Basketball Wives S:3~ Reunion pt1

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Episode 2: Telephone Game

Episode 3: And Fight

Episode 4: Surprise….MORE MESS!

Episode 5: Family Matters

Episode 6: Roaming around Rome

Episode 7: When in Rome…


Episode 9: You’re Still On That?

Episode 10: Finale…FINALLY!

Episode 11: Reunion Pt1

So, I had something to do and forgot that it was on… but I am here now so don’t worry…lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

Okay, I know that John Sally is going to make for a hilarious host and that there will be some Tom foolery ahead. Just getting these women on the same stage will prove to be ghetto-filled comedy.

The show opens up with Suzie, Royce, Tami, Jennifer, Evelyn, and Meeka on the stage…. And of course Shaunie. First off… WTF does Meeka, Royce, and Shaunie have on? Maybe I need to wait to see the full outfits before I judge. But Shaunie looks like she robbed a Cross Colors store. I haven’t seen colors that bright since Menudo broke up.

The recap of Royce from last year’s reunion was PRICELESS!!!!WOW! Royce said, “now that their time is up and my time is now….they’re hating.”  PREACH!!!! I love how she is staying true to herself. And what is up with this dandruff spot in the center of Jennifer’s part near her bangs as she tries to dismiss Royce? Head and Shoulders, anyone?

Evelyn said that she got into the fight with Royce because there were little lies being told.   WOW!!! Royce said that “People who throw drinks, can’t throw hands.” True, true. That shot was at Evelyn throwing a drink at her.  Evelyn tried to say that she doesn’t talk about Royce via twitter, and then Royce called her out about a tweet she posted the day before this reunion aired.  I think they all just need to grow up.  And this whole “do you hear something” comment that Jen and Evelyn are using every time that Royce talks is beyond tired.

Of course they recapped the “Non-MF Factor” shirt issue. And Evelyn brought shirts to give to John and his wife. Tami says that now she and Evelyn have worked things out and she is no longer upset.  John tried to start something….lol. He asked if Evelyn knows Tami’s man…lol. Funny! *YAWN* They get on Jen’ divorce from Gigantic Knot-head. EW!!! Jen mentioned that she doesn’t wear panties a lot. TMI, trick!

And of course they jumped on bitchass Eric throwing that drink on Jen. Tami said that it was a bitch move. Evelyn started crying trying to discuss it. Evelyn says that Eric is now riding Jen’s coat tails and trying to remain relevant.  Jen and William from the show are no longer dating. Jen says that she is having fun and not putting a label on anything. She says that she is interested in someone. Royce wanted to know if she was sleeping with this guy, since they always say that whoever she is dating she is automatically having sex with.  CLASSIC!!!!! #TeamRoyce

They also asked Eric if he would come to tell his side of the story but he didn’t show up.

*Yawn #2* They talk about Suzie coming back into the circle.

ATTACK OF THE GHETTO CHICK!!!! They all jump on Meeka. Bwhahahaah And Tami hops on the table and asks Meeka what she said when the camera crew asked Meeka about Tami. Evelyn called Meeka thirsty. Evelyn attacked Meeka’s earring maker in the audience. And Evelyn has me in tears over here the way she called security and called her a non-MF factor…bwhahahaha. Did Meeka say that her earring designer was Sugar Scott C.  Evelyn won this…lol. She told Meeka that she is not in the circle….lol.

Watching Evelyn with her father again was still touching. Again, I think that was the most real that I have seen her and I love it. I love that side of her.

Tami revealed that she still isn’t the manager of her daughters. Both of them have decided to go into individual projects and are no longer a group. So I guess we will wait a little longer to hear a product from either of them.

Tami thinks that Meeka put her own foot in her mouth. I would try to transcribe what Tami and Meeka said back and forth but they are speaking over one another, and Royce couldn’t even get in.  Somewhere in there Tami called Royce a stripper by accident and Royce clarified that she was never a stripper.

ROUND 2!!!!!!!  Tami called her MLC, Meeka Lying Claxton.  Meeka rebutted with THR, Tami Hoodrat Roman. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH SNAP! If there wasn’t already a lawsuit on the table Tami would jump across and whoop that ass! John’s face was priceless!Tami said that Meeka came on this show to mess with Tami so she could have some significance. Lol. John joked that he almost saw that Tami ALMOST called Meeka a Non-MF Factor…lol.

Okay, so that was the recap of this week’s reunion. Stay tuned next Monday for Part 2. Same time, Same Hoodrats.



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