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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

Episode 3: Hypocrites & Strippers

Episode 4: Not Good Enough

Episode 5: Word of Mouth

I just BARELY woke up in time to blog. This better be good.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

I love how you go to the club after your 16th wedding.  Lol. And why are they all still stuck on Draya? I know she didn’t come, but it never dawned on people to call and see if she got in an accident on her way to Vegas or nothing. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt before thinking negatively first.

And then here comes Imani crying because Doug kissed Jackie and now she has turned Jackie’s wedding party into her cry fest. Trick, grow the fuck up! This isn’t about you. Tonight wasn’t the night. Maybe if you spent more time giving love out into the world you would get it back. Put half of the effort that you put into hating Draya into loving her despite your differences and you will find love.

Bwhahahahaha! I love how Jackie asked Doug if he will always have her and he said “ as long as you don’t screw up”. This man is hilarious to me!

Niiiiice. I never saw it that way. But I agree, Imani said it was like she was a vending machine and she ran out of that section of her life. And Laura said that when she broke up with a guy she takes responsibility because SHE picked that guy, therefore making it her fault. I love how they make sense and are able to articulate how they feel about what they went through. But is Laura the Evelyn of this cast? Why does she offer that Imani just needs some good dick? What, praying for a good man to come was too much to ask for? Lol

Draya meets up with Malaysia to ask her why she missed the wedding. Wait, Draya said that Jackie got called to dance at her wedding? I’m so confused. But I feel like Draya does, she should not be that relevant and always the topic of conversation when she is not around.

Wow! So Laura has finally decided to go see a therapist. Dr. Jen looks like she could get some of this anger out of her. So she cant say Gilbert’s name on this show? I love how they have to speak in baby daddy code.

I love how Matt is hosting this golf tournament for cancer. Glad to see them doing something positive. Ummm… did she really just ask if she could have a botox party? But I LOVE how Matt told her that if he (the money maker) sponsors that party then he gets access to the baby maker. Lol.   So he gets three days of on-call booty if he sponsors it…bwhahahahahahahaha. And she gets blackmailed into agreeing…lol. They crack me up but they are good for one another. So how often are they having sex then if he has to blackmail her? What? You were thinking it too.

Travis, the trainer at TRAIN, is SWOLE!!!!!! But please tell me why Imani is giving the trainer her life story? For a white dude, he has a solid booty! You go boy. And the way that Laura is hitting on the trainer isn’t cute at all, not even funny. I actually feel bad for Travis. It looks desperate.

Oooooooh snap! Jackie is meeting up for lunch to talk with Draya. And I hear where Jackie is coming from, but Draya doesn’t know you well enough to know how you operate. She has heard nothing but bad stuff; she had to be tested in order to come to the wedding? Who does that? ( Lots of people I suppose, but in this situation…why?). I also hear where Draya is coming from, I don’t do fake. I wouldn’t come anywhere where I don’t feel welcome or comfortable, but Draya should have called Jackie the moment she decided not to come. But the day of the wedding probably wasn’t great timing, so I am confused as to how this should have occurred.

Jason the Jeweler……I am loving that tie. Oh yeh, 3 Beats is the children’s jewelry line that Malaysia is starting. Ummmm… did Jason just say that parents would be comfortable with spending between $700 to $3,000 on jewelry for children?  I need those parents. Can they adopt me?

Goodness, Jackie is not having lunch with Gloria about the whole Draya situation. Now Jackie is upset with Malaysia now. But can someone please tell me, after Rocye whooped Gloria’s ass…WHY would she invite all of the girls to do martial arts? And anyone who shows up is a fame whore. They are setting Draya up just like everyone set Gloria up. These females/producers.

More Draya mess? Now, supposedly, Draya is talking to someone about Laura. *Sigh*. It is he say, she say. Does it matter? So Laura says that being humble comes with maturity, but then you turn around fight her? So fighting is mature?

Draya and Malaysia show up to the MMA ring first. And Draya shows her pole magic. Lol. Does she always get excited over poles? Lol.  But I love how Malaysia had the good spirit to try out a spin on the pole. I just need Gloria to stop with these side comments.  Smh.

I want to take an MMA class. I love Kenpo X on P90X and it never bores me. Lol. Jackie is working with these high kicks on Gloria. Lol. Did Laura just swing on Gloria? I mean, one of those hooks landed all up in Gloria’s face. So up next is Draya, and even Jackie had to warn her about entering the ring with Laura. Out of everything, Draya tells Laura not to hit her boobs…lol. I think that this should have been a minute for Laura to understand that Draya was clueless, because I wouldn’t have entered the ring if I had talked about her. She should have asked her first.

Next Week: More Draya drama. *sigh*




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  2. Okay I watched and I am about to “unwatch” these women. I think they are giving Draya a bad rap. I mean what were they doing before they became bbwives?? They are acting like they were Mother Theresa before they got with their husbands! I did not like how Laura was beating up on Draya at the end, I mean put on your grown woman panties, and talk to her about what she thinks Draya said about her and her kids. And then she called Draya a hoe but umm boo, boo weren’t you the one that had your name attached to sleeping with ole girl’s husband? People in glasses houses, honey!!! I kinda sort like Jackie; she’s cool most of the time. Imani is my least favorite; Gloria can strike a nerve too. Okay in the pic I do not see Ron Artest’s wife, did she leave the show and also the blonde head lady, what’s her name? I thought she was going to be on the show too

    • I share your sentiments EXACTLY! As far as Kimeisha and Tanya… I have no clue where they are. Maybe they will come back or maybe they didnt have enough drama to add to the flame.

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