Single Ladies~ “Southern” Cuisine

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 14 June 2011 at 12:02 am

Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3: “Southern” Cuisine

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Okay…. it should have better acting 3 episodes in, right?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

Ummm…. Why is Val taking advice from April? And can someone please tell me why Lisa Raye’s weave looks like she walked into a Tyler Perry Film? You know how their hair does.

WOW!!! Malcolm just snuck up on Keisha and the girls after not calling her after their one night stand?Ummmmmm…. what is up with the shirt that Keisha has on? The top is cute, the undershirt is beautiful…. but together? Ummmmmm…..And this writing. I think that the acting could be better if the writing were deeper. And then he [Malcolm] had enough nerve to go back to the table with another female!!!!!!!!!! Oh she [Keisha] is bullshitting herself. Girl you know you are phased by Malcolm.

And then they mentioned www.NecoleBitchie.com ! I want them to mention my blog too!

Keisha and this whole real estate license story line is off the chain. I dont know if I believe it.

DARRIN HENSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear this man gets finer with age.  And his character is Blake, the chef……sexy.

Who is this Mac Miller, the wanna be rapper trying to run game on April? Okay, so APril works for a record company? The CD cover said… KIDS…. is it a real group?

Umm.. Christiana has a British accent and she is going to be the other member of this wonderful cast. She is the new intern who snagged a position at Val’s boutique.

I love how Chili [TLC] keeps making guest appearances. Is she a co-producer or something? Is there really a Millionaires of Atlanta dinner? Umm… how come I didnt know about it before now?

bwahahahahaha. I love how April dipped so that Blake could tell the story about how he became achef. And sexy how he walked behind Val to show her how to chop. And how short is Darrin? He seems to be two split ends taller than Stacey.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Rick FOX!!!!!!!!Get it, Rick- Fox *hand gesture from The Game* Umm… really? Did Alex, the white guy who walked over to CHili just say he knows she likes big “packages”? HAHAHAHA! They even fed into what she said on her show. Dayum Rick Fox can get it! He gets better looking with age, too! DO they make all Canadians like him? I’m going back to Ottawa. I LOVE the actor that is playing Malcolm’s father. The suave matches; like father, like son! FYI: Malcolm is my favorite actor on the show, he is the most believable.

NO VAL!!! Back up off of Blake! You just met him!!! I know it is just a kiss… but make him work for it.  Man, I LOVE Rick Fox with facial hair. Wait… did Rick Fox think that Keisha was a hoe and put $5k in the palm of her hand to meet him at his hotel? I mean damn. If that were me and my bills had to be paid. I might have to take the $10k and freak a sexy man…. lmao! Pardon my morals, but my bills need to stay paid. What? Val is about to give it up to a chef for free.

Now, remind me to shop at Val’s store so that I can get a tab! This chick just straight up played you, boo. Damn, who is the cute guy sitting on the couch in the record label’s boss’ office? He is HOT! And why do I have a feeling that April will skip her marriage counseling session just to show off Mac Miller to her boss at the record label.

Christiana taking pics of the rich chick who wouldnt pay her tab was hilarious! I need her on my team.

And this marriage counseling session is boooooooooooooooooring and fake. And then the way that the record boss skipped over her being able to A&R the project… just a shame.

Why in the world do guys know about the 90 day rules? Women,just do it and not advertise it. They are talking TOOOOOOOO DAYUM MUCH for this to be sexy! Bwahahahahahahahahaha Blake said that all a woman needs is a penis! Wait.. .did he say that it is natural for a woman to go down on a man but unmanly for a man to go down on a woman? HAHAHAHAH! He doesnt do “southern” cuisine….hahahahaha That is priceless! 

OH SHIT!!!!!  Malcolm paid Rick Fox to proposition Keisha to see if she was a hoe? WOWZERS!!! bwahahahaha Val yelled ” Somebody bring this bitch Brute” when April forgot to tell her that Blake doesnt go downtown. bwhaahahaha Okay, humor at last.

Next week! Honey!!!! Is that T.O?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heavens!!! Cant wait!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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