Ultimate Merger S:2~ White A”Lie”ance

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 1 September 2011 at 10:06 pm

Episode 1: STAR STRUCK?!

Episode 2: Skating on Thin Ice

Episode 3: Kiss & Tell

Episode 4: Runway or Run Away

Episode 5: White A”Lie”ance

I hope that you were sitting in front of the television watching this like I was. if not…. enjoy.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #It’sToccaraSnitches

Can someone tell me that I am so sick of them having a chant for every toast? Cocktail players this and Lady T on 3 this. Cant a negro just clink your glass and drink?

Wow! Why did Jason ask Nick what did he know about Toccara before he came to this show. He said nothing but a Google Pic. But I do love Part of what Nick responded with. I guess it is true, she is looking for something out of the norm, something unexpected.

Harvey…..*licks my lips*. He comes in with the same intense, threatening persona that he has….somewhat over the top….lol… but I love him for it. He tells the guys that tomorrow they will be under his control. I cant wait!!! I’m ready to laugh.

I think that Nick will have the most trouble with this obstacle course. I will even go as far as to add Cedric. Julie Johnston of Boot Camp of Las Vegas looks about as tough as Harvey. Did Nick basically just call Julie a man? Lol. So the obstacle course is to be completed in 20 minutes. And the guy who completes it the most times will get a date with Toccara. I still hate that she cant say MEN!!!!!

Jason and Kevin are neck and neck in this race until Jason cannot climb this rope…lol. Looks like Kevin is gonna win this. Kevin says that his MMA training helps him stay in shape. The rest of these dudes are struggling. Yup Nick is the last one. Lol. Kevin said its not fair for him to be a professional athlete when he is going against models and dunks. But when he snatched the rope from Jason to throw it in his face that Kevin could do it was semi wrong. Toccara had to stop and give Jason some moral support but she loved how Kevin didn’t need any support. Wait… did Toccara just say “stem-mena”? Not stamina….but stamina….lol. hahahahahahahaha Lord have mercy.

Poor Nick is over here dry heaving. And this course just spanked these guys. Nick and Jason had 3, Cedric and Frank had 4, Chris had 5…I think, but Kevin had 10. Wow! So of course, Kevin gets to go on this solo date with Toccara at some ranch. To be honest… I’m kind of over it. I personally think that she should be with Jason. But that is just me. There is something, and I cant put my finger on what exactly, about Kevin that just doesn’t sit right with me.

Why did Toccara hop on Kevin’s back, just to walk three steps and allow him to get into the helicopter first? Sometimes, boo….you are doing too much. So they reach the Grand Canyon Ranch for their date. And Kevin has been doing martial arts since he was 10 years old. And here Kevin is complaining about the level of the “sophistication” of the ranch date. He says his level is much higher than horse rides, dust and heat. *Sigh* Dude, learn to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Kevin decides to tell a joke. This setup is loooooooooooong. It wasn’t hilarious. It was cute, but it wasn’t funny at all. In short, the joke was about two dumb guys who went in search of Las Vegas but when they got there they saw a sign that said “ Las Vegas Left’, so they turned around and went home. Yeh…. The same look you have on your face, is the same look I have on mine. I’m sad that I even spent the time to type it for you. You owe me. I cant get those 20 seconds back.

Lol. I am LOVING how Kevin is keeping all kinds of information to himself about the date. But Toccara has requested that Nick meet her in a private suite before the mediation in nothing but a robe and slippers…lol. Bwhahahahahah They asked Nick if he was naked under robe and he said “ she requested Robe and Slippers.” Hahahahah.

Yeh, this whole “White Alliance” hand signal that Chris and Nick have going on is too much.

Okay, can Toccara get to know people without being in the tub? A Shower? A Pool? Can she keep her clothes on? Just asking, not judging. But Toccara wanted to see if Nick was all jokes, all of the time. Ewwwwwwww! When Nick came in to kiss her I was afraid FOR HER!!! And the way he is trying to eat this orange all sexy is creeping me out…lol. Hahahahahahaah He said, “I was eating an orange, but I wasn’t eating and ORANGE.” Hahahah He cracks me up. There is something hilarious about Nick being in the tub with Toccara…he had a bone trying to stand up to get out of the tub! Bwhahahahahaha! COMEDY!!! Why do they keep calling Nick “Rain Man”?

Okay, so the guys are basically attacking Nick and Chris for keeping the White Alliance that Sebastian started alive. Chris says that it doesn’t have anything to do with race but it is called the WHITE alliance. *Sigh* Yeh, I don’t think that it should be as big of a deal as the black guys took it, but I do think that it was the WRONG thing to call it. I mean, they all called themselves Cocktail Players, but Jason didn’t partake. That had nothing to do with race, but WA….yeh, not a good look, fellas.

I LOVE this golden shimmer dress that Toccara has on. Cute!  I just wish that she would stand still…lol. I always wonder what Harvey is doing there. I mean, he doesn’t really say much on a consistent basis. I don’t get it.

Chris gets in the mediation and brings up the White Alliance situation.Harveyis rocking back and forth in silence at the news of this alliance. Wait, did Nick bring up slavery?Harveyjumped on his ass! Lol. So they got put in the first two hot seats because o the alliance. I am glad that Toccara but it into perspective as to how black people call themselves negative things and then get mad when white people do it. She said that she forgives the two of them but Harvey said that they have to go. Wow! Nick said that he didn’t see the consequence of forming the alliance. Bwhahaha at Frank’s response when Toccara slammed her fists on the table. SMDH!

Toccara said that Nick and Chris started it, the rest of the guys caught it and she is not going to be put into the middle of this mess. Frank said that they are not gonna go to the room, they already said that Chris has got to go. He stood there and practically has it out with Toccara and then finally went back to the room.

Next Week: WOW!!! Next week’s episode looks so intense. If you miss it, then you are a fool!



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