L.A. Basketball Wives~ Finale aka Everybody Hates Jackie

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

Episode 6: Internet has it….

Episode 7: Someone Say Draya?

Episode 8: Buy My Bull-ish

Episode 9:I Hate Gloria’s Brother, too

Episode 10: Jackie in the Middle

Episode 11: Scratch a Lie…..

Episode 12: Finale aka Everybody Hates Jackie

So this is what we waited all season for?

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

Laura,Malaysiaand Imani are hanging out and they all look so relaxed. I hate females that caused so much drama.Malaysiagot tricked to pick up the phone when Jackie called. She said that Jackie wanted to meet with all of the girls to apologize. Bwhahahahaahah Laura said Jackie is an old dog, barking low, walking with a gimpy le and a limp with the funnel collar. Lol.

So Kimsha has been missing out of the picture the entire season because she was out-of-town. So she meets with Jackie and hears Jackie’s side of the mess. I love how the edit made it look like hours have gone by as Jackie is explaining to Kimsha. Lol. Kimsha said that she has no clue what Jackie said and she doesn’t want to hear any of it because they are grown women and they need to figure out how to behave. Kimsha said she doesn’t have time for the drama. And I still am a firm believer that Jackie needs medication,and I mean that with all jokes aside.

Laura and Gloria meet for lunch to discuss her relationship with Matt. She says that she has lost herself in matt’s life. And she just figured I tout once the dust has settled. She said that she is upset with the fact that it took 4 years for Matt to figure out that he wants her. I love how Laura played devil’s advocate on behalf of Matt to explain how a man takes a little longer to come to conclusions. That is a real good sister; the type that says what you need to hear even though you don’t want to hear it. These earrings that Gloria is wearing are distracting me big time.

Positano makes custom shoes? Hmm…. I wish that I could have some custom shoes made. And he only takes an hour? WOW!!!! Much to my surprise…. I have found their website: http://www.positanosandalo.com/ . I also love how relaxed they all are now that Jackie is not around. So Laura,Gloria,Malaysia, and Imani are shoe shopping when Laura announces that she is going to “Disney World to stay”. Basically, she is moving to Orlando so that her children can be closer to their father. But the girls are happy for her through their sadness. I LOVE this peace sign necklace that Imani has on with this pink shirt. GORGEOUS! Unfortunately, these peach pants that Malaysia has on are not working for me.

Now Gloria is in therapy? Well I think that is healthy, so I can’t hate. But I just feel like she has already made up her mind about leaving him and she just wants validation for leaving.  I am all for help, but personally; I couldn’t focus on a therapist who has multi-colored Cindy Lauper hair. Just saying. But at least Gloria said that she is not closing the door on their relationship, but she is in need of space and wanting to take a step back. So the fact that their lease is up just gave her a way out.

So, can someone tell me why she is JUST now figuring out that living with a person that you are just DATING can make it hard when you want to walk away from the situation? And so now Matt and Gloria are going to separate for a while ( which we all know was longer than a little bit) so that Gloria can figure out who she is without using his money or recognition, I mean, figure out who she is as a person. Lol. In all honesty, I would have loved for them to work out. That would have been a little basketball fantasy with them growing up together and falling in love. But each person has a road to walk.

Okay, I am trying to figure out what these clothes really look like. All I see are maid collars and ruffles. The shoes on this camel outfit is cute. Is the jacket Jackie’s design? Shoes? But this chocolate outfit is horrendous. This maid, ruffle outfit is terrible and should never be sold. But, however… I do love the camel outfit and the black jacket w/ gold pants. Okay, Jackie was praising her models at the photo shoot and she said “Get out of my way Gucci.” NOW DO YOU BELIEVE SOMETHING IS MENTALLY WRONG WITH THIS FEMALE?!!!! I will lead the intervention. She needs help.

Kimsha comes by the photo shoot for Jackie’s line and they are still on the topic. Did Jackie say that she is writing a book about girls and clicks? I wish she would shut up. I know Kimsha can see through this BS and dramatic tear-filled show that Jackie is putting on.

Gloria announces that she has moved out of Matt’s house to Imani while they are out at lunch. Gloria said that she is happy and exited that she has broken up with Matt because she is finding the new house on her own and she is actually paying for it on her own. She said that it is a growing experience. They also discuss Laura’s birthday and departure party. Common sense has it that Jackie is NOT invited to this farewell party.

Imani is meeting Draya for lunch. Apparently everyone is receiving calls from Jackie. Draya is getting blocked calls from her but she hangs up.Malaysiaaccidentally picked up a blocked call and it was Jackie. See, this is how messy people feel bad once they get caught. She wasn’t feeling this way when she was messing everyone’s life up.

 HOW WEIRD!!!! Matt and Gloria showed up to the house on the same day to pack it up so that they can go their separate ways. I feel bad for Matt in this situation. Are they really still talking about sex when they are going to have their random booty calls. I love how Matt is putting on a strong face for this camera, but he did admit that it took him a little too late to figure out what he wants, but he now knows that he wants her and his family. So Matt opens the door as an analogy for their relationship and asked Gloria to show him where she currently was. Do you know that this woman closed the damn door completely? Ouch!

So Laura’s farewell/birthday party is held at Beso.  Umm… can someone please tell me why Laura and her post-baby titties do not have on a bra in this shirt? I feel like I am looking at an orangutan’s tit. And Gloria is flat out like “ I’m not wearing Matt’s ring.” I don’t know what to do.

Why do they have all of the girls walking down the street in all black to the restaurant Bleecker Street looking like Negro’s Angels? Wait, so all of the girls are writing down notes that they feel was said by Jackie to each of them, just to make sure that they have it all out on the table. But I can’t even focus because these bright blue shoes with this leopard purse that Jackie has on reminds me of something in a Beyonce’ video…you know, the kind of shit that they try & if it fails they can say it was just for the video.

I still want to fit Jackie for a bra. Ummm… why did Jackie make them wait to talk until she got her drink? Talk about childish. And the way she drank looked weird. And then Draya called her drink “Jackie’s spinach”. I love how Draya told Jackie that she “isn’t even allowed to ask her a question”.  Jackie is dodging this shit like a baby’s father on  Maury. And the way that Jackie is trying to hush Malaysia is ridiculous. And she had the nerve to fake like she was calling this third-party on her phone almost brought me to tears from laughing so hard. And to see them break-up with Jackie and leave her there is comical as well.

Next Week: The reunion show!!!! Yeh, I cant wait!




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