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SYTYCD S:8~ You Wanna Be On Top?

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 27 July 2011 at 9:39 pm

Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Episode 3: HELL WEEK

Episode 4: Top 20 or Bust!

Episode 5: Starter Up!

Episode 6: America Has Spoken 1

Episode 7: Dance for Your Life

Episode 8: America Has Spoken 2

Episode 9: The Guys vs The Beasts

Episode 10: America Has Spoken 3

Episode 11: Show Must Go On

Episode 12:  America Has Spoken 4

Episode 13: All Aboard! (Top 12)

Episode 14: America Has Spoken 5

Episode 15:  On Their Own

Episode 16: America Has Spoken 6 (Top 8 )

Episode 17: You Wanna Be On Top?

Episode 18: America Has Spoken 7 (Top 6 )

ROUND 2 of the All-Stars!!!!! There is a different batch of All-Stars tonight and the competition will get tougher. I can feel it in my bones, people! It is going to be off the CHAIN!!!! So, you ready?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

I love this white dress that Cat has on. It gives her curves and a nice silhouette

Jordan, Marko, Sasha, Tadd, Melanie, Ricky, Caitlynn, and Jess are your top 8.

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Rob Marshall  (Pirates of the Caribbean), and Lady Gaga are the judges for the night.

I am looking at Lady Gaga’s outfit and all I can think of is Sargeant Pepper. lol. I just told my age. All of the young pups are gonna be lile Sargent Who?

 Sasha and Pasha: Choreographer,Johnathan Roberts, did this alter-reality piece to Terry Snyder’s Puttin’On The Ritz.  I don’t like the way that it started. I don’t think that the choreographers of ballroom can come up with out of this world concepts. I mean, the dances turn out beautifully but they never convey the theme that they mention. I need for Sasha’s head not to bob as much and to watch her frame. Here I am talking like I am Mary Murphy. The ending didn’t do it for me. OUch….and you know I love me some Pasha and Sasha. Rob said that Sasha is elegant and easily one of his favorites for sure. It is also nice to see her in heels, those legs are gorgeous. He didn’t think that this genre showed off everything that she can do. Mary said that Sasha absolutely pulled it off tonight. Nigel said that she is his favorite dancer in the competition and that she was too stiff in the body but he loved the angle that she was at. Lady Gaga said that she is just as shiny on the outside as she is on the inside. She disagreed with Nigel and thought that her stoic stature was a wonderful way to interpret the intention of the choreographer. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-01 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 1 to 83676 . Or vote online at www.fox.com/dance

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