L.A. Basketball Wives~ Internet Has it….

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

Episode 6: Internet has it….

Okay, so last night I wasn’t feeling well so this got skipped all together. BUT I did have a chance to sit down with my diva Kyla and we discussed out points on this whole episode. I am in NO WAY condoning child endangerment or those who commit such a crime, but I am against saying people are guilty until you can, without a shadow of a doubt, prove them guilty. The internet is not a source of information. Unless you flew to Wyomissing,PA and asked for a hard copy of the document for yourself, all of this internet “proof” is simply hearsay.

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

So the points that we came up with were:


  1. Why was it gang up on Draya day? These Sea Biscuit looking-ass hypocrites.
  2. I know she originally wasn’t anyone of importance, but now that she is on a hit television show, can ANYONE please produce a mug shot photo of Draya from her arrest? TMZ could find that if it exists. I promise you I will stop harping on it when I see a mug shot photo.
  3. I have spent the better part of 2 hours trying to find another court docket to see if the letter head is even legit, and I cant fins shit. So show me another court docket and I will believe it
  4. 4. If the internet was the only source of proof, then Jackie is crazy, Malaysia is a video hoe, Gloria got her ass whooped by Royce and Laura is a transgendered horse who steals husbands and sucks dicks to put food on the table. But again… I’m just writing on the internet.
  5. Kyla said that Laura’s face looks like a surgeon said “let’s see how how much we can do to your face.” I said the surgeon said “ damn, I have always wanted to start on a fucked up face from scratch.”
  6. These are not dime pieces. No wonder why they are trying to hold on to these dudes.
  7. Internet has it that Imani gave up one of her children so that she could bein a relationship with a baller because the baller didn’t want to date a woman with kids AT ALL but he settled for her having just one child. Then she lied about her age. She said that she was 27 when she was really 34.
  8. Internet has it that  Jackie use to ride behind the team bus on away games, and would order room service just to make sure that her husband didn’t have a female bringing the food to the room. I could go on and on with what I heard.
  9. Internet has it that Gloria’s pussy aint hitting on SHIT! I say this because Matt canceled them getting married the day of the wedding.
  10. Internet has it that Laura’s crotch is lethal because her man left her while she was pregnant.
  11. Internet has it, Laura and Gloria’s mother was either and agent, or a manager… whatever…something in the sports world or had connects and she helped set up her daughters to be in a position to marry a baller.
  12. Did I mention that the Internet said all of this?

I think I am done. Now I can watch the episode.

WHOA!!!! The way that Laura had Draya in headlock made me feel it. But really? I mean you guys handle this like a bunch of bitches. Just talk to the girl. I itch looking at these females.

Gloria meets up with Jackie to discuss the battle at MMA. Gloria’s face broke out form the face guard. But why do these girl think that Draya is used to taking an ass whooping because of how she handled the fight. To HER it was just a gathering for the girls to fight. She watched Laura fight you (Gloria) and then you walked out okay. So to her it wasn’t a big deal. YOU ALL were the shady mofos.

Matt and Gloria meet up with their PR Company, CMPR, for the Athletes for Cancer event. Matt’s mother was diagnosed with four kinds of cancer and passed away 26 days later ( my condolences)and now he wants to raise awareness. They want to have a golf tournament to bring awareness to cancers.

Ummmm. Can someone, anyone, PLEASE tell me why Matt looks like something straight out of a Step N’ Fetch it 20’s reel with this greasy part down the center of his head? He looks like he can sell you a vacuum out of the left hand and a pinto out of the right. Just shady looking. He looked better in his sweats. Any who, they meet up with Doug and Jackie for dinner. I am waiting for Jackie’s breasts to jump out of this dress. This confession of Matt seems so set up for the camera. I’ll believe it when you guys say I Do.

Laura, Jackie, and Imani go out shopping. These shoes are soooo cute. Okay, so this is also a “Find Imani a Man” day. Imani says that she wants a man who is: Tall guys, marriage-minded, diverse events, well-rounded person, and he must be packing. Small penises are her deal breakers.

