Basketball Wives ~ Jump-offs Return : Season 3

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Okay…. so I was in the middle of watching Lena Horne in Stormy Weather  when it dawned on me that Single Ladies is coming on tonight at 9pm EST, and Low and behold….Basketball Hoes & Exes is on!!!  Okay, yes, I get it…. that’s not the title of the show, but until one of these females ACTUALLY gets married…. that is what I am going to call it. And how ironic that the one who MIGHT beat everyone to the punch will be Ms. Big Forehead herself…. Evelyn.LMAO!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

I dont know how I feel about the whole Suzie vs Tami prejudgment thing. I think that this too will past. I think I might buy the t-shirts that Evelyn may be sending in Tami’s direction……NOT because I agree with Evelyn (b/c Lawd knows I am Team Tami til the day she dies) But b/c I know a few females who I need to send that shirt to….lmao!. Waait!!! Did Royce just called Evelyn a hoe?!! lol.  Tami said that she was a jump off but Royce came back hard and said that she was a “hoe with an entire garden”!!! lmao!!! Hoe, hoe, hoe, hoe! “She’s, got flowers…cabbage……lol”.

Okay, sooooooo now Evelyn has to say “my fiance” and not just say Chad’s  name ? Bitch, okay….we get it. We know that you are engaged again…….FINALLY!!!! lol. Wait…. AGAIN? I’m lost with how many men you have been attached to.

Meeka , Speedy Claxton’s wife, is GORGEOUS!!!! So, she is the ONLY wife… Okay… so I may have to call it Basketball Wife and Bench Bitches….lol. But must EVERYONE meet with a new group member? And, yes, I agree… Meeka is jumping all up in Jennifer’s business!!! Please tell me that we dont have to see Mr. Alien Forehead (Eric) this season!!!

Wait… did Suzie say that Royce likes drama? Can someone please tell me how did Suzie get the right to say that someone else is into drama? Lawd…. this is gonna get goooooood.

LMAO!!!! Royce said that when she met with Meeka she felt like she was meeting Gloria all over again. I mean really? She was making her money and paying her bills. She was a dancer!!!! But damn… these earrings are hanging on Royce’s ears with the weight of a baby elephant and I think they are going to rip her ear off.She is too petite to be wearing these huge ass hoops. But Meeka saying that a dancer shouldnt take that job because she may get with one of the basketball players is bogus! Bitch, you shouldnt get with a man that you cant trust once he goes to work with these women. Basically, you are telling these women that they shouldnt tempt married men to step out on you, when he should already have that kind of discipline. I just say that these men should be held to higher standards and responsibilities and y’all need to stop being threatened by these dancers. YOu are showing your weak card.

Okay, Meeka, I mean….. I don’t know you, but you are too thick to be wearing a dress that damn short.AND YOUR BLACK BRA PEEKING OVER THIS FUSCHIA DRESS IS KILLING ME!!!!! Make your undies match your clothes.  And yes, I agree with Shaunie that Meeka is running her mouth when she is just meeting these females. Honey, boo boo… you don’t know these females. You are taking sides, and unfortunately… you are siding with the side who can’t fight.

This false ass nice talk that Tami and Evelyn are doing with one another in this meet-up about the t-shirt and their previous fall-out is making me itch. These ” You’re a Non-Motherfucking Factor” t-shirts are hilarious.  And HERE we go!!!! Tami just started it back up! And then Evelyn just offered to give proceeds from her t-shirts to a young girl’s charity that Tami supports….lmao!!! And Evelyn said that she should trademark that line…. I remember she said it, but I havent thought about it until this episode. So I dont think that anyone else is making a big deal of it but her. lol. I take it back, I will NOT purchase a shirt. lol.

Okay, Speedy is fine as hell!!! Thank you, Jesus. But can we PLEASE find a basketball player who is STILL in the league other than Gloria’s abusive husband….lol. And they have been married for 5 years. hmmmmm…. I have so much to say about that. I mean they are bowling without a bodyguard in sight. I dont think that people even know who they are.

And the fact that Suzie and Tami can meet without blood shedding is a sign of maturity. Now, Tami said that she wont tell Suzie any of her business and then she reveals to Suzie that she is going to sue Evelyn…..(enters “huh” face). But wait, is there even grounds for which she can file a lawsuit?

Lawd, if you love me please let Tami not give a fuck and haul off and punch Evelyn in her forehead! Okay, so EVelyn’s shop is called Dul-say and not Dul-che.  AND nooooooooo She did not pull the shirt out to show Tami the shirts.  No she did not Boo, boo Tami!!! Lawd… why do they sign these waivers?!!!! I need someone to let them be the ghetto women with big bank accounts that they are just so they can fight. I wonder how Chad feels about havin a woman who cant fight worth shit…lol. Well, at least we know they are back on. Sooooooo stay tuned!

Ummmmmm the captions of the sneak previews of the season have me cracking up laughing!!!!!! Yeh…. Stay Tuned!


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