L.A. Basketball Wives~ Scratch a Lie

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

Episode 6: Internet has it….

Episode 7: Someone Say Draya?

Episode 8: Buy My Bull-ish

Episode 9:I Hate Gloria’s Brother, too

Episode 10: Jackie in the Middle

Episode 11: Scratch a Lie…..

Episode 12: Finale aka Everybody Hates Jackie

You know how I had a bunch of stuff going on, so I am just now catching up… but at least I am catching up, right? I need to make this my full-time job. I would if I could get paid to do this. Interested in hiring me? Just hit up my email at poetess_2deep@yahoo.com.

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

They are still in Hawaii? I cant wait to see these black women go horseback riding. I love how even Draya wasn’t even prepared to give them a joke.  So why is Jackie saying that to go horseback riding is to cover up the deeper issues. Lol. And Draya kept making comments about how Jackie’s horse is jerking because he can feel her negative vibe. And animals can pick up on human energy… I am a firm believer in that. And I just wished that she would shut up on this trip.

I LOVE how Laura’s hair looks while she is in white at this brunch. So gorgeous. When her hair is pulled back she looks so feminine. I have no clue why having her hair down makes her so masculine.

I also hate how Jackie walking in just shut down the discussion that was in the room. Jackie walked in and immediately tried to get to the bottom of what she had to find out. She attacked Imani for not picking up the phone. And then Laura jumps in first to say how she felt betrayed. Laura couldn’t even get out her explanation before Jackie cut her off to try to cover up her fault in the decision. Wait. Jackie called Laura a lying, little, sneaky motherfucker. Oh heeeeeeeeell no! I don’t fight, I don’t argue… I’ll just beat that bitch with a bottle!

So Jackie tried to take the heat off of Laura and turns it to Malaysia. Wow!!!! Jackie is a trip. This lady freaks me out because she is literally insane. She is sitting here really thinking that she isn’t the fault behind this whole soap opera. I don’t think she is doing this to be evil, she genuinely feels she is making sense. And the way that she called out her stats ( I’m a leo, I’m getting a boob job, one of my daughters hates me, I love Doug….) just keeps proving that she needs Jesus and Mary.

Imani leaves the conversation that they all just had and heads back to her suite. Jackie follows Imani and wants to talk. Again. Didn’t Jackie just say that everyone needs to stop talking behind everyone’s back? Then why are you in Imani’s room letting Laura’s name fall out of your mouth? Just let it go.

Draya is in the lobby chilling when Laura and Gloria walk up to help her make sense of what is going on. I still find it hilarious how YET AGAIN Laura is trying to act all buddy-buddy with Draya. This stuff is purely confusing!!!

So they are all headed out to go shopping.  And Jackie calling everyone childish is just horrible. Jackie stalking everyone is freaky!!!!!! Jackie is trying to kiss everyone’s butt on this shopping trip and now God has the nerve to cross her lips. And even while walking she is still TALKING SHIT!!!! Shutcho ass up!!!

Now they are all going on a sunset cruise on a mini boat. It looks so cute. Gloria and Laura head to the front of the boat to drive. Oh Lord…. Jackie is still talking shit on the sly with Draya listening. Jackie is glued to Draya because Draya is the only one who hasn’t attacked her yet. WHY DOES DOUG COME UP IN EVERYTHING?! Bitch, do you not have a life outside of your husband? And how are you talking shit while crying. Thugs don’t cry! Draya is fed up with being put in the middle.

Doug and Jackie go out to a dinner while in Hawaii. I will never understand their relationship, but I do acknowledge that he is there because he wants to be and I cant knock that. Even if his wife is crazy, he chose her, he puts up with it, and he stays. So if he likes it, then I love it. And did she really just call all of the girls “bum bitches” and said that them sneaky and that is why none of them have men or good men.  I love how Doug said, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” WAIT!!! Did Doug just say “I told you that they weren’t your friends”? SERIOUSLY!!!! Boo, I am all for standing by your wife, but you wife is LYING TO YOU!!!! And did Jackie say that she is the First Lady of the League and that everyone needs to be flogged? Stone them and then throw some holy water on them and then tell them to go find a go_damn husband? WHO SAYS THAT SHIT?!!!! Okay, so this conversation right here is the reason why every thing she tried to say about how she never spoke a bad word is null and void. Just how she talked shit about them all proved that the other girls are not crazy. If I didn’t say anything and I was wronged, I would try to right it, and if they didn’t believe me… I would be silent as shit because I dont have a damn thing to prove. But guilty motherfuckers will NEVER get that concept.

Malaysia comes to the suite and brings news from an unnamed Basketball Wife ( that is not apart of the show) that Jackie has been talking shit about everyone on the show. Wow! And they all voted that it is time for Jackie to leave. I love the bathing suit and wrap that Malaysia has on. But in walks Jackie.Malaysiajust gets the party started by confronting Jackie. Nothing Jackie could say is going to make anything better.  Laura just walked out of the room first and then left Jackie behind.  Wait, did Jackie just say that Draya’s room has a bug in it? Bwhahahahaha. COMEDY!!!

Draya yells “ say goodbye to Tacky Jackie”. LLS! I didn’t know that they had that much power to vote someone off of the group trip. WOW! And Doug has to leave too. I find it hilarious that they are holding hands walking away as she yells Bye, Bitches. Lol. Why is it that the only time Jackie claims God is when she is doing wrong or trying to cover up her wrong? Just sad.

This waterfall and lake look fun as hell! I want to go. I might need to plan a trip to Hawaii. The nose flute looks interesting. WOW!!!Hawaii’s believe that the air that comes from the nose is cleaner than the air from your mouth because vile things come out of your mouth. WOW!!! Now that is deep. How come Jackie wasn’t there to hear that one? Lol

It is sad that they are having the farewell dinner shortly after Jackie leaving. It shouldn’t have been that much drama going on and Jackie was the cause of all of it. Now, in Jackie’s defense, they all have talked shit about each other, but they did so when prompted by some mess she said another female said.  And Gloria said that she already knows that Jackie will try to contact someone and she is lingering.

Next week: Lordy… just check my blog called Finale aka Everybody Hates Jackie. Lol.



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