Ultimate Merger S:2~ Finale

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Episode 1: STAR STRUCK?!

Episode 2: Skating on Thin Ice

Episode 3: Kiss & Tell

Episode 4: Runway or Run Away

Episode 5: White A”Lie”ance

Episode 6: Keep Up With the Joneses

Episode 7: Blast from the Past

Episode 8: The Finale

I am sitting here licking my fingers throwing down on some chicken wings and French fries with Mambo Sauce. And I know, if you are not from the DMV ( DC,Maryland& Virginia) area then you do not know what this is doing to my soul! Lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #It’sToccaraSnitches

Toccara said that ever since the beginning, Jason has given her butterflies and he can even make the devil blush. But she also said that he is the least coordinated brother that she has seen…lol. I concur. However, I do not like how she is hesitant of liking him only because he looks too good to be true. I mean, isn’t that what it is supposed to feel like when you find the one that you are supposed to be with? It’s supposed to feel magical when you meet the one, he is supposed to be unlike any other man you’ve met. So, on that note, I disapprove.

From day one Toccara has thought that Frank sets himself apart from any of the other guys. Frank started out slow but he kept it consistent and he is a very successful man. What? They nicknamed him “Fresh Frank”? When? I don’t remember that. Lol. And I agree, there is nothing sexier than a man who can dress a woman, but I get so scared when I meet a man who knows the difference between pink a fuchsia! What? I live in DC, this might as well be Atlanta or San Francisco.  So yeh, I agree, but I am weary! Lol.

Sorry, the slow motion of the two guys walking down the pier……..HOT DAMN! Jason looked so freaking awesome! Again, if she doesn’t want him.. my number is 301-458-0466. (Watch How many of y’all call that number….lol) Jason, just leave a comment, boo. I’ll return the message. lol

So Jason is up on the first date….and he can carry Toccara? I don’t know if she caught that but my sinful mind went straight to sex! Lol. But it was funny watching him trying to ride this bike .It is so cute to hear his country accent show up. WOW!!! They are on this gigantic yacht!

Okay, the style of this swimsuit if gorgeous, but the color is playing with me. It blends with her complexion rather than compliments it, but she is still gorgeous! BWAHAHA!!! Toccara said that she has a mole on every body part, yeh…even down there! She cracks me up! They crack me up!

SO can someone tell me why they chose to do the black Titanic, front of the boat pose? I love how Jason was honest when he said that he is tired of being alone and he wants to come home to some one “barefoot and in the kitchen.” Lls! I also love that he said that Love is such a huge word. I would have hated him if he would have said that he is falling in love with her just because she wanted to hear it. But I also love how she said that she is just going to let Jason be him and to stop doubting him. I hope that is good enough.

Oh snap! I saw the brand on Jason’s arm… he’s a brother of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated!!!! It makes sense that Ron is a Sigma, but I would have coined Jason as a Kappa or an Alpha. SHOCKER!!!

To be honest, I think that Toccara picked the sexiest date with Frank. I mean, their stuff looks like it requests you to be more intimate. Frank has two daughters? Wow! I was watching their date so hard that I forgot to type! Lol. But I do love how he prayed over the food. Toccara said that she wants three kids, and she wants boys. Lol.

I love how they got into the Jacuzzi, but I think Toccara is a water baby. So if you put her in water she gets very sensual. And I love how he kissed Toccara all over her face. And I LOVE how Frank said that he loves her physically! She does look beautiful and I lover her physical confidence.

So Toccara dares Frank to skinny dip.  He took off his swim trunks and threw them to her. Toccara said she knew that he was a great package but she didn’t know that he had the FULL package! HELLO! Hahahahaha. So here is the kicker, she is going to pick Frank. Any time you see her in water with a man, he has a better chance than most ( with the exception of Nick…lol). Lord, I was doing the “wash my man down in the shower bit” back in ’99. He needs to find women who know how to take care of their men if this is the first time he’s ever had that done before. Lol.

