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Single Ladies~ Men-On-Pause

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 7 July 2011 at 1:21 pm

Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3: “Southern” Cuisine

Episode 4: A Lesson in Life

Episode 5: Faking the Funk

Episode 6: Men-On_Pause

Yup… still running behind. I have SOOOOO Much to do and so little time. I promise one day I will run my own business and make a living at it and have enough time in one day to finish all tasks.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

I need to learn how to play poker. I think they are playing poker….lol. Yep… its poker. Charles? Sexy Banker 37….. and why is she running off this man’s credentials like this? I mean, no WONDER why these women are single as hell. Hell… at least they have first dates, woman, you better enjoy this.

P.S. This acting sucks. It had something to do with the tone of Lisa Raye’s and Stacy’s voice. If they spoke in a little lower tone it would seem less fake.  The Janet jokes were funny though, clever.

And WHAT is up with these red pleatheristic pants that Val had on. Pleather looks HORRIBLE on a big ass and this tiny ass it looks like it is trying to scrunch up. This is a HUGE fashion FUCK NAWL!Wait…. is her blouse TUCKED INTO THESE TACKY PANTS?!!! That stylist should be fired!

Amadeo? Or however you would spell this personal trainer’s name. lol. Wait… did he just say that chocolate offers and energetic boost? COME BE MY TRAINER!!!!! Wait, this is borderline molestation… I mean, how long has he been her trainer? I mean… we saw that one coming……sex was just bound to happen. I mean, the scene where he had her leg up by his neck… he looked like a Romance novel…lol.  Well, good to know that he likes his “chocolate” lol But sex on the couch though? And this isn’t even your house? Just TRIFFLING!

I love the golf outfit that Val has on. And I have a feeling that April’s card is going to be declined… DAMN!!! I didn’t even get to type it out before the clerk said it was declined. And who is this older dude in the golf club?

And why does April still have a shared account with her husband if he has already threatened to take half of her trust fund? Either she is stupid or this is some bad writing. Again…. I’m not trying to Lets Stay Together This!!!

And this guys just offered to pay for the $2000 worth of stuff that Val purchased.  Oh, his name is Geri or Jerry….however he wasn’t to spell it. So Jerry Waters. Interesting. How come I couldn’t find a guy to do that for me when I was in Atlanta?

Okay, did Christina suck Val Stokes into this college party? And the sleeves on Keisha’s dress just messed this dress up for me. And why is Keisha upset that Malcolm is in a magazine with another model. I thought that you were through with him. Chuck it up and stop complaining. Also, who is this youngin’ playing Clayton Dixon? He is juicy!!! But no, seriously, how old is he in real life, because he can get it! And hold up!! Did OMAR just find a college dude to holler at? He should have checked for ID. And Christina is sexing the professor in the bathroom? That girl and her sex issues make my stomach hurt!

Omar is so fine to me. Why do all of the cute ones have to be gay?

WOW!! Darryl bought a Beamer!!!! But he used April’s money. And cant April sue him for this. I really HATE his acting. I mean, I REALLY HATE his acting. Again… why does she have a shared account with her soon-to-be ex-husband?!!!!

And Omar blatantly hitting on Jerry? I mean, he could have been a new customer or something. Do professionals do that? I mean, the way that Val lets her people act in her business blows me. Well This entire sequence where Jerry talks Val into going to dinner with him, was cute… drawn out.. But cute.  Also, that is the SIMPLIEST lock on a business that I have ever seen. My cousin pookie could pick that with my Aunt’s sewing shears.

Wait, They live across the street or near the business? WTF is this tutu & bedazzled 80’s gym shirt that Val has on for this date? Some of her outfits are starting to confuse me. I know you can think outside of the box but this shit is not even cute! SNAP! So she walks into the house and it looks like someone has robbed her blind. Hmm… she did have that deposit from the store on her and Omar did offer to drop it off. She should have let him. SMDH.

Okay, so why does this sequence look like something out of a politician getting arrested for bribery? All of this cash is April’s and Keisha’s and they are hiding it so Uncle Sam and Darryl can’t get it. Funny.  Okay, so the Italian personal trainer that Keisha slept with possibly robbed them?

And this outfit that Christina has on is cute with the cut jean shit, glimmer dress but these bots make me want to holler!!! But this White and black ensemble that Val has on is cute!!!!! It makes up for the other mess she had on.  And the editing for this scene between Val and Jerry is horrible. When the camera is looking at her face, she is holding this yellow clutch down below her waist, but when it flips behind her to get a look at Jerry’s face….her arms are crossed without a clutch…lol. I mean all within a matter of seconds the switch keeps coming back and forth.  Jerry Waters….owner of the basketball team that her ex, QUINN, plays for!!!!

And can someone… I mean ANYONE hit Darryl with a bus!!!! He just called Val a bitch!!! HIT THIS FOOL SO WE CAN WRITE HIM OUT OF THE SHOW!!!! But I love Val’s red bottoms….cute! And April is moving out of Val’s house….wouldn’t that flag how April has money that she is keeping from Darryl?

And Queen Latifah is playing a news anchor named Sharon. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Val slept with Sharon when they were in college?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just know that the net has to be going wild about this being an undercover way for Queen to come out of the closet!!! Wait, has she come out already? Hell if I know. But WOW!!!! My mouth can’t close!!!

You know where I will be next week!!!


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~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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