Alphas~ Unpredictable Prediction

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Episode 1: Cause and Effect

Episode 2: Unpredictable Prediction

I went to an event and then raced home with literally 2 minutes to spare. Yes, I was going to watch this show in real-time tonight! I hope that you had a chance to watch it too.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2……#Alphas

Okay, so… there is this random dude in the back of an ambulance. Apparently, thanks to the intro of the show…. I am guessing that he is an Alpha who has abused his power. So he looks at a pole, the oxygen tanks, and even the cars riding behind the ambulance. Why? SNAP!!!!!! WOW! Dude just calculated EVERYTHING about his transportation surroundings. He caused a crash by flicking a quarter that was tucked in his mouth, it hit the pole, which hit the cabinet and dropped oxygen tanks on the EMS guy and started a trickle of events which led to a crash. OH SNAP! Then he got out and dialed 911…lol. Read More

Hahha Nina had other people to do her office and that is why it got done in time. Hahahahah Rachel was able to see dust and hear Bill’s stomach digesting but not the hum thatGaryhears…lol. So was Bill taking a crap? Hahaha Is this his way of christening the office? Lol.

Okay, so the Compound is where they send Alphas who misuse their abilities. Ummm Bonita the Real Estate agent? Who names their daughters Bonita? That is my first time I have heard of that. Lol. And Dr. Rosen is hitting the real estate agent? Lol.

So Marcus Ayers (Will McCormack) is the Alpha/guy who, crashed the ambulance, called 911, and then disappeared. WHO IS THIS FINE BLACK GUY WHO IS PLAYING NATHAN CLAY?!!!! Google…… Mahershalalhashbaz Ali….FROM 4400!!!! That use to be my show! He was married to the caucasian lady and they never aged and their daughter ended up being the one with the extra powers, right? But anywho….Every time I see him I think he is fine. But I digress. Marcus is apparently dangerous. And he was smart enough to etch a chess piece on the glass pane of the telephone booth. Okay, so Marcus is a chess whiz? Okay, so Marcus’ ability is to see the chain of events that things can occur? Much like Gary can see electromagnetic waves, Marcus can see the end result of a chain of events. BRILLIANT! I need him when its time for me to play the lottery.

Rachel has this obsession with what Nina does. She is always comparing herself to her. Creepy! Wait, this isnt the same car that Nina was in when she got the ticket from the cooooooop.  I didn’t even get to type it well. She mentioned that she bought it.

Okay, so who is Ms. Sullivan. Lol. I am NOT digging Agent Sullivan.

Okay, so Marcus can predict cause and effect. Niiiiice. But he is driven by paranoia. bwhahahaha Gary trying to figure out necessary or unnecessary risk almost made me piss my pants.

Okay, so Rachel found ash in the groove of the quarter that Marcus used to cause the crash. Dr. Rosen mentions past failures and they have this flashback to 6 years prior & wha-la! Marcus shows up. Eerie!

I must admit, I am finding it hard to blog because I literally just want to watch and enjoy the show. *sigh*the down side to amazing television!

Wow!!! Marcus’ face is freaking me out…..he is a great character. Damn!!! He threw a soda bottle and dropped cement blocks on some agents. DAAAAAAYUM! Okay, so Marcus thinks that there were off-site plans to use his ability and that is probably why he was being transported in the ambulance.

Dr. Singh is hiding something. BWHAHA! They tried shock therapy on Marcus but he redirected the current and nearly killed one of the technicians. I mean, so they tried to suppress Marcus’ ability. SHAME! But isn’t that a metaphor for HATERS!!! There will always be someone who tries to modify your ability. PREACH!!! Fight against it Marcus.  Wait, I spoke too soon…he up and killed Dr. Singh. Now, I don’t know how Dr. Singh wound up on the second level of the hotel, dead, but wowzers! They better be glad that everyone doesn’t have these abilities when it comes to the haters…lol.

Okay, so Dr. Singh was the rook and they are trying to figure out who the black king is. Greg and his search for stargazer lilies….lol. “ I need specificity, Bill” hahahahahah.

Now, there was a gas main that blew up and caused a fire which put his two roommates in the hospital. Soooooo Marcus is up to killing people? So Dr. Rosen sent him to Binghamton,NY to the Compound to get more help. “No one is born broken, life just conspires.”

Bwhahahaha Nathan Clay said he likes being called the black king and thinks that Marcus is after him. “From no on, call me Your Highness”. This NINJA HERE!!! Lol. Comical. Marcus is about to snatch his behind up. Buuuuuuut, and this is just a theory to fill the commercial space…lol….what if the black king is Dr. Rosen. I mean, shouldn’t the running theme be to see who can kill Dr. Rosen? Lol.  Consider it a morbid spin on pin the tail on the donkey. Lol. Just kidding people.. just kidding.

So Nathan’s gifted behind sets up snipers and the whole nine in efforts to catch Marcus. But Marcus is too smart for that and he sets a leak in the gas line and as soon as the people start shooting… he goes after Dr. Rosen… I TOLD YOU!!!!!!!!!! Give me my money! I think I’m a psychic Alpha!!!!

Why would Marcus take Dr. Rosen on a bridge? I think Marcus is going to commit suicide. I think that HE is the final move. Marcus told Dr. Rosen to kick over the chess board, supposedly him.  And Nathan shoots Marcus and kills him as he falls off the bridge. I REALLY AM AN ALPHA!!! Well, he committed suicide via homicide but I did predict that he wasn’t coming out of this alive. Again, GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!

And nooooow Marcus hit the water after falling off the bridge. They can’t find his body. You know that he planned this….lol. bwhahahaha there is a quarter washed up on the shore.  BRILLIANT!!!!

So is next week about Nina?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on… give me more than that! I am now an Alpha Groupie!!!! Hahahahaha


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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