fine man? I hate it when ugly people do cute people stuff.  

EW!!!!!!! Does T.O really have to pee in the jug while he is lying down and then Kita has to take it and empty it. Wait… did T.O fart? Hahahahaha. I cant watch T.O’s face while he pees…. That is just nasty. EWWWWW!!!! He damn near filed up the entire jug. YUCK!!!! Better her than me. Wait… did he say that his piss use to be brown?  Smdh!

And even I am skeptical about Kita cooking…lol.

I cant watch T.O’s rehab. You ever look at someone in pain and you feel pain in the same area? Yeh… I’m that kind of hypochondriac. EW!!! I saw the stitches. I think I threw up in my mouth. I had flashbacks of the doctor drilling threw the bone. *shivers* Read the rest of this entry »

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