Alyxandra Darensbourg is a peer counselor that Jackie invited into her home. Umm… Doug must be away for a woman that gorgeous to be up in the house. Oh, so Jackie’s daughter, Chantel, and her niece, Mariana, so not feel comfortable talking about sex with Jackie. So she brings in a peer counselor to have them open up on national TV in front of BILLIONS of people. Yeh, that is how you do it. Lol. Wait, Chantel is 18 years old and Jackie thought that just because her daughter was still a virgin that she hasn’t kissed a boy yet. WHAT!? Personally, I think it was too late for her to bring in someone. Boo, you should have had this counselor in at 12. 18 is too late.

SEE!!! I told you that Matt’s confession of love was a tad bit off. Even Gloria felt a little weird about it. And you are trying to tell me that this woman doesn’t want to get married because she has all of these side events that she wants to get done first. But you still play house with this negro every single damn day? This B.S. Stop saving face for the camera and just admit that you want to get married.

So Jackie has Lurch ( Laura) over to the house to go to the internet to dig up dirt on Draya. Lord, this is so awful. I mean, I see the point behind it. But the way in which they are going about it is just wrong! But you said that you didn’t read blogs, but then you find a blog and believe the child endangerment stuff written on this blog.

Everyone, but Draya, meet up for lunch to listen to the alleged evidence that Jackie and Laura found on the internet. And I just want to say, bitches, I can photoshop a criminal docket if I wanted to. I know, because I am the queen of internet and software. Simple minded people make me itch. I only go on what I see, not what I hear. That’s all. Again, if she did it…. Then I have a problem with it, but until you can show me irrefutable evidence…..leave the girl alone.

I was going to give a play by play of this club scene where they confront Draya, but I am so over this nonsense. If you don’t want to be her friend, just don’t be her friend. Jackie is deaf. Seriously, all she hears is what she wants to hear. Draya repeated EXACTLY what Malaysia said to Jackie. Jackie heard what she wanted to hear….just how she called herself crazy around Doug and then tried to jump Draya because she repeated what she said.Malaysiawas trying to cover her ass. Boo, she just repeated what you said verbatim. She didn’t TRY anything, she just repeated. If you didn’t want it repeated, then you shouldn’t have said it. These tricks get on my NERVES! Trying to put her on blast doesn’t help anything. I’m done. If you missed it, youtube the shit. I hate messy females.

Next Week: They are still on this Draya mess? Oh lord. Get over it! Why are you riding this girl’s shit? And I want to know why they are all still talking to Draya. Who is this mystery person that Jackie invites? Remind me to NEVER hang out with these females. Smdh.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. I hate stupid sedity wanna be h*** knowing most of there asses came from the ghetto, so stop actin like someone ur not and stop hatin on the next chick. U call urselves a classy ladie well act like one expecially since yall have kids. Stop being soo damn judgemental that goes for all of them even the old cast, to the new cast so what, watever draya did dnt involves none of u like u all not hidin a secret need to worry about there unfaithful ass husbands cheatin on them thinkin 100s of weddings is keepin them around please if u dumb hoes only knew, gone be some where sittin like a frog on a leap with a 😦 so get it together this dumb show startin to piss me off and im not even apart of it and i feel bad for u all, each and every last one of u are soo damn foney wit each other, but think yall real that shit yall doin aint real at all, yall dumb asses need someone to smack someone to smack some since in yall damn heads dueces wanna be’s

  2. Point and fact….they are jealous of her. They are making Draya look like a saint with their juvenile ways! They need to get over it!

  3. Okay, in a nutshell, everything you said was on point. I am sick of these women trying to downgrade Draya like they don’t have skeleton bones, balls, arms and legs in their closets as well. I just can’t watch without cringing anymore because it’s like they are sitting on a throne ready to hand out a “bish be gone” command!! How can they sit and criticize like they do.

    I was on the fence about Jackie but now she’s lost me, why would she have to sit up there and ask Draya “yet again” about why she didn’t come to the wedding, I mean did we miss something because her and Draya met up for lunch and discussed this right???

    Laura is “satcho arse down” boo!! Why would her and Jackie try to be so sneaky to dig up something on Draya, I mean, who the hell is she the “circle warden” and what’s with these dayum circle? Miami and L.A. should just give the “circle” a rest, they all are acting like hexagons to me!!! Ugh!!!!!

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