Tia & Tamera ~ No Strippers!

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 21 August 2011 at 7:00 pm

Episode 1: Pandora’s Box

Episode 2: No Strippers!

I know, I know…. I’m late. But I’m finally writing…lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #DoubleTrouble

I love the pic of the two of them in the intro. They look so much like Taj, or Taj looked so much like them.

Oh snap! Tia was supposed to fly in to Atlanta for the Mo’Nique Show. I watched when that episode aired like MONTHS ago and wondered why she wasn’t in the studio with the rest of the crew. I love how the puzzle is now coming together…lol.

Wait…. Tamera is COMPLAINING that she weighs 130 pounds. Can I get UNDER 200…lol. I love the “shrinking twin and the blowing up twin. At least they can tell us apart now” comment…lol.

I LOVE how Tamera and Adam have chosen not to live together before marriage. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! I love how he made her hold the sheets. Lol They are so beautiful together and they make me smile.

BWHAHAHAH!!! I love how Tia laughed when the RN asked her how her diet was…lol. She did NOT say that she hears angels when she either eats or sleeps. Lol. Tia has to decide if she is going to do a hospital birth or a midwife birth at home. Hmmm… I need chloroform, so put me in the hospital. Lol.  The sonograms of Tia’s little boy is sooooo amazing!

Wait…. Did Tamera say NO STRIPPERS? Where they do that at? Hahahahahahah. Bwhahahahahah I am laughing at Tamera not being able to do the math….hahahah. her wedding guest list jumped from 208 to 267….wow! And at $50 per person, that is a bunch of money.

HOSEA!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!!!!!!! I think I said this already. Bwhahahaha Hosea said “ no one thinks of the pregnant woman” lol. I love how they are walking together. I love the advice that Hosea gives Tia about not going to the bachelorette party. He cracks me up. Again, I ask….where was Hosea when I was growing up in Alabama? I know this is about Tia…but I am watching Hosea walk. *double blink* *licks lips* I am sooo mad that Tia did this dance…lol.

Poor Tamera is crying about everything. I love her bridesmaid, Jackie, who told her to let go and let God. GREAT ADVICE!

I have NEVER heard of a Doula a day in my life. I have only heard of a midwife before. My friend’s mother is a midwife…..confused.

Wait… I KNOW that Tia did not call Tamera a bridezilla. Is there such a thing as a pregnantzilla? Just asking. I really wished that I had not watched this show because I really am starting not to like Tia. That sounds bad right? I don’t want to but if this is who they really are then I am team Tamera all the way. *sigh* But… at least Tia says that she will try to make it to some part of the bachelorette party.

I LOVE the way that Tamera looks in this green dress and her hair as she packs for her bachelorette trip. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I also keep looking at this small ass bed that supposedly Tia and Corey sleep in. Who wants a bed that small… I am a single woman and my bed is bigger than that. Lol. Is that a full size bed? My husband and I are going to get a California King.

Wait… did they said Pedialyte toast because Tia cant drink? Bwhahahahaha. Poor Tia fell asleep in the car to the bachelorette party…lol. Okay, I understand that Tia is pregnant, and we get that….but I think that she uses that to get out of things that she doesn’t want to do. It just bites that she cant be there for Tamera.

I want to do the wine tour that they are doing. It is so beautiful and looks like a ton of fun!!!!! bwhahahahahahaha Tamera dancing after the wine tour almost made me pee myself…lol. Yeh, she was “nice” as Tia said. Lol.

This stripper is cracking me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant stop laughing. Tamera said that he has way too much cologne on. Wait….who’s face did he put his crotch in? And Tia peed in her pants. Lol. Tamera cried because she didn’t like it. Tia said that it was just a joke. Hahahahah Tia said she knew she said now strippers but she didn’t say no stripper…lol. I am dying laughing over here. That was hilarious.

So Ricky Lake made a video about having a baby at home? What? I hope this is not close ups of Ricky’s poom poom. Bwhahahahaha Them screaming at the TV as the baby was being born….lol. I cant stop laughing! Tia asked if she could turn back and not be pregnant…lol. Tia decided to have an OBGYN and a Doula to assist her in the hospital…lol. Comedy!

But I cant wait til next episode when we get to see Tamera’s dress and to see her get married.  She’s beautiful to me.

P.S. I think I just Googled that the twins are 3 years older than I am!!!! And Tamera is the older sister? Who knew. The way that Tia behaves she seems like the older sister, but her behavior does make since for a younger twin. Okay….I’m done.



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