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Episode 1: Pandora’s Box

Episode 2: No Strippers!

Episode 3: I Do!

I’m so excited about Tamera’s wedding that you would think I was in the wedding party.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #DoubleTrouble

We get to see Tamera’s dress!!! Oh my word she looks beautiful!!!! I LOVE this dress! She makes the most amazing bride! I’m so happy for her!!!!

Tamera asked Tia if she could be in charge of the dress since she is driving to the wedding location instead of flying toNapa. Lol. Wow…what a ton of responsibility. Bwhahahaahah Them and her Pregnancy Brain and the wedding dress…lol.

Jordyn, Tia’s publicist, suggests that Cory and Tia have a “Babymoon” on the way up toNapa…lol. Wait, did Jordyn tell her to have sex from behind. Lol. This cracks me up!I LOVE Jordyn…lol. Can she be my publicist? I want her. Lol.

So Tia is in a store for pregnant lingerie…lol. I’ve seen it all. And then Tamera asks if pregnant women have sex….lol. I am dying laughing…lol. I get that Tia wants to do a Babymoon….but honey, why on Tamera’s wedding weekend. You act as if you cant have your Babymoon next weekend. Am I missing something? Because something is telling me that she got whatever it is that she for her wedding but now it just feels like Tamera is getting jipped. I just want to hug Tamera so much right now. I just want to scream!!!!! It’s bad to be upset with a pregnant woman, isn’t it?

I think that Tamera and Tia look the MOST alike when Tamera pulls her hair back.

The dog in his tux outfit is just adorable!!! Milano is soooo cuuuuute! Lol. The dog will be the ring bearer. Fantastic!

Tia left the dress in the CAR!!!!! Wasn’t that four days ago!?  And that is a thousand…of thousands dollar dress. Wait….and did she just lay the dress on the floor?  Oh helllllll nawl!!! Go get your dress, Tamera!

So Tamera shows up to pick up her dress because she cant trust Tia with it. This whole wedding interaction is making me sad watching this. And Tia, this is NOT a bridezilla situation. Just own up to your slacking. THAT”S IT!!!! I have figured out what is making me not like Tia any more. Honey…fess up! Tia is the only one that Tamera seems to have a problem with and everyone sees it BUT Tia. I’m sorry, I hate people who wont own up to their error causing actions in a given situation. This just makes me so sick right now. Just…ugh!

They way that they just sat in the parking lot, when they needed to be on the road, made me feel like….just, ugh. And then their mom forgets her dress so they have to go back to their parents’ house and break into the house. SMDH!!!

I love the brown top that Tamera has on while she walks the area with Maid of Honor. Watching her heels sink into the grass has me dying laughing over here…lol.  And then she gets the news that it is supposed to rain on Sunday, supposedly the day of her wedding. NOOOOO!!!!  I just want to hug Tamera. It’s like she keeps getting the short end of the stick! But $20 thousand for a tent?! What tent are you using? Is it made out of Jesus’ hair?

Cory says that the Babymoon sounds perverted. Lol. But he is supportive. I like that!

Wait…. Did Tia pull into a gas station and see a jaguar? And a cheetah!!! Lol. Hilarious!!!

I know GOOD and DAMN WELL that Tia didn’t call her cousin, Akesha, to help set up her room in NapaValleyfor the Babymoon, when the reason that everyone is there in the first place is Tamera’s WEDDING!!!! Has she lost her mind? Damn Pregnancy Brain….that is flat out selfish! The more I watch the more I dislike her!!!! This show is gonna have me making the stank eye at Melanie during the entire season of The Game!!! Why couldn’t she stay up inNapa one day AFTER the wedding and give attention to Tamera during her time.

Poor Tamera. She has lightening, hail, wind and rain on her wedding day. Glad she got the tents too…lol.

And then Tia shows up late to the bridal suite to get her hair and makeup done. 0_o.  And this blonde track in Tia’s hair looks awful. Okay, maybe I am just knit picking now…lol.

