Single Ladies~ Settling for Less

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Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3: “Southern” Cuisine

Episode 4: A Lesson in Life

Episode 5: Faking the Funk

Episode 6: Men-On_Pause

Episode 7: Less-Beings

Episode 8: Half Truths

Episode 9: Trust In Me

Episode 10: Settling for Less

I’m 2 days behind…… but at least I am writing it! hahahahahahaha !

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

Okay, why is Val rocking this gorgeous dress in the middle of her shop? Oh, she is rocking it for a customer who is the same size as her. The cups of the dress are weird on her breasts though…yet still adorable.

Pardon the revelation, but my va-jay-jay is beginnng to protest against the number of guys that Christina has slept with in the past 5 episodes. And now she is starting to discuss having a 3-some? Just gross.

Awwwwww Jerry walks in to surprise Val. BWAHAHAH! Jerry says that Val looks beautiful and Omar jumps in pretending it was him that Jerry was speakin to and says, “Why thanks. It’s the coco butter.” And Jerry hands Val a necklace that Malcolm helped him pick out on some just because? Okay, maybe I have never dated a dude with THAT much money, and maybe I am not a jewelery kind of gal…so I dont get it, but it is a thoughtful gift. Cute. So cute that Omar even offered to teach Jerry how to “back stroke” should he ever cross over to the male-on-male side of the pond. I love Omar….lol.

Wes, April’s boss, is such a butt! I just want to punch his ungrateful behind in the lip! Its people like him that piss me off at my place of employment. Shame how the world is filled with creeps.

I love how Keisha is up cooking breakfast and talking on the phone about real estate in her heels. Wait…. who is this chick walking into Malcolm’s house. And why is she talking about Malcolm’s brother hanging out in her salon. Okay, and she is from Japan and her father, who has cut her off is dying? OH SNAP!!! This is his ex-wife, Ashley!!!!!!  WOWZERS!!! Well at least Malcolm has good taste wrapped up in beautiful women. I just hope that Keisha doesnt get insecure just because she walked up on them hugging.  But yeh, the look they exchanges before she stepped in her Range should have been enough to make any woman tilt her head in suspicion.

Wow! Hot dude walks in and the girls are gawking…..and he is GAY! Isnt that how it always works out? JEALOUS!!! And Vincient and Omar aren’t together any more. And I am judging by the point of Omar just called him a slut. lol. Okay, so this hot dude is named Derrick and he is Omar’s first love that he met at a Prince concert. HOT!!!!!

Wait…. So Jerry is basically saying that since he has been married 3 times and he has 4 kids by those women, he doesnt want to get married again or have any children. And in the same breathe he says that he wants Val to commit her life to him and he will commit his life ot her without being married. RUN, VAL, RUN! That would definitely be a deal breaker for me. She said that she would have to think about it….I wouldnt have to think about jack! If a man isnt willing to dive in head first for you, no matter his past circumstances, then honey….he’s not really all that in to you. A man does what he wants to do. Also, if his plans don’t match up with yours, you cannot settle just to be with a man. RUN!!!

Wait x 2…..Why are Keisha and April trying to talk Val out of marriage? And did Keisha say that she doesnt care if Malcolm never asks her for her hand in marriage as long as she gets to spend time with him. WTF!!!! Have women been forcedto settle for just BEING with a man instead of having a man want to BE with her in a sanctioned marriage? I refuse to even condone this conversation.

So, Malcolm reveals that he only married Ashley to get a loan to pay for his father’s business. It helped his family’s business profit, and he paid her father back but Ashley’s father disowned her because he didnt know that she was dating or even marrying Malcolm. So that is why he keeps checking up on her from time to time. And in walks Malcolm’s baby brother. And why would Keisha walk back downstairs so switfly after she was supposed to give the two of them a moment to speak?

Whyare the sex scenes with Christina some of the most awkward looking moments of the season? It is moments like this that I am glad that I am not as loose about my morals. lol. And how tight must dude’s pants have been for him to be unable to get them off of his feet? NOT SEXY!!! DEATH TO SKINNY JEANS!!!

I really have to find out what a 360 Deal is to understand why everyone is so upset. Reed and April is one of the most dysfunctional situations that I have seen in my life. And now Reed is being so ungrateful. But April deserves this because no one told her to stick her neck out on the line for him and spend her own money, or even let him live in her house. People have to work for stuff on their own in order to make you receive the appreciation that you deserve.

I understand how Omar is feeling. I use to get irritated with a person that I used to date, I was just smart enough not to move in with a dude that I wasnt married to. I need the freedom to bounce when you get on my nerves. lol. But to each his own.

I am proud that Christina walked out of the 3-some, but she should NEVER do something just because she liked a guy. That is horrible. Love yoruself and have some standards first…that will make a guy love you.

Okay, this Ashley chick is pushing on sensitive territory. But I love the civil wa that Keisha put her in her place. I didnt even believe that she was stopping by unplanned to drop some keys off to her salon before flying out to Japan. Niiiiice.

So is Mr. Bangladesh a real person? And it must be odd to invite Jerry to Reed’s listening party. And I wonder when Keisha is going to tell Malcolm about what happened. Then, while at Reed’s party, Malcolm gets a call that Terrance got arrested at  Ashley’s salon and he has to leave to go check on it. Keisha, girl…..dont get suspicious until the proof surfaces. And I honestly dont think that it has anything to do with Malcolm being dishonest; I think that his guilt is driving him to be there and Ashley is taking advantage of that.

And the way that Christiana just made this guy her boyfriend after he slept with some other girl…..smdh. AGain, I refuse to believe that this is what single females must put up with in order to have a relationship.

Wes reveals to April that Reed signed with another label earlier in the day. Shocker. You get screwed AGAIN! Girl, you need to put things in writing, woman.

And Val breaks up with Jerry while standing in the club after Reed’s party. I am proud that she stood up for what she really wants for her life. The acting is horrible, but the message of the interaction was poignant.

Next Week: Okay, SOOOOOOO much appears to be going on. I think that Jerry may have a change of heart and I pray that Val doesnt give up on what she said. Apparently, Reed winds up in April’s house…. maybe he will apologize. And I think that Malcolm is either getting evicted or tried to move on the sly. Part of this may be because either Terrance robbed him or Ashley is trying to black mail himfor the money her father loaned….either way, Keisha looks surprised. And scene.



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