Single Ladies~ Less-Beings

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Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3: “Southern” Cuisine

Episode 4: A Lesson in Life

Episode 5: Faking the Funk

Episode 6: Men-On_Pause

Episode 7: Less-Beings

Yup… still running behind.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

Late… I know… shut up.

 Okay, soooo How long has Val known Jerry before she lets him in her house, stand behind her and watch her turn her alarm off. Wait… didn’t someone JUST rob their house?*sigh* And couldn’t they have said all of this shit downstairs. And can Val PLEASE rock a bra in at least one of these episodes.

Ewwwww MORNING BREATHE and she is whispering… Does Keisha not smell her breathe while she is all up in her face. Loving the iPad advertisement…lol.

 Okay… so in college Val had a lesbian encounter with Sharon Love ( Queen Latifah). Sweeeeet.

 This artist Reed that April is supposed to be helping… I wouldnt have stuck my neck out for him. Wait… April is stupid with this money situation. I would have made Reed sign a contract and promise is first drug free child before I offered up to use my own money on his project. Hell. I wouldn’t even offer my money.

 Bwhahahahahaha “gay-looking” life. Hahahaha. Hahahah “Americais going to need another big-boned black woman, with amble bosoms to cry into.” WowSharon. And ummm… I saw the paparazzi thing happening the minuteSharonwent to brush off the “lint”

 WTF does Val have on? This pleatheristic, ill-fitting shirt and tight ass shorts look like a jacked up Halloween costume. I love the fact that he is mature enough to bring up the fact that Val use to date Q who was engaged to his daughter and happens to play for the team that he owns. And they must REALLY want the advertisement bucks….niiice Xbox connect.

 Bwhahahaha “You might want to butch up your run.” Who says that? Lol. But at least Keisha passed her real estate exam. I am loving this red ensemble that Keisha has on. WHO DESIGNED THAT!? I sooo want the dress… I wonder if they have it in purple.

 Sucks that Keisha is falling for Malcolm but Malcolm is just happy with them being booty call friends. Shame, isn’t that how it always it? Keep the panties to yourself girl.

 What is up with these yeast-culminating shorts that Christina have on? And her sleeping with her professor just looks like trouble. He looks like a stalker. But I love her bike though.

Okay, so Biz Markie is playing this dope producer called Super Tracks… interesting. And he’s had a crush on Keisha for how long? No comment. And who are the video infection tricks walking down the hall? But I am stealing her line though, “ Sorry boo, you’re like 5 years too late. I’m that chick they call now.” FRESH!!!  Even though I want to tell her that it is never that hot to be dressed like that in public. Sorry boo, I’m that chick they call dressed. Lol. But what the hell does Reed have on?

 Why does Super Tracks sound like he is running out of breath when he is talking to and/or about Keisha? Lol. OH SNAP!!!! Reed can really sing?!!! Who knew? I mean the beat is fresh and dope…until I look over and see Biz doing this head wobble with this hilarious grin. Bwhahahahaha Did he practically just came when he gave Keisha a hug? Lol. That’s what it looked like.

 Go head Diamond (Keisha), tell this little chicken head to make that money and don’t let it make her! Lol.  MESSAGE!

 WAAAAAAIT! So this little hoochie is Malcolm’s little sister? Bwhahahahahaah So Keisha slept with some dude and didn’t even know he had a sister. WOWZERS! MESSAGE!

 Ummmm can someone please tell me why Val fell back like she got punched in the face via the game.  Wait… didSharonjust say that “gay is the new black”? SoSharonneeds Val to pretend to be her lesbian lover until sweeps of her new show. Shame.

 SNAP!!! Reed overdosed!!!! So is he dead or is he just in the hospital?

Okay, so Tanya, Malcolm’s sister, did some porn so he bought Jasmine’s book to hide it. The same book that wrote about how Keisha stole Malcolm’s watch from Cam’ron’s set. FINALLY!!!! Malcolm confesses his true feelings for Keisha!!! YES!!!! *Standing O!!!!! That was sooooo sweet! I love it!!!

 Okay, so Reed is alive. He just OD-ed. Wait… did she really just bring him back to her new house. And this furniture is horrible!

 YIPEEE!!! Keisha and Malcolm are having sex!!! Sexy! So HOT!!!  But I feel some kind of way about it though… like she had to be dissed and dogged by him and play games before she finally got him. *Sigh* okay, I wont dwell. Hmmmm. Black love is beautiful!!! I want someone to butter my toast, too.

 Next week, well technically today’s, episode looks HOT!!!! Cant wait. I promise to be on time. Lol.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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