Ultimate Merger S:2~ Kiss & Tell

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 21 August 2011 at 2:20 am

Episode 1: STAR STRUCK?!

Episode 2: Skating on Thin Ice

Episode 3: Kiss & Tell

Thursday I was chilling with my ONDJ divas, having a BLAST at Busboys and Poets, so I apologize for the last delivery. You would have been late with the post too if you were there with us. But any who!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #It’sToccaraSnitches

Hold up…. Did Toccara REALLY start this episode off with her being in the shower fully lathered up? *Sigh* See, I think this is where black reality shows start to head in the wrong direction. You don’t want a man to want and respect you, you want to trigger is lust factor and give some shock value to the viewers. Just sad! But I digress.

They are at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and I am LOVING this outfit that Toccara has on. Yeh, she is representing for the smaller plus sized females. Wait…..are the guys really going to “drift” on the course? WTF!!!! But hold on even longer. She said people call it “fast and furious” but she is going to call it “black and fabulous”? Is that the best you could come up with? 0_o.

Chris, the CEO of U-drift.com doesn’t seem to convince these guys that Toccara is worth this challenge…lol “Blah, Blah, Blah Blah, you can die!” bwhahahaha. Bug-eyes (Elijah) said that he likes Toccara but he is not going to die for her…lol…

Cedric was the first to hit the course. He was looking nice. But nothing was as comical as Elijah because he didn’t know how to drive a stick shift! Lol. They said it looked like he was driving to church.  WOW!!! Jason (the model) won the competition. Sebastian was the first MVP and Nick was the second. I’m trying to figure out how you can have TWO MOST valuable players? Just saying.

 The Eiffel Tower Restaurant looks hot!!! I love the dress that Toccara has on, as well. I love how Nick ended up sitting next to Toccara and not Jason. Hmmm… Nick said that his last relationship was 2 years ago. Did Toccara say she could train Nick? Toccara said that she was disappointed with Sebastian because he was underdressed….especially since he is a model.  Lol. Jason cracks me up.

Toccara gets to pick one guy to stay with her and she chose Jason. GREAT CHOICE!!!!

So the guys are back at the house and they start a conversation about church and God. King asks the guys if they all agree that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins and in comes Ron. Ron submits his rebuttal that he “thinks that man is inherently good”. NEXT!!! This fool has GOT to go. I know people are entitled to their own spiritual beliefs, but I think that Toccara believes in Jesus and therefore Ron and she will not be equally yoked. NEXT!  I find it hilarious how they all started cussing over a Jesus conversation…lol.

Jason and Toccara move to another side of the restaurant and she tells him that she sees a big “BEWARE” sign around him. She said that he makes her scared because he is the obvious choice, and everything that glitters isn’t gold. Jason says that there is a lot about him that isn’t obvious. He said that he admires the smaller things in life. She says that she is infatuated with him. Wait… what!!! Brian McKnight comes in to serenade them?!!! NICE!!!!! Jason and Toccara look as sweet as a beautiful couple as they sit and listen to Brian sing. They look like they have been dating for a while. She should choose him. Yeh, Jason is my choice unless he turns out to be into bestiality…lol.  Their kiss did look a little awkward….but I love his confidence and his boldness. Niiiice!

I am watching Ron blab, and he looks so unstable. He looks Looney. I mean, even his facial expressions look straitjacket ready! I agree with Cedric… he really does look bi-polar. I’m speechless.

Now, I wish that Jason wouldn’t have come in the house and started bragging about the way his date went on with Toccara. Dude, you come in the house and you keep your mouth closed. You respect the woman’s business that you were with. He just lost some points with me. That is flat out tacky.  Wait… Ron and Jason are frat brothers? What frat.

I love how ghetto Toccara looks when she showed up in pin curls and cut off shorts…lol. She said that she loves to creep in to see who has underwear on the floor, who cooks food and leaves dishes in the sink, and who was still sleeping. Lol. Elijah was caught still in the bed. Chris said that he will cook for Toccara. The guys said that he hasn’t cooked a day since he’s been in the house…lol. Sebastian didn’t even offer Toccara any of his food. Shame… she just needs to let him go.

