Basketball Wives S:3~ Family Matters

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Episode 2: Telephone Game

Episode 3: And Fight

Episode 4: Surprise….MORE MESS!

Episode 5: Family Matters

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Yes, I know, I know, I know, I know I’m late. But I had to recover from seeing Eric’s forehead and teeth….I was traumatized. If you promise not to show Alien face again then I promise to be on time…lol

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

Okay, so please tell me why they keep trying to fit Meeka into these events? Ugh! SHE is the non-motherfucking factor!!!!! All I can think about is popping this pimple on Meeka’s face.. ugh! I’m over her.

Okay, why has the little title thing changed for Evelyn from “ex-girlfriend/fiancee” of so and so to”fiancee of Ocho-Cinco”? Bitch, this isnt the ” ‘Bout to Be Wives of Football”! What? I’m just saying. Why do I have to know these females base on who’s penis they are currently or previously swinging from. I HATE THIS CONCEPT!!!! I mean, I get it, it sells money, but if you aint with him why is your claim to fame because of him?

Who knew that Shaunie had an ass?

Oh Lawdy! Why is Meeka trying to hook Jennifer up? You don’t know her!!!! Bitch, go sat down somewhere… yes, SAT down!

Ummm… WHo i Andre? The New School tour guide. Ummmmm…. I am trying to figure out if he got trapped in the 90s with De La Soul. lol. No diss to the La….just saying. Shanice does not look  interested at ALL in this tour. She is set on going to school on the west coast. And for Evelyn saying that they are together all the time…..when? I swear this is my first year I’ve seen Shanice. Have I missed her in other seasons?

I LOVE how Shaunie, Jen, and Tammi called Meeka a fraud. FUNNY!!! And yes, Meeka is an Evelyn clone.

I want Tammi to put THAT on a shirt….. “I can be cordial with anyone but Meeka”….lol. I’d be the first one in line to purchase that and get it autographed!

I’m NOT going to say anything about Lyric and Jazz’ outifts….but know that I am thinking it! I love how Tammi is a momeger like Lisa Raye. Waaaaaaaaaaaait! Did her daughter say that Eric was the manager and not Tammi?  Again, I side with Tammi on this. It wasnt that Tammi was fighting about him being the manager… it was that her cousin went behind her back to make it happen and that everyone BUT her knew it had occurred. And then the way they nonchalantly dismissed Tammi after she left… my daughters would have got that ass whooped when they got home after that one.

Hmmmm…. Evelyn has GOT to look like her dad because I dont see a lick of her in her mother, Sylvia. I could be wrong, but I’m not seeing it. AND her sister is name Sylvia as well? Now they two Sylvias look alike. Hmmmmm so Ev doesnt have a connection with her father…..that SPEAKS VOLUMES about her behavior with men. Yup…. I get it.

Nadine, Tammi’s mom, created Tammi by herself!!!!! I mean they look like twins!!! The kids still need to knwo their role.

Okay, Meeka setting Jen up is already comical to me. And this dude is supposed to be friends with Speedy Claxton, Meeka’s husband. I think he’s gonna be ugly, with buck teeth. AND HIS NAME HAS TO BE ERIC!!!! Okay, his forehead is nice but his ears are huge!!! And how funny that Jen & Eric match…lol. And his nickname M.M? confused.  Ummmm, Jen’s necklace is a bit much for me. I think it is cute, but it is confusing this outfit for me.

Okay, so in short, I think that Tammi is going to suggest that Evelyn only sell the first order of these shirts that she has and then let it go. I wonder how that will play out. I dont plan on giving an entire recap on this. Unfortunately, I wish that Shaunie had done something with her eye makeup….she looks a little too natural. She looks like she just woke up around the eyes…and usually she is flawless. Okay, so Evelyn agreed…..now I wonder if the shirts have sold. And Evelyn and Tammi just start joking on Meeka’s huge ass eyeballs…lol. And here Meeka was trying to kiss Evelyn’s ass.

Okay, so Evelyn is meeting her father, Nengo after years of not speaking to him. And he speaks more Spanish than English. Sooooooo why doesn’t Evelyn speak Spanish fluently? Yep! Evelyn JUST LIKE HER FATHER!!!! WOW! She is the female version of him.  Awwwww her father got on his knees and promised never to leave her life. That was precious!!! He called her his baby. And he said that he was crying because he has been dying to see her. I am glad that she had this moment.

Next Show: WOW! So they are going to Italy and Shaunie mentions that Royce is out. OUCH! That is some shady shit……shame.


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