Deliberation already? Damn! I love this print that Toccara has on her dress. She looks the realest that she has looked the entire season in the mediation room.

I love how Frank stood up and pleaded his case as to why Toccara should pick him. YOU GO , BOY!!! You fight for your woman. Okay, Jason said that she is giddy around Jason and she cant wait to see him again. She also gave Frank the consistent statement and he is that. And Harvey said that Jason is shaky. Frank agrees and says that Harvey knows character and that is why he doesn’t like Jason.

WOW!!!!! Did Jason REALLY just throw Frank under the bus? He said that every time they go somewhere Frank has his neck turned to see every female that walks by. DAMN! Dude, were you not able to prove your point without throwing someone under a bus? But Toccara did notice that Frank didn’t deny or react to the whole “wandering eye” comment that Jason made. Hmmmm… Interesting.

Harveysaid that when he walked in, he didn’t think that either of them were right for Toccara, but he is leaning towards Frank. Wow! Jason just dropped his head. He did say, however that they both have earned his respect and that Jason should not take his words personally.  (This is where I state, again, that Harvey can get it!)

As a last minute effort, Jason tells Toccara to go with her heart. I have a feeling that those words may come back to bite him in the butt. Frank tells Toccara that Jason isn’t ready.

You can cut the tension with a knife!!!!! WHAT!!!!!! FRANK WENT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She chose Jason? YES!!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!! He (Frank) fought a good game and I thought she was going to pick him, but I stand corrected!.

Awwwwwwww! They look so cute together. Now I feel bad that I was fantasizing about her man…lo.Harveysaid Jason better act right because Toccara has his number. Lol. Frank says that Toccara needs to listen to the men in her life ( Harvey and Her Father). But all in all, I think that Toccara picked the best man. Jason told her on one of their dates to “just go with it”. I sure am happy she stopped fighting it. I wish them the best.

So, the winner is:

Jason Newsome!

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~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Your article/you sound as dumb as Tocarra for picking a man who never revealed to you who he was. It was all a competition for Jason nothing more. Plus Jason was average looking at best!

    • I thank you very much for taking the opportunity to express your opinion. If I had low self-esteem you would matter to me. But, in other news…. I’m going to do me. Just like the rest of the world, we only know what the show SHOWED us. We have no clue what Jason said when the camera wasn’t around, we have no idea what Jason said to Toccara that made her change her mind and therefore causing them to edit it out because it would have given away the winner, and much more. Having a friend who was on a reality show, I have learned a ton of things that they do to get you to think another way. Many of the interviews are done AFTER the show is over, that way they can get you to think one way when it really wasnt. But, I guess only us dumb folks know that. Or are we really the smart ones and people who go around not knowing how these shows work and read entire blogs and call people names the dumb ones? Just asking, I’m too dumb to know the difference.

  2. Tocarra picked Jason….boo……..I was feeling Frankie and he said something profound when he left, always listen to the men in your life, her father told her that he like Frank better and Harvey had some reservations about Jason so I’m interested to see how this will play out. Jason was fine but he didn’t have any substance IMHO!!

    • True, But since I am from the south I understand the quality of a quiet Southern man. He will not tell you everything when you want to know it nor all at once. Southern men are like presents that you get to unwrap each day and find a new gift inside. This is where I pause and say NOT ALL SOUTHERN MEN, but the majority. Jason was honest with her. He didnt flat out tell her that he loved her, but he did say that he loved the moments. Honey, all I require is that you be honest. And when it comes to Frank, I dont doubt that he was a bad guy….. we just never know what occurred with them in the footage that is left on the editing room floor. They probably editing the show the way that they did because they knew the outcome. There were probably pieces showing her NOT doubting Jason, and NOT feeling Frank as much as we think that she did. Hell, I thought she would pick Frank after that last date. So, all we can do is pray for everyone involved and know that God is working in the midst of it all. Thanks for coming and please come back!

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