LaLa’s Full Court Life ~ Starve a Rumor

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Episode 1: Bet That

Episode 2: Kelly’s B-day

Episode3 : *Yawn*

Episode 4:

Episode 5: The Press

Episode 6: Starve a Rumor

Running behind……. did you miss this post?

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So LaLa picks up after her interview at the radio station. She Is meeting up with Po and Dice.

Okay, how do you set up a Google alert? But Carmello supposedly has a baby by another woman in New York. I love how she is so calm about the news. Mature would be the word that comes to mind. But this food looks amazing!

Bwhahahahah Dice shutting down the conversation about weight when Po complains about gaining 4 pounds. And why are they weighing themselves again, and did they go and buy a scale or does the hotel have one? Cute panties LaLa!

Okay, wait… LaLa weighs 143? How tall is she? I need to go search that just to see why she thinks that 143 is fat. And yes… Why is LaLa’s lace booty ass all over the TV? Hahahaha.Poweighs 115. And Dice weighs 170. Okay, can these skinny bitches shut the hell up. I weigh more than that! Lol. I need to go do crunches.

Umm… LaLa is in her undies playing the guitar? Lol. So is she going to be the naked cowgirl in NY?

LaLa calls Kim K to tell her about the Body Cast, something that is supposed to shrink your waist. Even Kim said, ummmm… why? Lol. I think that it is ridiculous. She is really being wrapped in a body cast. WHY!!!!! And then they took it off just moments after the people who put the cast on leave the hotel room.

Is Russell Simmons the ONLY person that celebrities know when it comes to Yoga and peace? What about Phil Jackson? I would call Phil for peace before Russell,no offense. Lol.

Another Google alert, this one is about Chauncey Billups is upset that he was included in the Carmello trade. Lord, do they really give Mello that damn much credit to having something to do with the trade? I guess I am clueless when it comes to how much power these players really have. But Now LaLa will meet up with Chauncey’s wife. Lawd!

Lord, Russell is sweating, and who’s butt wasPo‘s head in? Dice looks soooooo friggin lost. I agree, I am NOT a yoga person. I cant get with it. My mind cannot be still to save my life.

SO now they are headed to boxing. I love Kenpo X. I have no clue why, but I really get into it. Hollywood Hino, yeh… he can get it. His body is fierce. I wouldn’t be down for the workout part, but I would love to fight in the ring. Lol. Ummm… Did LaLa say that if she was single she would have given Hino a chance? Lol. Hilarious!

Now she is off to see Piper Billups. Wow! This is Chauncey’s 5th trade in 14 years. Her children are in school and they don’t want to move. Piper says that the rumors are just that, rumors. She didn’t say that she was upset about the trade. Good to know that these are two basketball wives who were able to talk things out without coming to blows or going dirty.

Next: LaLa is trying to find a house. And she is trying to set Trina up on a date? Interesting.



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