Basketball Wives S:3~ Surprise….MORE MESS!

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Episode 2: Telephone Game

Episode 3: And Fight

Episode 4: Surprise….MORE MESS!

Episode 5: Family Matters

Episode 6: Roaming Around Rome

Episode 7: When in Rome…

Episode 8:

So, the fight was whack… no one landed a punch worth speaking about but it happened. Tonight I am ready to see what can go down

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

So Royce, Suzie and Ashley Walker meet at the News Cafe to talk about what happened at the “fight” meeting. And yes, I agree with Ashely, this time last year Royce was doing the SAME thing that Suzie is trying to do right now by trying to squash the drama. And yeh, Royce does not care whether she is friends with them or not. bwhahahaha. Royce brought up how Evelyn was giving up the Vickies on all of her first dates.

Evelyn & Jennifer met up at the Exhale day spa. And honey, Royce keeps a dude for LONGER periods of time than Evelyn ever has! And yes, I know I am going by the show and I don’t know their personal lives, but you signed up for the show knowing that you would be judged. So here Jennifer is trying to call Royce a hoe…honey, you can have different men as long as you don’t sleep with them. EVELYN SLEEPS WITH THESE DUDES!!! THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF A HOE!!! And as Evelyn tries to get Jennifer to recover from her divorce, she keeps suggesting that she go and sleep with some random dudes just to get it out of her system. I would like a HOE for 500, Alec.

Okay, so now Suzie and Jennifer are going wine shopping and Suzie reveals to Jennifer that Eric, Jen’s ex-husband, is reaching out to her about business deals and such. So then Suzie mentions that she thinks that they should set Eric up….this chick right here. Bitch, just be real with Eric and tell him that you don’t want to meet with him and keep it moving. Why all of this extra stuff? You just want to be in the center of mess and you got defeated by Evelyn and so you know not to mess with the circle any more so you have to put your nose in this. Ugh…. I can’t stand her lisp having ass.

Shaniece, Evelyn’s daughter is graduating from high school and Ev wants to throw her a party. And this 17-year-old wants to wear a Herve dress with Christian Louboutin shoes….remind me that when I have kids they wont care about labels. Not judging, but just saying…..And even her daughter just say “all your men” when Evelyn mentioned the possibility of Antwan, Shaniece’s dad and Ocho showing up to the graduation.

And why, please tell me why, Suzie has the nerve to give Meeka advice abotu how not to get on anyone’s bad side. My head hurts watching these two dummies sit here and talk. COme on… only GROWN FOLKS know how to be friends with two people who are not friends. I dont tell my friends who they can and cannot be friends with. Just dont tell my business to them and I wont ask for theirs and that is how you roll. That is how GROWN FOLKS roll. But I cant wait to see how they show up to this event. Suzie will be going with Tammi and Royce and Meeka will go with Evelyn and Jennifer.

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Eric’s forehead and his crowded teeth!!!!! Ugh!!! And Eric lives in the building next to Jennifer? Just nasty!! Ugh! they showed a clip of Eric and Suzie conversing and I almost threw up a little in my mouth!

Okay, I am loving this all-black outfit that Suzie has on while meeting with Alien Teeth & Forehead. Okay, so Eric and his business partner Ernest ( who also needs to see a dentist) just pitched a movie idea to Suzie where they want her to get nude. The theme of the movie is about 5 women who get close to and then rob very successful business men. WOW!!! Eric just said that he got robbed for 10 years, the amount of time that he was married to Jennifer. But I loved how Eric called Suzie ont he fact that she had told Jen to cheat on him while they were married. Yeh, put her meddling ass in her place. But I am going to start calling Eric “scrunth teeth” from now on;so I guess something good did come from his scrunch-teeth ass cameo. lol.

Suzie invited Jen to lunch to update her on the meeting with Eric. Well, it is about Eric’s production company… why… who wrote this and why is a b-ball player interested in this. Wait… Suzie is Asian? I’m late…hahahahahaha.

Bwahahahaha, why is Royce putting a cup on her ass? lol. And Ashley Walker comes and shows off her engagement ring. CONGRATS!!!! Soooo who is Rayford? Rayford who? I’m late. Ohhhhh, Rafer Alston.

Okay, sooooo Meeka calls Jennifer and the way that she said she was down to go to Suzie’s party UNTIL she heard that Royce and Tammi would be in attendance is messy as hell. Meeka could have easily said,”Hey…wanna go to this party and I heard that Tammi and Royce would be there , just anf FYI”….and been done.

Umm… what does Royce have on? Boo, is that a bubble dress with a jean skirt underneath it? I’m confused.

I’m going to come back and write this battle word for word because a summary will not suffice.  But i do, however, find it hilarious that the two girls fighting are the only ones in a group rocking white halter dresses.

Bwahahahahahah Royce is right, Suzie did not have her back in the fight. And yes, even Evelyn understoof that the polo game was the wrong place to bring up drama. But noooooooooooooooo, Meeka had to jump in.  And then Meeka said that Tammi likes drama. BIIIIIIIG MISTAKE!  Then Meeka had the nerve to stand up…hahahahaha… Tammi told her that standing up was the wrong move. The way that Royce is gripping this pole to keep Tammi back is hilarious.Because if Tammi REALLY wanted to hit this chick…she would have pushed Royce’s small ass out of the way and got all up and through Meeka’s ass.  And then Tammi called out how Meeka is trying to be Evelyn’s clone…hahahahahaha. True, True, because Meeka doesnt have her own identity she is a morphing female. But I want to see how far this hatred affair will continue. SMDH!.

Next Show: Okay, so the “Non-motherfucking Factor” shirts are back in effect. And Tammi goes off on her kids…lol. Can’t wait.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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