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Episode 1: Bet That

Episode 2: Kelly’s B-day

Episode 3 : *Yawn*

Episode 4:

Episode 5: The Press

Episode 6: Starve a Rumor

Episode 7: Trina

Episode 8: Maybe, Baby

Episode 9: Girls’ Week Out

Episode 10: Po’, Po

I did not expect this to be the season finale!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #LaLaLand

I LOVE this dress that LaLa has on when she is getting her own handprints done at Planet Hollywood. Sexy!!!!! So Po couldn’t make it to this event because she was in music rehearsal for her performance.

Okay, this is cute dress day for Lala! I love the dress she has on when she goes back over the hotel room to talk about apartments. And apparently LaLa never wears underwear and Po is in need of more underwear. I have yet to figure out if she needs new underwear because her undies are ragged or because she doesn’t wear any. Lol.

I love this place that they go see. The house is amazing and it is not even on the market yet. It is also $20. But I don’t know if it is $20k a month or $20 million. I am confused. Lol. And Carmello says that he wants to go ahead and get it. Niiiiice. I love how LaLa hung up the phone with “fuck you later”. Lol

Wait… why is Po and Dice going home now that she has found an apartment?

Ewwwwwww! Did LaLa really just say “ Oh, I forgot your schedule is so busy”? Po is better than me. I would have punched in her face and then stood over her body looking down on her and said, “ You’re right, I was able to fit in knocking you the fuck out”. I hate it when people think that they are the only thing that counts. I get it… it was an important day for you La, but Po is trying to get where you are and can she miss just ONE of your events? And I know I don’t know the whole story… but from what I see… you can come up off your medium horse just a little. We don’t watch this show because of you. We watch it because of Po, Dice, Kelly, Trina, and Serina…now how you like those apples?

Okay, so Po hasn’t invited LaLa to any of her events? Ouch. Okay…the plot thickens.

Michelle, Dice’s girlfriend, is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I love her locs. YOU GO DICE!!!!!! If y’all every break up… I will gladly turn lesbian to keep her happy…lol.  I love how they are having people over to their new apartment and to have an adult night on the town. So hot! The city backdrop off the apartment deck is to die for.

Can SOMEONE please tell me why Mello has these shades on in the restaurant? Why do people do that? It drives me nuts!

So LaLa has this photo shoot on the SAME day that Po has scheduled a performance. I don’t like that hot pink dress. I love the look she had when she was at the table.

Po is performing and Angels and Kings. I wonder how far away from LaLa’s photo location. The shoot was for Pynk Magazine…and the cover turned out well. Did… umm… the announcer call her Po Johnson? LaLa is running late and only Dice has managed to make it there to support her when Po finally hits the stage.

I stand corrected. LaLa walks in to the performance just seconds before Po begins. I lovePo’s voice. Different style of music but her vocal tone is awesome. I am proud of Po.

They Anthony’s are having a new family photo done. Why would LaLa tell Mello to touch her on her butt. But Kayenne(sp) is NOT wanting to behave at all for this photo.  I find it funny how the ENTIRE family is there for their photo shoot. Lol.




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