Now, I know this is a game, but I still think it was a bitch move the way that King asked Toccara about his date with Jason. King said that he thinks Jason is lying about what went on. So, Toccara called Jason into the room and Toccara confirmed that they did, in fact, tongue kissed. King shook hands with Jason because he confirmed the truth. Toccara said that it actually turned her own that he was jealous.

Bwhahahahaha Frank was going in on Elijah. Frank said “Light skinned dudes think that they are God’s gift to the world sometimes.”  Bwahahahah. What kind of brown paper bag test comment was that!? But Elijah does look sleepy and was lounging when Toccara came over and he didn’t make an effort to sit up and engage in conversation, she had to go to him. And Elijah said that her coming to him was her plan….smdh.

Everyone wants Jason to o home because he kissed and told. Then some say that the lunatic of the house should go home, as well. Yeh, Ron should leave. If he stays…. Then the other person who should leave MUST be Sebastian.

I absolutely LOVE this dress that she has on but I want to attack her hair with a comb and ton it down just a bit. It looks fashionable, but NOT in person…maybe for a photo shoot.

I still hate this soft voice that she speaks in when she is in the mediation room.

Toccara brings up the fact that Jason kissed and told.Harveysays that it sucked ass and that a real man keeps that to himself. WOW!!!! Kevin said that if Toccara already has in her mind who she wants to be with then he doesn’t mind leaving now. So, Toccara asks Jason if he thinks he’s special and he practically said yes. Toccara calls Kevin and tells him to come here. Right now, the video is on pause, but I put money on it that Toccara is going to kiss Kevin right in front of Jason. *un-pause* GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!!!! Jason didn’t like that. He turned his head to look away. Lol.  Toccara told Kevin to wipe her lip loss off his lip after she kissed him, and he said “I’ma leave it.” HOT! Lol.

Ron was the first called into the hot seat. Elijah was the second. Toccara asked who Ron thinks should go home and this fool said Rush (Damond) because his arm hurts!!!!!!!!! Bwhahahahahahaha! I wish you could have seenHarvey’s face! And he is blabbing so much Toccara told him to hush. Elijah said that Jason should be down there because of his kissing and telling because it could end up on a blog and ended up around the world. Jason said that Ron should o home because of his imbalanced behavior. Ron looked shocked. I would hate to see how that plays out if Ron goes back into the house. Toccara called Sebastian to the third hot seat because of all of the times he has neglected her; the pool, the skating rink, and the void offering of his food.

Toccara said that she does feel that Elijah is feeling her the same way that he gives passion for his fashion and his swag. She said that she doesn’t even know where to start with Ron.Harveygoes in on Ron as well; you know they are not friends…lol. Toccara said that the man she went on the date with at the pool is not the same man who is not in the room tonight. I think that Sebastian is gonna go home. Who wants to put money on it? WHOA!!! I was wrong, it was time for Elijah to check out and this bug-eyed nut said “your loss”. SMDH!!!  But that is not all folks!!! Ron got sent home as well.  And Sebastian was given another life-line.

Wait, in his exit interview Elijah said “I bring my A game. And usually, what I want, I get. If I wanted her I could have gotten her. But my thing is it’s ten other dudes right now “around her” and that’s not my swag. Usually, I pick a girl up in the Benz, take her to dinner, etc and that’s how I roll.” SMDH! It takes a Benz for a female to fall in like with a dude like him. Aint enough money in the world to make me like this dude. I would have to be one broke chick….smdh. Get over yourself dude…. And quick.

Ron’s exit interview gave me a headache and I have no clue what was said! Lol.

Next Week: Jason and Kevin’s beef hits the boiling point.  And it all came to because Toccara told Kevin to come and kiss her in front of Jason. He should be upset with himself and not Kevin. I CANT WAIT TO SEE COONTASTIC ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Cedric , Jason, Nick and the singer dude Elijah should have there own show!! They are the onew who made it funny and interesting

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