L.A. Basketball Wives~ Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

So just in case you have been sleeping under a rock, Basketball Wives of L.A. comes on tonight. Meet GLORIA GOVAN, LAURA GOVAN, KIMSHA ARTEST, IMANI SHOWALTER, MALAYSIA PARGO, JACKIE CHRISTIE, & DRAYA MICHELE.  I dont think that you are ready.

Take 2 n 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

WOW! The intro hasn’t even gone full circle and I am already like ” niggas…again?”!

Wait, is Gloria not allowed to say L.A. Lakers? lol. And then she slipped in a side shot at The Original Basketball Jumpoffs. SMDH. You weren’t really talking all that when Royce had that boxing glove at your neck. lol.

Imani, I love her casual night on the town look…but Laura still looks like a trani. No offense to tranis… I wouldnt want to say that she looks like me either. Malaysia is a wife… THANK YOU LAWD!!! There is a real wife on here today. Wait… did Malaysia say that she has a jewelry line for children? lol. Comedy.  Can someone please tell Kimsha her real size? This shirt is cutting off the circulation in her nipples.  And then why must Kimsha not have class? I think that you can be real and still know what to say and how to say it. HILARIOUS how Malaysia clapped and dipped out… lol.

Hotel Erwin? Who owns that? lol. I will have to go check it out. Tanya, the estranged wife of Jayson Williams. Hmmmm… umm. First off, do they not have natural hair care specialist in L.A.? This bleach blonde, unhealthy locks on her head are making me itch. Now, Jackie is pretty, but this marriage every year thing sounds creepy. I agree with Imani, Tanya is doing too much…just not enough for her edges. Her hairline looks triffling.  Just saying….what you were thinking.

Umm…Gloria into acting? Kriston Sexton is her acting coach and Draya is one of her students. So is this how Draya entered the show? As a Masters Degree in Theatre alumna….they are BUTCHERING Shakespeare. Please make it stop!!!

Imani and Gloria talking smack. See, Royce didn’t hit Gloria hard enough. Didnt you learn your lesson about talking behind people’s backs from last season?

WTF is Tanya wearing?!!! She has the Michelle Obama arms on a Warren Sapp set of shoulders. And please tell me who told her to put these huge ass earrings on with this sparkling dress? Please let me dress her!!!! Someone save her! She looks like she walked out of a swap meet and put on everything that shines. And her trying to prove that she doesn’t drink Cristal and only expensive champagne is making me itch.I cant trust anyone who doesn’t have a hairline. So her preaching about teeth when Jackie’s mother is suffering from cancer…..its enough to make me punch her in the mouth. WHY IS THIS WOMAN STILL TALKING?!!! Tanya, shut up! Her behavior makes her even more unattractive. She’s not ugly.. but she wasnt cute enough to put on the promotion photo above…lol.

Anitra, Malaysia’s cousin… is that how they are wearing their hear in L.A.? That looks like some Pitsburg mess. I am glad that I got to see Malaysia in her element with her childhood friends from Compton. Glad to knwo she didnt let them go once she got rich.

Is it just me, or is it eerie that Draya and Gloria resemble one another? And the way that Gloris is scouting Draya’s background is tacky. Boo, if you want to know if she fucked Matt…just asked her. These insecure females crack me up! Boo, trust your man…and if you cant do that, let go of the black card and roll out. Oh LORD!!! Is “boo” Gloria’s new thing? No wait, I think she had “boo” in Miami, too. But I havent seen a wrist twirl or head a “that’s what’s up” yet…lol.

Please tell me what the exaggerated tacky ass earrings that Tanya is wearing?!!! is she the Meeka of this season? And I missed this whole lunch between her and Trani…I mean Laura.

I love the sparkling shoes that Malaysia bought. I think that Kimsha is hating on Malaysia for who she is. I think that Kimsha is too hood. I could roll with Malaysia. I think that Malaysia is more than just what they are sizing her up to be.

Ummm… can someone teach Kimsha how to say the word “fabulous”? I’ll pay you. So is Gloria the Shaunie of this branch? Everyone but her and Draya are at this meeting. Damn, Malaysia didnt sit at the table all of 5 minutes and Kimsha’s tacky ass already attacked her. Then Jackie jumps in and asked Tanya ” who the fuck are you”.

Okay… did Tanya say that she doesnt have an urban “ditionrary”…yes, you read that right. She didnt prounounce dictionary wrong. Lord. Malaysia said that her first name is Lakeisha and Laura said ” I knew that you were a rat”. lol.  And then Malaysia called her out for sleeping with other people’s husbands. Okay, so is this after birth versus afterbirth? Malaysia had a baby 8 weeks ago and Laura just had a baby 3 weeks ago….smdh. In this corner weighing in a a stretchmark and a half, Malaaaaaaaaysia! And in this corner, tucking in a fat roll and a dick…..Husband Snatchers of America represent, put your hands together for TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANIIIIIIIII!

