LaLa’s Full Court Life ~ Maybe, Baby

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 17 October 2011 at 9:30 pm


Episode 1: Bet That

Episode 2: Kelly’s B-day

Episode3 : *Yawn*

Episode 4:

Episode 5: The Press

Episode 6: Starve a Rumor

Episode 7: Trina

Episode 8: Maybe, Baby

I’m on time!!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #LaLaLand

So LaLa is thinking of going to New Jersey to hopefully find a new house. This first house is HUGE! But it is gorgeous. One thing that I do love about Lala is her practicality. She is not all about the show. She wants something functional.

Wait, this second house is like a mansion condo. Lol. Wow! This third house looks so ornate, and the pool is gorgeous. I love the home theatre. Wait…how many stairs are there? I would have gone to the 3rd house…but I don’t have a son to worry about. The stairs wouldn’t have bothered me that much.

Umm… Kim K makes her appearance, finally. Wait, is LaLa fromL.A.? I thought that she was from NY. I’m confused.

And Now Po is holding LaLa’s hair back as she throws up. And the camera man caught it all? She better not be pregnant. Wait, why is she going back toL.A.?

Wow! LaLa’s son said that he likes NY the best. But only because he hasn’t been there that long. Her son even said that Mello is his favorite…lol. And the phone conversation with Mello was so cute. He seems like a great day. Great dad’s are sexy…lol.

LaLa doesn’t want to have any more kids.  And I guess it is good because she is not pregnant. So maybe it was just the stress of finding a house that got to her.

Kelly Rowland shows up. However, I do NOT like this black part of Lala’s dress. It looks  like her bra. And then Serina meets them up for dinner. And I love how Cayenne(sp) made a get well card for Serina. I am glad that they are there to support Lala.

I love how Cayenne said that he has a twitter and a Skype…lol. CLASSIC! Awwww, their video skype is so cute!

Next Week: Going out-of-town and all I heard was how they are eating penis. And I see a ton of tears too.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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