LaLa’s Full Court Life ~ Kelly’s Birthday

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Episode 1: Bet That

Episode 2: Kelly’s B-day

I am going to admit it now…. I watch the show because of Po & Kelly…lol.

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I don’t think that I ever expressed how much I hate it when shows tell me what is going to be on this episode. Recap last week’s and the shut the hell up and let me be surprised. That is what commercials are for. Why must you tell me before I watch it?

I love it when Lala is in her element. She will get to host the CCA’s red carpet event. Critic’s Choice Awards? This is my first time hearing of this.

I Love Lala’s Nina Assassin outfit. Lol. What is up with these names? Po & Dice? And then there was a dead bird in the yard? Ewwwwwww! How does a bird just drop dead near the front door? And then she cried off her fake eyelashes? Hahahaha.

So today is Kelly Rowland’s birthday, which means this was filmed on February 11th. So Lala thinks that this is a perfect way to do everything that Kelly has never done before to celebrate her 30th birthday. WOW! They decided to go to a gun range? See I cant go to a gun range, I might need to really kill someone and I don’t need evidence that I practice at a gun range. Yeh, I watched enough Investigative Crime TV to know you don’t leave a trail like that. Lol. TMI, right?

Next they decide to get a tattoo for Kelly? Lol. Mark Mahoney is supposedly an amazing VIP tattoo artist. I want him to tat me. Did he do any of Cat Von D’s tatts? What is Kelly getting? Okay, does Kelly like Lal’s brother, Diego? He shows up whenever she needs support?

Kelly is freaking out too bad to get this tattoo. I mean she is making all of these faces but it doesn’t seem to hurt that much. And Serena came to check out Kelly getting a tattoo of the word “masterpiece”. Serena asked, “Why Masterpiece?” And Kelly informs her that in scripture God looks at all of us as masterpieces. Then Serena politely reminds her of Leviticus where is says do not tattoo your body, in so many words. Bwhahahah I love Serena. But she is so right. Lol. I just wonder why she chose to get a tatt under her right breast on her ribcage.

Dana Sims is Lala’s agent. Steven Grossman is her manager. Good to know. Dana asked a poignant question, “ What is she doing to be relevant on that red carpet to be interviewed?”. Both Dana and Steven said that she hasn’t been getting great feedback for her acting. See, moments like this irks me. They want people with names to bring movies and I am still paying Salle Mae for my Masters Degree in Theatre and I cant get my feet in the door. *Sigh*. I will not get on my soapbox….but please know I want to.

I understand how Lala feels. I don’t know half of these people on her cue card study list either. I know their names, and I know their faces….but I don’t know them together. Lol. I can call actors out by faces. Horrible, right? I know the names of producers and casting directors faster than the actors. Such a shame, yet true! Lol I can spot a Jerry Bruckheimer show with my eyes closed!

WoW! The show is about to start and Lala’s stylist is not there yet. Okay, note to self, if I ever become famous, bring a back-up dress just in case my stylist gets stuck in traffic.  And why would she call Carmelo to help her through a fashion crisis? And it turned out to be a gorgeous dress.  If it were ugly, I would have joked about it. Wow!!! Keri Hilson and Lala looked so much alike in that shot!

LaLa said that she has a white boy crush on Jessie Eisenburg. I love him too, but why doesn’t he have a Facebook page?

Next Week: Let’s just say that it is all about the draft. Ewwwwwww. I know it has already happened but watching it is going to be just as painful.


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