Let me be honest. With all that space that Malaysia had to hit Laura before she actually hit her….she really didnt want none. Because I would have been on her and someone would have been over that banister. I mean, damn…. this is the FIRST episode and there is already a fight breaking loose. Do we see the white wives fighting like this? Eva Longoria’s husband got stolen by another player’s wife. We didnt see a fight. But this punch that landed…. wow. I need the uncut footage.

Next Week:  This season is a MUST watch. That’s all that I can say. SMDH.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. This show and all the ones that come on after bbwla r hilarious! That is all! OAN, what up D?

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  3. Yes we do see white housewives fighting. Have u been under a rock for past 3 years? Look at RHO Orange County, New Jersey, Beverly Hills…why are Black women always called ghetto and hoodrats on reality tv? Most women on BBW Miami and LA are college educated, more so than white housewives who lucked up and married rich men, most of who have no real money. I don’t see anything different about BBW than white housewives, in fact others are worse. Teresa fromRHONJ flipping tables, Tamra shoving and throwing drinks, Kyle from RHOBH, fighting with own sister in a limo. WTF are u talkin about? How is Kimsha a hoodrat? Cause she isn’t fake? You are prob one of those first generation college grads who think u hv the right to look down on UR own ppl. I’m White and my bro is married to Black woman. She is educated and classy but when pissed off, she goes off. And guess what, I’m White and I DO THE EXACT SAME THING!!! Get over urself, why do some blacks feel that blacks on tv hv to rep whole race? Its not that serious! Get a f’n life

    • Let me set things straight Ms. “I’m White so I will comment on how this black woman feels”.
      1. To be college educated and to behave in such a tacky manner is WORSE than a person who was never taught to behave. And maybe these black educated women were never taught to behave.
      2. I never said that they represented the entire race. Glad to know where your frame of mind is.
      3. I dont watch those other shows, so I stand corrected. But, the shows that I have seen, the level of “fight” and the reason is far different and, to me, carries a little more weight. I say that because black women already carry the stigma of being angry black women…..walk away from it. Be better than that. Every argument does not need to be resolved with throwing blows, and that is true no matter what race you are.
      4. I dont look down at people, as you have by attempting to place judgement. *wink*
      5. Are you saying that all first generation edgucated blacks looks down on their own people? See how easily your ONE statement could be enough for your to be considered a racist?

      I would like for your totake a moment and look at what you posted about how I shouldn’t judge people, and how people should be allowed to keep it real without judgement and then ask yourself if you were in the least bit hypocritical. You practically did EVERYTHING you accused me of. I ask that you get into the habit of ASKING people to explain their statements and start a conversation, rather than telling them to go get an F’ing life. I have one….you came to it and chose to read it. lmao.

      I see these females who have been granted an opportunity to do something positive with the life they were given, and I am not saying that they dont…but they would rather show the black women fussing, and cussing, and fighting over who use to be a prostitute and who may possibly sleep with someone’s man. First off, no where in my post did I call Kimsha a hoodrat…I dont think. But if I had called her a hoodrat, it would be because of the MANNER in which she keeps it real….just as you assumed I look down on people because of the way that I kept it real. Funny how perception can work in your favor to down someone but when I do it it is wrong.

      Frankly, I just think that the WORLD as a whole needs to elevate its level of class. Learn to speak better, learn how to take constructive criticism, and have better outlets for anger than throwing blows. And no, using your one black sister-in-law does not validate your statement. It irks me when non-blacks do that. It is human nature for people to attack when they feel attacked, but to bring a gun to a knife fight doesnt make you the bravest. So, in conclusion, dont confuse my wishing that there were more positive images of African American females on television as me putting them down. If they didnt put it before me to critique, then I wouldnt have anything negative to say. I give credit where credit is do. So, here is credit to you….good attempt at attacking me, but hopefully you will see it from my side….the human side, and not just a black POV versus a white with a black sister-in-law POV. Deal? God bless!

    • say that!

    • “You are probably a first generation college grad”…wtf. That was just mean-spirited.Just ignorant. Why not say “I have a black friend, he delivers my mail.” Plus, you must be on crack if you don’t think Kimsha is hood. She probably calls herself a hoodrat.

  4. I loved Gloria in Basketball Wives of Miami…she stood up for herself and her sister! …Ummm…questionable…after previewing the first episode of Basketball Wives LA, I see that Gloria and HER SISTER FOR SURE are both hipocrites!!!!! How can they attack Malaysia (or whatever her real name is) for being a groupie, and that is EXACTLY what Gloria’s sister IS!!!! She slept with one of the most famous men on earth that was MARRIED!!!! Do they not get that they are the pots calling the kettles black?!?!?!?! I just want to say f— Gloria and her nobody sister because they are just whores and I can’t wait until Gloria’s husband cheats on her with somebody like her sister did…hopefully it’s beautiful Drea (or however you spell her name)…she is certainly more beautiful than Gloria, and it appears that she would be more attractive to Gloria’s husband than Gloria herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PREACH!!!!!! You are after my heart! lol. I feel the same way. These are the most insecure women that the planet has ever seen. If yuo spend 99% of yoru time trying to keep women away from your man then that means you dont trust your man and you will put up with anything to keep the money. It is sad, really. But please, keep coming back throughout the season so that I can get your feedback.

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