Basketball Wives S:3~ You’re Still On That?

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Episode 2: Telephone Game

Episode 3: And Fight

Episode 4: Surprise….MORE MESS!

Episode 5: Family Matters

Episode 6: Roaming around Rome

Episode 7: When in Rome…


Episode 9: You’re Still On That?

I went to bed last night after competing and winning the First Round of Semi-Finals int he B. Smith’s competition so I didnt watch this last night. And I woke up to the Russ Parr Morning Show talking about it so I had to watch it. Want to hear it, here it goes.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

And the drama continues!!!! Tami tells Royce that she fought Meeka in Rome. Royce cracked me up. She gave Tami some props for whooping Meeka’s ass but then follows with “But I don’t condone violence.” I hope that Royce is correct; I hope this means that we won’t see Meeka any more either.

Wait.. Al Reynolds? Ummm… isn’t that…. I didn’t even get to type it before Jen mentioned that it is Star Jones’ ex-husband.  Um…. And you are taking advice from a man who fell in love with Star Jones? I still want these peacock earrings that Jen wears. WHO MAKES THESE EARRINGS!!!!?  Wait, Al is going to hook Jen up with some of his friends? Lol.

They stay meeting up at these different restaurants. Royce is meeting up with Eric to discuss business? WHAT BUSINESS!!!? And I love how they have to do the subtitles every time that Eric talks. All they are missing is the bouncy ball. Lol. Oh yeh, I forgot, Eric wants Royce to be in the movie that he wrote. It is supposed to be an action movie. Isn’t this the same movie that Suzie turned down? Wait, how did Eric say “I went to Suzie because there was a role for her” and “Royce I came at you first” in the same sentence? Bwhahahahahah I smell a lie. So Royce wants to meet with Jen, out of respect, to let her know that she is going consider doing this project with Eric. I think that is very honorable (for lack of a better term) of Royce.

Awwww… Dog Bar is soooo cute. And I KNOW that Royce is not going to tell Suzie her plans before speaking with Jennifer. But on the other side, I see where Suzie is coming from. What in the FOREHEAD does Eric know about the movie industry? He is not even trying to handle this situation professionally, so that is a sign that you need to run. If he doesn’t hold an audition, if he doesn’t have a company that he can represent legitimately…. Then honey, you need to run, run, run.

Okay, Suzie… you need to have a bottle thrown at your forehead! And Suzie didn’t even tell Jen that Royce has plans of wanting to come and talk to her. You let her come and speak on her issue on her own. SHUT UP!!! Yeh, I smell another fight coming in and I think Suzie needs to get smacked. What is Jen talking about “after the fact”? Suzie didn’t tell you until AFTER she met with Eric and declined his offer. SO hush!

Awwwww Shaniece is graduating. So cute. What? Shaniece’s biological father and Antwoine (Evelyn’s ex) decided not to come be there for her graduation. Wow! And then Ocho shows up. Wait, did Chad say that Shaniece looks like a butterfly.  WOW!!! This dress that Shaniece has on is ADORABLE!!!! You better WERK!!! Yes, WERK IT!!!

I LOVE the pant outfit that Shaniece has on at her graduation dinner. And I love how Chad is taking care of Evelyn. It is soooo cute. I love Evelyn when she is real and she is dealing with her daughter.  And the way that Chad bonds with the family is amazing! I love it!!!! WOW!!! Did Shaniece spoil the “3rd Ring’s the Charm” for Chad. Lol.  Wait, and the “moving in” conversation that Chad and Evelyn are having is hilarious. The pray is comical!!! “ She aint no fool, Amen.” Hahahaha

The yoga class on the beach is HILARIOUS!!!

Okay, so Chad does a standard of 2 precious things for Evelyn every month? Dang, why not just do them and not knowing how many things they will chooses to do for you. And honestly, if I were in the car with my man…. I would sit back and enjoy the moment instead of complaining while he is obviously taking you somewhere. She looks so annoyed. UH! And he takes her to a private Tiki dinner on the beach.  And then Chad’s poem….bwhahahahahahaha I am hilarious. And then the way he grabbed her ass while she was sitting in the chair…. My sides hurt from laughing… lol. He is mega romantic.

Well, Evelyn said one thing right…. Y’all are not necessarily a hoe, but you do hoe-ish things. Just saying. I agree with Chad, if you’re single have fun. And only time will tell if they are together for real or if it is fake or not if they ever break up. But we need to promote more support for loving and healthy relationships rather than trying to tear it down.

I LOVE this dress that Jennifer has on while on this date with William, the friend of Al Reynolds. William is mega hot! Yeh, he can get it! Hell, Jen better get it! WOW! The way that Jen called Eric “dead weight” is hilarious. But not as hilarious as inviting a guy on your first date to her divorce party> SMDH.  I could say sooo much, but I won’t. Just.. umm… please, no one else invite a brand new dude to celebrate the dismantling of your old relationship. Shame.

Tami and Jen meet up in this cute wine store. I wish I could go there. Also, I love how Tami’s name is usually posted by itself and not followed by “ the ex-girlfriend of X” or the “ex-wife of X”. You go girl. Wait, so Tami is agreeing with Jen that Royce should have come to Jen about meeting with Eric. Honey, when you all play back this tape you will see that it was in Royce’s heart to tell Jen. See how easy it is to get things screwed up?  So at least Jen says that she is semi-available to meeting with Suzie and Royce to discuss the whole “Eric” situation.

Another restaurant, Chop House. So Suzie is there and in walks Jen and immediately she says that she will not talk with Royce.  That was so just, hmmmm.  In walks Royce, right after Jen leaves. Lawd have mercy! I’m gone (ye, I’m gone)  let the devil be busy all up and through this because me adding my 10 cents isn’t going to change the past. People just need to see how they behave and how they do the very things that they are upset others do. It is rather hypocritical, and childish.  And scene.

Next WeeK:  Okay, so Evelyn shows her insecure side and asks if the friend that Chad is going on a dinner date with a female, Jen kisses William at her divorce party, and Eric throws a drink in Jen’s face?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh snap! I was listening to the Russ Par Morning Show this morning and someone said that Eric didn’t throw the drink in her face, it was the bump on his head. lmao! Another person asked what was Eric’s twitter and someone said “ @Unicorn”. Bwhahahahahahahaah. That just made day.




~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Hillarious… Thank you for the update. I missed it too. These women are hellacrazy

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