L.A. Basketball Wives~ Hypocrites & Strippers

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

I was sick on Monday night, so this is waaaaaay late. But better late than never, right?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

Oh Lord, are they still on the idea of Draya being dangerous? *Sigh*

Jackie is planning her 16th wedding. I get it. But when do you get to be a newly wed? I would do it every OTHER year, but every year? I would be so damn tired of weddings, and I am a female! So now she wants to get married in Las Vegas. Wait, did she just ask if the wedding planners have ever had “midget” exotic dancers? First off….they’re called Little People. And Wade/Wayne, the planner that came in and popped bottles for a consultation. Ummmm….Moet for a consultation? If you like it, then I love it. But can someone tell me why she switched up from the midget strippers to a wedding in an airport just because Wade came in.

Did she say that this wedding has to happen in 3 weeks?

Jackie,Malaysia, and Laura go walking in the park and they make Draya the center of their conversation. Can someone please tell me who made Jackie queen? I’m confused. Jackie doesn’t like Draya, but she will test her at the bachelorette party and If she behaves she can come to the wedding. *Sigh*.

Tami (sister) & Cora (mother) are there to see Jackie. And I am trying to figure out who Jackie looks like. She has her mother’s mouth and chin. Awwww  how cute. Cora is going to be Jackie’s Maid of Honor for this wedding. Wow! I want to scream. Chemotherapy is not working for Mama Cora. I will keep her in my prayers. I hope that she is still with us as I type this. Now I understand why Jackie is the way she is.

So Jackie is sitting with Wade and decides to show her his work. So Jackie is letting Wade do the job that she is paying him for. FINALLY! She is giving someone else some control.

Draya brings her friends to The Graffton. I love it when I see black females out in the sun by the pool. Is this a trend like nigga now? Okay, these are some lighter melanin-having females…..so it might be different rules for them. Crystal’s (Draya’s friend) boobs are HUGE as hell. And what is up with Draya and this high-waist swimsuit. Maybe I need to rewind and check out the outfit when she is standing, because sitting down it is jacking her crotch up! Christina looks similar to Crystal; I wonder if they are sisters. Tina looks like she could be Draya’s sister. But at least now we know that Draya is putting on as much of a front as the rest of them are.

So, Wade has Jackie meet him at the Winnie Couture boutique in Beverly Hills, it is the the “it” place to go for haute couture bridal fashions. Jackie and Wade are clashing on these wedding dresses. BWAHAHAHAHA! Jackie said “ta-dah!” and Wade said “ta-nah”! hahahahahah She wound up not buying any of the wedding dresses. Again, this is too much for me to watch. When do they enjoy the marriage? I’m not judging, okay let me stop lying….I am. But I really want to try and understand it.

Soooooo, Imani invites Draya out for a lunch to try and figure out what happened at the passion party and why she made the rude-ass comment she made towards Draya. Allegedly, Draya was arrested for child endangerment for having left her child home alone in an unkempt apartment that had dog feces lying all around for a supposed three days. My first response was to say WOW. But I am going to treat the internet like you treat a tabloid with the title that reads “Obama is half alien!”

Sidebar: [Why didn’t anyone tell me that Draya use to be a side piece for Chris Brown? I mean, I know I am supposed to be up on gossip, but I am so late on this one. I retract my statement, I don’t do gossip…I just report what I see. Lol. ]

Okay, Imani….Draya doesn’t owe you an explanation for SHIT!!!!! You are not her mother, you are not a family member. If the girl said that they didn’t take her son… they didn’t take her son. Invite her and her son over to your house to hang out with your kid(s) and keep it moving. But for Imani to feel that she has to present some paperwork ….GTFOH!

So Laura and Jackie go to this Adult Store and they are going to get her “tastfully nasty” toys. They are getting handcuffs, vagina shaped toys, and even vibrating panties. Okay, so it is the typical bachelorette party stuff.

Jackie has never had a make-up and this is your SIXTEENTH wedding?  And she has NEVER had a bachelorette party? I’m so freaking confused that I don’t know what to do! Napoleon Perdis is doing their make-up. HOT! But them having Draya come to the bachelor party to judge how she will behave on the wedding day is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard. Your bachelor party is going to have alcohol and strippers and sex toys, your wedding will have a priest and kids around; two totally different atmospheres. Take the girl with you to church if you want to see how she will behave at a wedding. SMDH. Females crack me up.

So Jackie opens her bachelorette presents. She gets candy g-strings, a rabbit (vibrator), and vibrator panties, and fuzzy handcuffs. Draya gave Jackie a gift for Doug (Jackie’s husband) which I think sounded like a pocket “something” that they bleeped out. But the fact that it was from Draya and a gift to Doug just threw them over the top. It was , judging from the explanation, a pocket vagina for him to feel like he is having sex when Jackie isn’t around and he can get himself off. So if she had gotten Jackie a pair of vibrating panties she would have been okay, but because she bought something fr Doug the all want to burn her at the stake? Got it.

So in comes this stripper looking like a Mexican Mario Brothers. DAMN his penis was huge for whatever nationality he is. lol. This guy finishes and they say that they have a surprise for Jackie….and we see female legs before it hits commercial.

Now, pardon me if I don’t understand. They can hire a female stripper to dance for Jackie but then they can talk about Draya having been a stripper? THESE HYPOCRITICAL BITCHES!!!! And then Imani is the main one leaning over Jackie throwing ones in the crack of this girl’s ass! Wasn’t she the main one fussing and complaining about how mothers don’t hold their baby daughters and say they hope their daughters will grow up for people to throw a roll of quarters at them? Oh…..I get it, you wouldn’t become one, but you will damn sure HIRE one for a reality TV show, therefore exploiting her and her profession that you despise of so got damn much. I hate females like that! Lord, knows I do! But in the end….they decided to invite Draya to the actual wedding. SMDH. Again, I hate fake people.

Next:  Jackie was married before, umm… three times?Malaysia was invited to a photo shoot by Draya so that Draya can show her a day in the life of…her. And then it appears that Draya is late showing up to Jackie’s pre-wedding event or something. Well, we already know that drama never runs short on this show. Tune in!



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. I can’t stand watching those fake … basketball wanna be wives. They seem to have a lot to say about Draya and Malasa as if they are perfect, especially the one who cheated with Shaq. Where were her kids at when she was out sleeping with someone elses husband? Draya is the prettiest one on the show and very genuine regardless of her past. They obviously can’t stand the competition or the camparison because they can’t seem to stop trying to throw darts at her every chance they get. They are ugly, old and out of shape bullies. They’re fony and fake women who are miserable and can’t stand to see Draya or Malasa happy or doing well for themselves. I hope the men in their lives realize the pieces of crap they’ve been with all this time and dump them for something alot better. They only people they deserve in their lives is each other.

  2. I feel you on Jackie. She blocked me off of twitter because of my blog. lol The truth hurts. Also, fyi, Draya is also linked with Bow Wow!. love your blog. Check me out. http://listenspeakradio.com/category/reality-shows/basketball-wives-l-a/

    • bwhahahahah Are you serious?! That is hilarious! And yeh…. Draya… I’m not gonna judge, but know that I have an eyebrow raised on her actions.

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