Single Ladies~ Half Truths

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Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3: “Southern” Cuisine

Episode 4: A Lesson in Life

Episode 5: Faking the Funk

Episode 6: Men-On_Pause

Episode 7: Less-Beings

Episode 8: Half Truths

I made a vow that no matter what, this was going to be posted on Tuesday immediately following its air date. It is now 12:23am on Monday night, and after attending an event, blogging about Basketball Wives and Alphas…..I am going to blog about this and then take my butt to bed even though I have not blogged about the event I went to you yet. It’s all about priorities.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

Oh yeh, I found out that the fashion designer in charge of Val’s outfit is none other than Atlanta’s own… Anthony Williams. You may know him from Project Runway.  It explains the out-there designs that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. Just saying. I’ve still got love for him though. Read More

Wait….it is too late at night for me to watch Malcolm and Keisha getting it on in the shower. *Sigh* I need a boyfriend….lol. This scene is too hot for TV. I mean, this must have been a day to remember for them both. I love it when two fine people get it on. TMI? My bad, your fault. DAYUM! His back is gorgeous!!!! She’s not clawing it right!! Take 2…..let me show her how its done. What? You were thinking it too.

Dang, can Reed (Tyler Hilton) come and put stuff away in my house since he is in the mood to be a good roommate? lol But I love the hidden chemistry between April and Reed.

YES!!!! Val is wearing a bra… FINALLY!!!! I am loving this Jackie O inspired dress….it is so cute. Her frame fits the dress but her hair is so not of that era.  And why does Quinn (Timon Kyle Durrett ) still have her number. AND THEN HE WAS OUTSIDE OF HER DOOR WHEN HE CALLED HER?! Dayum. Did he have facial hair before? I wouldn’t have given him the time of day. But she set up a meeting the following day at the coffee shop? Hell nawl!!! He let her say what she had to say because he knew he was dead ass wrong and she was the one that was hurt. Honey, when you are the one who leaves and tells someone who you are settling with them….you dont get to explain your side of the story. You messed that up when you opened your mouth. Fools kill me! male or female….they all kill me.

Wait… Woody (Akeem Smith) is back? The dude that use to be Keisha’s booty call. lol. I am loving his fresh hair cut…and I LOVE THAT HE JUST DROPPED HIS PANTS IN THE MIDDLE OF VAL’S STORE!!!! Bhahahahahahahaah! Woody said that is was wrong for Keisha to leave him all “worked up like this” while his pants were down to his ankles…so Keisha called Omar! hahahahahahahaha PRICELESS!!!But at least we know that Woody is a boxers kind of guy….his hi-yella behind reminds me of an ex of mine……*having a moment* Okay, I’m back. Now, I can only crotch watch for the rest of this scene. And if my calculations are right… Woody’s woody is sitting comfortably a good distance down his left leg ( our right if you’re watching the TV screen….I told you it was late, didn’t I?).

And this lawyer guy that Omar is dating ( Wilson Cruz from My So-Called Life)….cute. Why are all the cute ones gay? The universe is a cruel beast to leave all of the uglies as straight dudes….lol..not that all straight dudes are ugly. Sounds like one of the SAT Math equations or was that the English section: All Toolies are Woolies but all Woolies are not Toolies…..lol. But at least he has his head on correctly and wants to see if he and Omar are on the right page. DAAAAAAAAAAAYUM! Vincent is ripped! HOT!!! is it a sin for me to lust a gay man or just flat-out dysfunctional?

CREEPY!!!!! The professor (Alexander John ) just shows up in the show and then he tells her that he is flunking her. If he does, then she wont be in good standing academically and her visa will be declined and she could be deported. WOW! He turned in his letter of resignation and supposedly already told the dean that Christina would be coming by to dispute her grade and why. Damn shame…hookers never win. I guess its hard out here for a hoe, too.

Soooo Quinn has been in therapy and now he wants Val back. Lite Brite negro, are you SERIOUS!!! When you had her…. you treated her bad…wrong…for years. But I am proud that Val stood up and told him that it was too little, too late.  Bloop bloop!!!! Val drops the news that she is dating the owner of Quinn’s team. CLASSIC!  And Val better not feel bad about his little tantrum that he had when he stormed out either.

Yadda Yadda Yadda…this girl talk session. Too cliché for me to give play by-play… but it was great.

Much like how Reed and April came up with this whack ass song…..so forced. Now who is going to kiss whom first? This song, in this rough stage…sucks.

WOWZERS~~~ The dress that Val has on…. CUTE!!! And I am loving the sapphire blue heels! Work…..wait, did Keisha just say that Malcolm bought her a car and had her initials put in the seat. I mean, dayum… how long do you have to juggle a rich man’s balls before that happens? Somewhere, right now, there is a hod rat doing kegel exercises in hopes to have a Keisha-filled life. I love Keisha’s dress as well.. but I am not feeling April’s. Bwhahaha Keisha stole a recipe fromPaula Dean.

Okay, so what is the deal with Malcolm’s younger brother, Terrance (Harold “House” Moore) ? So Tanya, their sister, mentioned the brunch to the brother. WOW!!! Did they come from the same household.  News…. he’s fresh out of jail. And Terrance’s rudeness is off the chain. Wait, there is a “buy-out” on the table. Wait! Terrance did time for Malcolm? WOW!!! The plot thickens.  i love how the father (Michael Warren ) is the shortest man in the room…lol.  HOLD THE HELL UP!!!! Did Malcolm just snap on Keisha? Negro…get out your feelings!

I LOVE this Alpha Kappa Alpha inspired, two-toned dress that Val is rocking!!!

I LOOOOOOOVE that Malcolm showed up to puy all of these dresses to show that he is apologetic for his actions. So, Terrance and Malcolm use to steal cars and selling them to a chop shop. Malcolm went to college, and Terrance went to jail. And so in Terrance’s mind… he thinks that Malcolm owes him. SNAP!!! Malcolm just gave Keisha a key to his house and said that the house is big enough, so the next time that she gets upset she can just go to the other side; she never has to leave. Niiiiice!

So, who told Val it was okay to show up to the training court? Didnt she know that Quinn could be there, like he is, and see her, like he has? And then this glow stick just asked Val to put in a good word with Jerry to keep him on the team so he wont get traded to another team. And did this MF just use the “if you’ve ever loved me” spill?  I wouldn’t do it. I would have looked him right in the face and said, nice try, but a no go. I hate dudes like Quinn, God knows I do.

I am glad that Val decided to speak to Jerry (Colin Salmon ) about the her conversations with Quinn. I love how much faith Jerry puts in Val… and Quinn just saw them kissing…..niiiiice. I just hope that Val is being honest with her feelings and she is not stringing Jerry along. I’m not saying that guys shouldnt get a second chance, but I AM saying that guys who do things in the manner that Quinn did then can go suck a dick. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. No hetero.

Oh! I swear Omar (Travis Winfrey )is hot too!!!! And I want to delve into their conversation some other time.

I’m still not feeling this song that Reed is making. Maybe I need to hear more of the music. But I love the chemistry he has with April.

Keishaisms crack me up! But her philosophies are so honest and on point.  I love the writing of this show…the acting….ummm.

Next Week: Loving Val’s Jonelle Monet inspired look…even though no one can do it like Jonelle(sp).And I know for a fact that Malcolm isnt cheating on Keisha the way that they set it up to look. Also, Kelly Rowland guest stars? Niiiiice!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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