OH MY WORD!!!! Tamera and her wedding dress, veil, and flowers looks perfect! I almost cried! I’m glad that God let the sun come out for her ceremony! She is amazing! Her dad looked so serious walking her down the aisle…lol. Adam looked AMAZING in his suit! Awww… the Housleys (sp) look so beautiful together. *sigh* I want a love like that!!!! I love that Adam has sneakers on with his tux…lol. CLASSIC! This was a fairy tale wedding. So happy for them. ( And I hit him up on twitter and let him know it too. I want their kind of love).

I cant wait til next week. I have my reasons, but I wont say why…..*devil’s grin”.lol. Tune in.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. I do believe that they both use their situations as excuses. But for some reason, Tamera was driving me nuts the last few episodes. I think I’ve always had a problem with people that go crazy over weddings. It’s one day, albiet a very special one…its still one day…no reason to go insane. At this point, Tia isn’t two months pregnant, she’s as wide as all outside! She’s in a hospital bed and Tamera’s like “You’re not coming to my shower?” She’s sick and you want her on the back of a pickup for a wine tasting? Out at a club 8 months pregnant? Child Please! lol And I understand her wanting her dress, cuz Tia was dead wrong to leave it in the car but, the way she busted in with the attitude? So unnecessary! As for the baby moon? You know there’s a better time for that! And you know your sister’s on 10 right now…do it next weekend. I like how politely Keisha reminded her its Tamera’s day. And its your sister’s wedding…answer her call! Holly can’t be on hold? I do love Hosea’s little cameos. They’re relationship is cute, as is the one with Corey. I did like how Tamera put the kabosh on them filming the wedding. That’s her private time with her family! I wish them the best.

    • I dont think she was so much over the top about it being her wedding as she was about her sister not being a part of it. There were times when they both could have been more sensitive… ut Tia is still rocking my nerve. Keep watching and come back for your feedback. I like the way you think!

  2. I think Tamera is too high-maintenance and doesn’t understand that she and her sister are going through two of the most life-changing moments in a woman’s life at the very same time. The way I see it, if she wants her sister to be there completely and utterly for her, she should reschedule her wedding. Obviously that’s not an option, so she needs to be more cognizant of her and her sister’s limits.

    I did think Tia was a bit too dismissive at times, especially when she was talking about being on a call with Holly Robinson-Peete, and not clicking over to her sister’s call as a result of that. That’s damn ridiculous.

    Tamera, on the other hands, really needs to get a grip. The woman is pregnant. Tamera was able to completely be able to be there when Tia was getting married, because Tamera wasn’t pregnant at the time. However, Tia is pregnant when Tamera is getting married. So she needs to calm the hell down and accept that her sister’s priorities need to be her child and her health (and her husband, too, his life is about to change dramatically with the birth of the child, as well).

    And Tia needs to click the hell over when her sister is calling, wth.

    • I dont think that it has anything to do with Tia being pregnant. Pregnant women can be on time. Pregnant women know how to prioritize. She can schedule everything else and never know how to say no to them, but she can say no to her sister. I think that is a load of baby crap. It really is about being considerate.

      Like you said, Tia should have clicked over. Just like she shouldnt have tried to schedule a romantic event in the middle of Tamera’s wedding weekend. WHO DOES THAT!!!!? I get she is pregnant, but she is also selfish and inconsiderate.

      Yes, Tamera is a tad bit controlling….it is her wedding. Who wouldnt be controlling? So yes, they both have reasons to be stressed, but the only person who seems to give in is Tamera. I understand that Tia didnt want to go to the bachelorette wine tour, I’m fine with that. But the other times I literally wanted to swing on her and say its not about you right now. Its about yoru sister. Be there for her.

      All in all…lol…thanks for commenting. I love having conversations with my readers. I hear your side, but I hate that Tia is milking her reasons. That’s all. Come back every week and let’s converse. God bless!

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