Basketball Wives S:3~ Reunion pt2

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Episode 2: Telephone Game

Episode 3: And Fight

Episode 4: Surprise….MORE MESS!

Episode 5: Family Matters

Episode 6: Roaming around Rome

Episode 7: When in Rome…


Episode 9: You’re Still On That?

Episode 10: Finale…FINALLY!

Episode 11: Reunion Pt1

Episode 12: Reunion Pt2

Just when you thought you had enough……they came back with a part 2….lol

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

Okay, you already know that you are in for another hour of coonstatically, coonerific entertainment! Don’t let those borrowed diamonds fool you.

Wait, did Meeka say that the show didn’t portray her in a positive image? And Tami said that if Meeka signs on for another season she wont sign on. And Tami got on Meeka’s tacky ass outfits!!!!! BWAHAHAHAH! Tami said the phrase “black ass” is apart of every black household! Ahahahahaahha. She said that her man is Haitian and black as a motherfucker. WOW!!! Tami said that Speedy Claxton lucked up and got traded to a team that won a championship. Tami said that no one knew who the fuck he was until she came on the show so he should pay Meeka a commission. Hahahahah I wish you could see this segment….lol. John said that Mayweather’s left isn’t as fast as the left that Tami popped Meeka in her face with.

I love how Suzie spoke up. The audience is ALWAYS trying to start stuff too….lol.

John asked Evelyn about her relationship with Ocho. Royce said that “it is what it is”. I don’t think Royce believes their relationship is real. I don’t want to see this fight between Evelyn and Ocho again…. I got heated the first time I saw her popping off because he had lunch with a female. She is still not making sense with her explanation even now.

P.S. I hate watching this in real time…. I cant fast forward….lol. This reunion is a little dry, no new information is surfacing. Just saying.

So the rehashed the Jennifer radio interview about Ocho. *Sigh* And then they went to the birthing storyline betweenChad& Evelyn…..this storyline is hilarious and never stops being funny to me. Evelyn said that they are planning a destination wedding for sometime next summer. 0_o.

Shoot me now!!! There is 30 mins left in this boring reunion!!!!

In short, Suzie should just leave well enough alone and to stop trying to be a mediator.

Okay, the whole Royce contacting Eric situation…I’m so over it.  Jen would only get upset if she was still concerned about what he is doing. My exes can go holler at all of my girls for a business venture and I would tell my girls go for it. Now, if he was trying to date my friends then I would be concerned. I’m so over this entire situation.

This is an hour that I cant get back in my life. *sigh*

Evelyn announces that Royce will not be in Season 4 based off of what she heard from Suzie. Lord, Suzie cant keep her mouth closed. SMDH.

Shaunie says that he does need to have balance on the show. She needs to show the positive moments that are occurring. But Shaunie is making money off of the drama so don’t fake!

The bonus scenes…..I could have done without it. Project Girls…that organization is the only highlight that I loved!!! And Shaunie and Tami gave her some funding for her education.  Why don’t we see more of this positivity?!!!!!!!!

Okay… I am watching this preview of the L.A. Basketball Wives…and I am already shaking my head. I cant wait!





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