Ultimate Merger S:2~ Blast from the Past

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Episode 1: STAR STRUCK?!

Episode 2: Skating on Thin Ice

Episode 3: Kiss & Tell

Episode 4: Runway or Run Away

Episode 5: White A”Lie”ance

Episode 6: Keep Up With the Joneses

Episode 7: Blast from the Past

Last week was intense….but hilarious at the same time. This week they are in St. Maarten and I can’t wait to see who comes back. Something tells me that King comes back.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #It’sToccaraSnitches

I didn’t know that Jason sounded so country until he arrived in St. Maarten. Lol. I just think that Cedric’s country trumps Jason’s. I think that Frank seems to be the only one behaving like he knows how to act.

Bwhahaha. They get in the pool and Jason says, “I hate to see y’all leave, but y’all gots to motherfucking go.” Lol. Classic. Yuck! Frank smokes a cigar? Damn, he just lost some stock.

Awww… Frank said that he thinks that Toccara gets more beautiful every time he sees her. Yup… he’s feeling her.

Oh lord. These guys are faking injuries so that they can get a kiss on their “boo-boo” from Toccara. Hilarious! Oh lord, Cedric lifted Toccara up in the pool and carried her away and poor Jason is trying so hard to steal her attention back.  Jason and Frank are joking on Cedric’s age so hard that I cant stop laughing.

So Toccara invites the guys to a photo shoot. She is also trying to see how she looks with her man. I think she will look the best with Frank, but she may have the same chemistry with Cedric. I think that Franks pics look all over the place. The photographer caught some of the weirdest faces. Lol.  I think that Jason’s pics look the best. Lol. But is Toccara feeling him the way that she is feeling the others?

So Toccara has a one-on-one date, but because she has some questions to ask …and she picks Jason. I cant wait to see how this date goes, because judging by the clip before the commercial….it is steamy and heated all in one.

I think that Toccara and Jason look adorable together, but does she have faith in their connection. They are cute and playful and I love watching them being together. Basically, Toccara is afraid of getting caught up in Jason’s looks. He said he believes that his looks are working against him. Well hell, if Toccara doesn’t want Jason, lt me take my ass to the gym and she can send him in my direction. Of course, I don’t know his history but he seems to be a cool guy who needs more time to peel back his layers…..I can do that if she wont. Lol.

Note to self, check out elitevacations.com . This villa is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Okay, I am watching these guys smoke around Toccara. First of all, any dude that smokes is SOOOOO unattractive to me. Secondly, she is a model, you all smoking around her is bad for her skin and will age her. YUCK! So that leaves her to be with Jason. Lol. I cant be with a guy smelling like smoke.

So, the butler says that Toccara has another guest and out walks Kevin. I TOLD YOU!!!! I could tell by the snippets from last week’s episode that showed me Jason’s face that let me know it was Kevin. Just Jason’s disgust let that cat out the bag.

Yeh, I agree with Jason. Toccara did look a little excited to see Kevin walk back into the scene. Wow! The way Toccara said “ to have a man come half way around the world to sweep me off my feet…” cracked me up. She said that she was excited to see him come. Kevin said that once he left he couldn’t stop thinking about her, and that all of his principles and being successful if he doesn’t have a woman to spend his time with. He also admitted that she is the woman that he wants to take home to meet his mother and he wants her to be the woman that he wants to be with him. Toccara said it earlier, “she’s too old to be a fool”. Boo, he walked out on you. And this sounds nice, what Kevin is saying, but he should have known this when he dipped out. SHIT! Jason is at the pool smoking. DAMN!

Kevin and Toccara walk back up to the pool with the rest of the fellas holding hands. She announces to the guys that she is going to let him participate in the mediation process tonight. I pray that Jason keeps his mouth shut. Please Jason, don’t say shit! Just let Frank and Kevin go at it. Damn, even Mother nature jumped in and brought a storm for the mediation….lol.

Srgt said that he sees a younger version of himself in Kevin. Odd to know that Srgt is all for Kevin being back. Why does Harvey seem lighter and more approachable in this episode? I mean, he doesn’t seem so scary…still SEXY AS A MOTHER…but less harsh.

Toccara says that since Kevin came back, she is going to have to eliminate two people tonight. But I am so confused. If Kevin wouldn’t have left last week then he would have come to St. Maarten as well, and they would have had the top 3 left after tonight, right?  I cant keep up. I have a feeling that Jason and Kevin will be the two to go home. I say Kevin just because Toccara is going to throw the fact that she doesn’t like being put in these situations. Jason, because I thin he feels she knows more about the other two men. But I cant see her getting rid of Cedric for anything. So really….all of the dark brothers are up for elimination…lol.

Harveysaid that something about Jason makes him nervous. He said that there is an uncertainty of who he is, and that Jason is a smooth talker. He said he always has the right answer for everything. Kevin, Toccara said that it is too much work to be with him. And then he continues to practically argue with him.Harveysaid that Cedric is the gentleman and mature one of the group. Toccara said that he is real and it is very easy with him and she thinks he is sexy. But Toccara does feel like the romantic part is off a little bit with him. Cedric said that he feels her but he likes to take his time with her. Frank, Toccara thinks that since day one he has been right by her side and that he has been so consistent. She also said that he has a silent, yet big presence and safe with him. She doesn’t have to see him but know that he is there.

Did I mention that Harvey is fine as hell? I just didn’t want to leave that out of my recap of this show. Hmmm *shivers* That is one fine ass man. Yummy.

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toccara sent Cedric home as her first person to be eliminated. Damn, I did NOT see this coming at all! OUCH!!!!! Poor Cedric. I thought that she was gonna hold on to him until the end.  That means that Jason is going to be the next one to go. Frank isn’t going anywhere. So Kevin was sent packing, yet again. Okay, so she kept it 100. Jason and Frank are the last two people standing. These are the two guys that I could see her with any way. So I’m happy no matter who she picks. I think she will end up with Frank. That’s just my opinion, and we have just seen how wrong I can be…lol.

Next Week: Wait, Jason is trying to say that he will love her in time. And WAIT!!!! Did Frank just strip butt booty ass naked and hop in the pool with Toccara? Hahahahaha I need the uncut footage of this! Lol. That takes a brave, and hung man to know what he is working with and be confident enough to pull a stunt like that. Lol. I cant wait!


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