Basketball Wives S:3~ Roaming around Rome

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Episode 2: Telephone Game

Episode 3: And Fight

Episode 4: Surprise….MORE MESS!

Episode 5: Family Matters

Episode 6: Roaming around Rome

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Okay, I am trying to be on time with these but I had to prepare for my B. Smith’s competition…..and I WON! So, now I am happy and now I have time to sit down and write this at 6:30am just for you! lol. If someone would pay me to be a full time blogger…then I could get this on time…just saying.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

I am watching the intro to the show and I am noticing that the ONLY person’s pose that I like is Shaunie’s. Man… I REALLY want these peacock earrings that Jennifer has on. Are peacock earrings her thing? Okay, why in the hell would Meeka tell Jen that the Eric from her blind date thought she was a freak. Hell, you keep stuff like that to yourself. You dont know what that boy may want her to know. Ugh..I cant stand this bitch.

Okay, these butterfly earrings that Evelyn has on are cute….but they look HORRIBLE with this dress and for her to just be chilling around the house. And I agree with Evelyn, Meeka does try too hard just to be down because she really doesnt know Jen well enough to put her on a blind date.

Okay, I’m confused-ed. I thought that Meeka didnt like Royce. Yet, Suzie and Meeka brought her out to buy cars. Con someone PLEASE tell me why is Meeka up in Royce’s business?!!! Also, why does Royce look like she is an around the way girl up in this Rolls Royce dealership? Sometimes I just want her to dress appropriate for where she is going.

EWWWWWW! Did you see the flat butt in the red bikini during the beach montague?

Jen wants to have a divorce party? hahahahah. But she’s not divorced yet….lol. There is a place called Pleasure Emporium? And she knew it y name…lol. I feel like such a prude right now. But to each his own.

Brian is handsome. I honestly do think that it is okay for everyone to be concerned with his relationship with Royce, but I also think that everyone should let their relationship take their own course. The ONLY person who i think should have the right to speak directly to Brian about their concerns should be Royce’s father. Why in the HELL would Suzie ask what does he do, does he sell drugs, has he been in jail and why does he want to be with Royce. Wait… did she ask if he has a big one..bwahahaha. And she said that he was looking at Royce’s vagina the entire time so he must be thirsty. And like Royce said… Suzie use to like Dwayne ( her ex) and he turned out to be bad, so now her opinion doesnt matter. Besides… when was the last time that we’ve seen Suzie with a man.

Bwahahahah They are really walking around in Pleasure Emporium. And WHY is Evelyn acting as if she is an employee?!!! She looks like she helped invent most of these sex toys. HA!Jen said that Evelyn has graduated magna cum-laude of sex toys university….lol.  And they are getting male and female strippers. LOVE IT! I think that all female parties should have both. You can be straight and have both.

WOW! So they are deciding to go to Italy but Evelyn doesnt want Royce to go but they are inviting Meeka?!!!!!! Can someone PLEASE tell me whythis makes sense?I would go without both of them before i took Meeka.

Awww Brian and Royce are going put-put golfing. I havent done that in such a long while. It is cute. I understand that it is not Royce’s cup of tea…but miniture golfing was Brian’s idea that he wanted to do to spend time with her. THIS is when I get upset with black women. Honey….whether you like it or not, he thought of it and prepared for it. So you need to show your appreciation. He is spending time with you. I better move on because I could scream about this for HOURS! But….at least she told him that she wants to date other men. Although, I dont think that he responded the way that he did because he is confident that she will be back… i think she just gave him permission to see other women without having to say it…lol.

Noe reminds meof Lisa Raye’s cousin….cant remember his name…but he tells the truth just like him. OUCH! So Evelyn’s friend had an interview in Cleveland on the radio about her opinion about Evelyn and Ochobeing engaged.  But she didnt say it to Evelyn. Wow! The”friend” said that Ocho is a media whore, and that he does so much shadyshit,and she is hearing all of these stories. Wait… they said that it was Jennifer….meaning the Jennifer on theshow who did the interview? I hope not.

Question. Is Shaunie PAYING for everyone to go to Italy? Shit….can I go too? SNAP!!! Yes, it is THIS Jennifer who had the interview about Ocho. And she didnt even congratulate Evelyn when she got engaged. What I dont agree with is that they are waiting until Italy to discuss it. No, you should speak up about your issues first.  But……at least Tammi is attempting to stand up for Royce. And leave it up to Suzie to tell Royce that she isnt invited to Rome.  I just hate how Suzie said that Evelyn and Tammi are friends again. NO, boo boo…. they discussed the t-shirt issue and came to a compromise but that doesnt mean that they are close again.

I LOVE HOW THEY PLAYED Miguel’s Pay Me as the transition music to them being in Rome. I LOVE thatsong.

Now….I findit funny how they dressed up Miamistyle to go to dinner in Rome. HILARIOUS!!!! It is a vacation. Relax!i think that the clothes theywore to travel were stylish and fashionable and would have been appropriate to attend dinner in Rome. They didnt get to the bottom of shit while they had this discussion. Meeka….I cant stand this trick! Point blank period!

Next Show:  Okay, so Evelyn gets her hands on the Ocho interview that Jennifer did in Cleveland. Ummm….cant wait…….shame.


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