Single Ladies~ Trust In Me

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Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3: “Southern” Cuisine

Episode 4: A Lesson in Life

Episode 5: Faking the Funk

Episode 6: Men-On_Pause

Episode 7: Less-Beings

Episode 8: Half Truths

Episode 9: Trust In Me

Okay, so, I am still writing this, semi-on time…lol. I woke up in the middle of this and them blogged about Alphas followed by Basketball Wives. So, I had to come back to this.This is what happens when so many black shows come on in one night. I think they do that on purpose to cut down ratings. It is a conspiracy. C-O-N….Spiracy! lol. Leh Go!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

I love the song that is playing when the show comes on. Unfortunately, I HATE Christina’s outfit. WHY does she have on this neon skirt and her shirt is tucked in? FUGLY! I love this Janelle Monet looking outfit that Val has on. CUTE! So Val is wanting to have a dinner where all of their guys can meet. Well, April doesn’t have a guy so how does she fit in.

So Christina has been dating this new dude and she hasn’t had sex in 3 weeks with him. I hate females like her. I mean, get it in, but if a man takes it slow, appreciate him and then blow HIS back out when the time finally comes…lol.

I know these legs any where!!! Denise (Kelly Rowland) is already being rude and just wanting to use April for a free shopping spree at V’s.  So Denise is a DJ who April is trying to get to play Reed’s CD. And then she boasts of a Mercedes ( two-seater) with a Bose sound system….while telling April to pay for the rest of the shopping spree. I just need for April to get out of denial about how she feels about Reed.

This kinky set-up sex with her dude is disturbing. It is not as sexy as they think it is.

SO, Val has Jerry, Keisha has Malcolm, April has Reed, Christina has her dude, and Omar would have had Vincent but he is not there. So, they have an open relationship? Meaning Omar and Vincent….hmmmm. Ummm… What is going with Malcolm and Jerry? OH SNAP!!! That was intense and all a joke. Classic! I love Keisha’s dress and I HATE Christina’s. If she is going for that Betty Johnson look, she is failing miserably because even Betty has class through her uniqueness.

Poor Omar. Boo, don’t keep calling Vincent. He will hit you back. Drunk dialing is not cool! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAIT! Reed kissed April?! OH!!!! And of course Val and Keisha saw it. And April pushes him back while Reed calls it hot!

Omar is drunk as hell and this is getting comical. Hahahahahaha Val passed over his wine glass.  WAIT!!! Reed slept with Denise and that is why he got double air play? Guh-rose (Gross). Telling of their firsts is priceless!!!! Omar’s first with the captain of the football team. Hahahah And Keisha says that her first was Donovan McNabb!!!! SMDH.

Keisha walks into her room and overhears Malcolm on the phone with someone. He is whispering and he is saying that the person on the phone will “always have a special place with him and he will take care of it.” Keisha is a little suspicious. This is heading down the wrong path.

Okay, can Christina NOT grope her dude under the table! People were just eating there. Plus…nasty, this isn’t your house! Just WRONG!!!

And Vincent showed up as everyone was leaving the party. And yes, Omar should have just asked him to come out right. Omar is tow-up…not tore up….tow-up. Lol.

So Val has a mess in the kitchen. Jerry offers and in return he knocks a glass out of her hand and she snaps at him. There is tension and he walks out of the room. Hmmmmm…

Malcolm heads into the shower and leaves his phone in the room with Keisha….. BAD IDEA!!!! You just know that she is gonna go through his phone. Ladies, don’t you do it! You go looking for trouble and I promise you that you will find it. Leave him if you’re going to interrogate him. That’s just my advice.

 Ok who is this dude w/ Christina? (I just woke up and turned on the TV. Will go back on the DVR and catch up) And then he has ED (erectile dysfunction)? That should never happen to cute dudes!!!!!!! Talk about hell on earth.

Mo’ Nique wants Reed to play on her show? Niiiiiice. So WH1 and BET are advertising for one another now? lol.  And even the fight was hot! They just need to stop playing!!! When April walked into the bathroom and slammed the door, Reed says “come on, now you know that just turns me n even more.” CLASSIC!

And, you know how I feel about females snooping around in guys phones. So you should know that I think that is a classic sign that you should break up with a dude. If you cant trust him, then something in you, whether wrong or right, is telling you that you aren’t in as good of a relationship as you thought. You should NEVER have the urge to snoop on your mate. But, you go snooping and you will definitely get an answer that you may or may not want. Malcolm tells Keisha that Ashley, the person he was on the phone with, is his ex-wife. DAYUM!!! See, this is a sign that you may want to know who you are sleeping with and whether they were married before so that you don’t have “egg face” moments like this. This show just keeps proving my points when it comes to mistakes that single ladies make.

I am trying to stay focused on Malcolm and take him seriously, but he has his shirt off!!! So Malcolm tells us that he treated her badly when they were married and he feels obligated to talk to her whenever she calls. MISTAKE!!!!! Keisha, just because Sean dogged you out and Malcolm dogged Ashley out does NOT mean that he will dog you out. Now, it does raise a flag that you have to watch…..but as long as he keeps treating you with respect, your relationship is solid.  SNAP!!!! Malcolm just told Keisha that he loves her and then she repeated it! UGH! I have a soft place in my heart for these two!!! I have a feeling that my relationships are patterned after their B.S…..lol

Jerry just put Val on blast. She does take care of everyone else before she takes care of herself. And he told her that she must let others take care of her in return because she is beautiful and special and she deserves it. I like Jerry. I am waiting for a flaw in this man!!!! Wait, are they gonna get it on?!!!! Val and no bra again…lol. This is sooooo romantic the way that he is giving her a bubble bath. MEN TAKE NOTES!!!!!!!! I am BEYOND Jealous at this moment. And then he put her in bed, gave her a kiss good night and ten left her alone for the night as he left. Okay, Val calls him back!!!! See fellas, if you do the right things you will have us begging you to come back. See, this is sooooo sexy! Val asked Jerry to keep taking care of her. NIIIIICE!!!

Ummmm, why would Christina tell everyone in the shop that her man has a low libido? You don’t put that man’s business out there. I mean, I tell ONE friend my business….but they are just all out in the open with their business.

And no matter how optimistic April is, this show wouldn’t be called Single Ladies if they would find their dudes in the first season and were to get married.

Next Week: And Christina is having a threesome with who?



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