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Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3: “Southern” Cuisine

Episode 4: A Lesson in Life

Episode 5: Faking the Funk

Episode 6: Men-On_Pause

Episode 7: Less-Beings

Episode 8: Half Truths

Episode 9: Trust In Me

Episode 10: Settling for Less

What am I going to watch on Mondays?!!!!I mean, I complained about the acting but the script was banging!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

I am sooooooooooo confused. One moment the outside looks like it is night time, and then one sho tit looks like late afternoon. Then once the door is opened to the store you can tell it is a studio fake backdrop. Do they think I dont pay attention to the outside scene?

And then Christina left her laptop open with commentary about Val on it which is meant for her class vlog. Shame.By the way… I LOVE this look that Keisha has on….cute from head to toe.

Wait! Did they tell Val that she is wrong for sticking up for what she believed in? WHO IN THE HELL WROTE THIS MESS?! Val, if youwant a marriage and kids, you tell him. And if that is not what he wants, you cut your strings and you keep it moving. If he wants to be with you then he will meet you at the alter with a bag of frozen sperm. But you should never cut out something as important as marriage and kids. *SIGH* This advice is merely for entertianment and plot forwarding purposes.

Congrats to Keisha selling her first house!!!!! Love how she is making her own moves. And I love how Malcolm didnt showher what he was sketching either.

Omar is still trying to get Derrick out of his house. And I love this outfitthat Val has on…. I just wouldnt have tucked the shirt in. So Derrick finally books a job and wants to take Omar to Cancun…..but Val is going to ruin this for him by telling his business. You should have let this man handle his own business. GO IN OMAR!!! Tell Val how to mind her own damn business!

WOW!I am just now noticing that April has a butt! I’m jealous. And she quit her job? I thought that she needed money to fight her divorce.

Okay, this poker/gambling party that they are at looks fun. I like everyone’soutfit EXCEPT Christina’s. I woul wear Keisha’s outfit first, then April’s, Val’s if you shot me and Christina’s if you hated me. And as she craps out…..she looks up and Jerry is at the end of the craps table.

Up walks Chili…lol I love how she tried to come at Jerry. Hilarious! Val walks over and asks to speak to Jerry for a minute. And they walk outside holding hands. UGH!!! The Editing team is horrible… her left shoulder strap is down in one take and up in the next. Who gets paid to pay attention to these things, or does Hollywood not give a damn any more? And wait did Val say that they can pick up where they left off and they can move in with one another, and in the same breath say ” as we get to know each other’sfriends and families”? Something is wrong with this picture. And then JERRY declines Val’s offer. See….. YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER RENIGGED, STUPID!!! You were right for how you felt the first time.

Malcolm should have been to the party but he hasnt shown up. So Keisha is headed home to check on where he is. And who is Val leaving to go have dinner with so spontaneously. And Why is Reed in April’s apartment? Wait… Part of Reed’s contract with the new company has agreed to hire April as a Junior A&R manager?!!! CLASSIC!!!

I LOVE how Derrick is soooo romantic. This is sooooo sweet. They better kiss and make up and stop wasting all this lip time just to forward the script….lol. I love how Derrick said that he is always ” Clooney”…lol. I love it!

SNAP!!!! Keisha comes “home” to Malcolm’s house and the FBI are all over the place. Winston ( Rick Fox) froms down the stairs and meets her at the front door and tells her that he wants to be the one to do all of the questioning.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Val met with Quin???? UGH! Just him being there is making me sick to my stomach!

WHAT!!!!!  Malcolm was last seen with Ashley by a surveilance camera about an hour ago. Man… this better be a set up because if not… I’d chuck the dueces and keep it moving. Not saying I would snitch, but I would pack up all of my dresses, and have my friends roll up and dip out.

And did Darryl and April just fire their lawyers? And he doesnt want the money and she issigning the divorce papers? I’m confused.  WHACK!!!!

And Val wakes up naked next to Quin…..lol. Oh no, we didnt see this coming….lol. Wait…..Is Quin proposing to Val? And is he doing this butt naked or did he put on some draws? THAT BETTER NOT BE JERRY AT THE DOOR KNOCKING!!!! I CALLED IT!!! That is Jerry at the door knocking. And now Jerry doesnt want to live without her and now he gets on his knee and proposes in the hallway while she is wrapped up in the sheets she just had sex with Quin in. And just when she was about to say yes, Quin comes around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jerry takes back his proposal silently and walks away. ON SHAP!

Now THAT is how you end a season!



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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