L.A. Basketball Wives~ Big Girl Panties

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 Basketball Wives of L.A. Season 1


Episode 1: Rich in the Key of Hoodrat

Episode 2: Big Girl Panties

We left off with the fight between Malaysia and Laura…… I cant wait to see how that turns out. Leh Go!

Take 2 n 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballsLostAngels !

The funniest thing about this whole fight is not that either Trani or Malaysia got to land an actual punch-punch, but that Tanya didn’t move to help break the fight up.  And then they all got kicked out of the restaurant. Oh wait, Laura admitted to being hit in the mouth by Malaysia? Snap, that first punch looked a little off. But any who….it was uncalled for.

So Gloria has a BBQ party at her house, and of courseMalaysiawasn’t invited. Why would Gloria textMalaysiaand tell her that she is going to “Fuck her up on sight”? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why do you have to jump in and keep it going? You sister should have kept her mouth closed, they both should have respected the other more, and they all should have been mature enough to handle the situation better than what occurred. I hate people who cant think for themselves. I am sure your sister can handle her own fight, let her handle her own battles, unless this person comes at you. I know it is family, but I refuse to let family drag me down with their drama. Sorry….wont do it, not even for my sister. Lol.

And then they are sitting there talking about how Tanya didn’t join the fight when she walks in on the conversation. First, I wouldn’t have tried to stop it either. I come from the land of old school where if you start a fight, finish it. I wouldn’t have stepped in for shit! Second, who the hell is letting people into Gloria’s house that Tanya can just walk up on them in the kitchen while they are gossiping?

Wait, did Tanya just say that she had to text/Google what the term “hoodrat” was? Woman… where have you lived? Was she born rich and has never lived in an urban environment? And she said she doesn’t take the bus…..have you never taken a bus? I do not like this woman. I’m not hating, trust me I am not, but I cant get past the Wet and Wavy sides and the Nappy 4B locs at the top. I cant get with it. Does she not have friends to tell her that it isn’t looking good?

So Gloria really is the Shaunie of this version of Basketball Wives. So she invited Trani, Jacki, Imani and Draya to go paintballing.

Side Note: Did the editors have to leave in the footage of the camera man running with the camera pointed to the ground? Really?

Gloria and Laura were on a team while Jacki, Imani, and Draya were on the other team. Draya wound up being the last person standing at the end of the paintball session. So Draya is sitting at the table and then she mentioned that she knew Imani. Imani finally revealed that she remembered that she knew Draya; she use to be a stripper.

Okay, can someone please tell me why these basketball wives feel so intimidated by dancers and strippers. I just want them to have faith in their men a little more and if their men mess up, kick his ass to the door. Stop blaming and attacking these women for doing them. Step your game up and your man wont leave. Sorry. I cant get with the whole “Jump on Draya” bandwagon. And they have to stop looking down on strippers. Everyone wasn’t raised with the same opportunities or moral standards that you were so you cant judge everyone by your standards. A fat girl wouldn’t make money as a nude model in Playboy, but a slim/curvaceous girl would, so those same opportunities present different choices. People do right when they know right, they become better when they know better. She woke up one day and saw that she didn’t have to dance any more and so she stopped. So you cant judge her on who she use to be, I hate people who hold over your head what you use to be.

MESSAGE!!!! Maybe Tanya wasn’t taught that bleach blonde on that dark of skin, and a kit on the side of locks, or tacky jewelry just don’t work no matter how she tries to put them together. I apologize for judging her as Boughetto (pronounces boo-jet-toe). It wont stop my comments as she parades more tacky attire, but I see the error in my way.

Wow! Gloria and Laura look like their mother, Gloria Sr. But Gloria looks the most like her mother. This shopping “intervention” is cracking me up as Laura says that Dr. Phil is cute. SMDH.

Are Malaysia and Laura meeting without supervision? But I am proud of the fact that Laura stepped up and confessed to her mistakes. That was very big of her. But I am proud of both of them for stepping up and trying to squash this whole ordeal. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE MORE OF ON BLACK REALITY TV SHOWS!!!!! I talk mess about them, but at the end of the day it is because I am fed up with seeing foolishness. And no, they don’t have to be role models or rep an entire race, but can we see more positivity and maturity from females over the age of 21? Just saying….. But I am proud that they put on their big girl panties and worked it out.

[See the comment left by a reader names Char on my Rich in the Key of Hoodrat blog]

I just want to water board Imani. I hate people who think that talking shit behind people’s back. Say this to her face in full force and then leave it alone. You don’t know where that girl is right now, you JUST met her. She said that she STOPPED stripping two years ago. Honey, Draya doesn’t want to be saved. Who said she even NEEDS to be saved? Oh lawd, I hate these females. Get to know the girl past one conversation.

Akema Johnson-Day is the life coach who is leading the “Passion” Party. So I don’t blame Draya when she thought that it was a sex toy party. Hell, Laura thought that same thing, but because Draya use to strip they look at her wrong. Shut it up you judgmental females! Oh Lord. So they get these passion boxes where they are to place an adjective about the other females in the room. It is on commercial right now, but I just know that when it comes back this will be an all out insecure female attack on Draya.

Everyone else got positive remarks. The remarks ran along the lines of honorable, gorgeous, reserved, classy, and flossy. But when it got to Draya she got remarks such as: Animated, Sneaky, courageous, combative, and worthless. Really? WORTHLESS? I hate how they took that as an attempt to attack her. Sad! Sad! Sad! You only know this female from one conversation. And Imani needs to tell us how she knows more about her, because right now it is not making sense to me.

Jackie said that she said combative.Malaysiasaid animated. Laura said sneaky. And of course Imani said worthless. Imani wont tell the rest of the girl why she feels the way she feels. I am proud howMalaysiastepped up and spoke about how she was against the term “worthless”.

So it is the weekend of the BET awards and Draya is hosting a party. Who is she that she can host a party? I’m trying to figure this out, can someone inform me? The other girls that came to the party and they didnt like the way that the party was going. And yeh, Draya is a tad bit tipsy and these comments are taking it a little overbard. Not as overboard as they were taking it, but overboard.

Next Week:  Umm, I could be wrong, but there are strippers at Jackie’s bachelorette party. Didnt they spend the most of this episode looking down on strippers? HYPOCRITES!!!!! Just saying.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Malaysia would have Bopped up lil baby Gloria (lol) So Glo sit it down girl…I don’t think you can hang with my Reli….Do the Show Glo and don’t get done. (lmfao) That’s why ya Squashed It.
    I wonder why? (CPT)

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