Ultimate Merger S:2~ Keeping Up With the Joneses

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Episode 1: STAR STRUCK?!

Episode 2: Skating on Thin Ice

Episode 3: Kiss & Tell

Episode 4: Runway or Run Away

Episode 5: White A”Lie”ance

Episode 6: Keep Up With the Joneses

If you watched last week’s episode (Episode 5) then you know what you are in store for this week. If you didnt, click the link above and catch up.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #It’sToccaraSnitches

Wait, in the intro, does Toccara pronounce the show as Altimate instead of Ultimate? Lordy!

WOW!!!! There was a warning message at the start of the show. It said:

 After last week’s inflammatory mediation of the white alliance, the producers and crew were forced to monitor the fallout closely.

The producers are better than me. I wouldn’t have put Chris and Nick in the same room as Kevin and Frank.

But I do love how Jason stepped up and tried to defuse the situation. And I understand how Frank feels, but everyone cant bring past experiences into a current altercation. Yes, they were wrong, but let them apologize and keep it moving. I think it is being blown out of proportion further than it should be. But I do think it was wrong. As a black female, I agree….it was wrong. These black people have to understand that these white people are not exposed to the same things that we have been exposed to. Sorry, yes….they get the ignorance card. Not all of them hate. Much like the ones who reach for our hair because they weren’t taught better these two were doing what was accustomed to them. This is a moment to TEACH them and to not to yell at them. This is a teaching moment. Because what these black guys do not understand is that they are scaring people away from a possible learning opportunity. TEACH THEM not yell at them from anger because of your past hurts.

Wait, did Kevin just say that he is not sure that Toccara is not the kind of woman that he wants to be with because Toccara didn’t respond to the Chris and Nick situation the way that he felt she should have. No, STUPID, she responded the way that she should have. This wasn’t just about who told about a date, who was star struck over her friend…this was a social PROBLEM. She needed to think this through. She needed to rationally justify her actions instead of going off of her stereotypical female emotions. And that is exactly what she did when she sent Chris home.

BWHAHAHA! Toccara said that Kevin has had too many punches to the head for the way that he came at her. Yeh, the way that he came at her was wrong. He should let her respond in HER way, in HER time. Just like she got to sit down and figure out that she and Nick are not compatible. She said that he is a follower and she needs a leader and that he is too young. Poor Nick is crying. But there are consequences to your actions, as Frank said.

Wait #2, did Kevin just kiss her and say that he is leaving because he doesn’t like what he has found out about her. I have a feeling that Toccara is going to follow him and fuss. I would tell his bald-headed ass to BOUNCE!!! She was being a woman by taking the time to figure out how she was going to properly address this issue. She is not just some hoodrat off the street who cannot properly pronounce men or ultimate, she is a professional who cannot properly pronounce men or ultimate with brands hiring her to represent them….MAJORITY of them are owned by white companies. So she had to tread lightly and protect her career as well as her integrity.

Jason is cracking up laughing at how Toccara went off on Kevin. I am really sad to see Nick and Chris crying as they are leaving the house. And Nick is having the toughest time leaving the house. Dude…..go. So all that is left is Jason, Cedric and Frank. Woooooow! And Nick, baby…no one threw you under the bus.  YOU did wrong! Accept that. Cedric told you that he is your friend but you were wrong. Secondly, Jason said that he doesn’t think you meant any harm by it but you were still wrong. And in the end, Toccara didn’t like you. So it doesn’t matter what these guys thought. Learn from it and added to the list of things you cant do in the presence of black folks.

So the fellas meet up at The Lake Club of Las Vegas to meet Toccara’s family. This should be hilarious. Tommy Jones (father), Toni Jones, Al (sister), & Miss Elaine (grandmother). Her mother is hilarious to begin with, but her sister looks so uninterested to be there. I think that her mother has a crush on Cedric…lol. No wait, she just called Frank “dark and lovely”. Lol

WOW! Toccara standing next to her grandmother looks like they are twins. Lol. Toccara’s sister was placing horseshoes with Jason and she told him to go first because ladies go first. BWHAHAH! Frank said that Toccara’s father has more muscles than he has…lol. Umm… did Tomara (sister) shush her dad? Tomara is grilling Cedric. Lol. She called Cedric old. Lol. Oh snap! Cedric’s birthday is Dec 10th, a fellow Sagittarius. And Frank is getting in good with her Father.

Frank can hula hoop. Mama Jones fell while hula hooping…lol. They are having so much fun. I never thought to potato sack race turned sideways. Lol. They are having a blast! Is Mama Jones in a split during tug-of-war? Lol. Hilarious.

Toccara let the guys sit with her and her family one-on-one.She said that she feels that Frank is consistent and when she turns her head, he will be right there. Mr. Jones said Frank is like the Black Knight…lol. Toccara said that she was instantly attracted to Cedric. Mama Jones asked is Cedric would adjust to the age differences between he and Toccara. Toccara said that Jason gives her butterflies and he is who she would want if she wrote what she wanted down on paper. Tomara said that she likes Jason and said that she was tough on him because she was in favor of him. Niiiice. Toccara said that her sister doesn’t like ANYONE so Jason’s stock just went up a bit.

After deliberating with her family, Cedric was chosen to go on the private date with her. Frank said it took some wind out of his sail. Who knows, maybe that is what she is looking for. But personally, I have an issue with dating a dude who is as old (if not older) than my father. That is gross as hell to me. Ummm… did Cedric just ASK for a kiss? I HATE it when guys do that. Just do it! This fool said his kiss with Toccara felt like a burst of energy in his mouth. SMDH.

The second part of the date was for them to go out on a private gondola ride. So cute. Okay, even though the age difference does gross me out, they do make a cute couple. Like, they looks well together. And I LOVE how Cedric decided to blindfold Toccara and fed her foods and made her guess what she was eating. He fed her cheese, which she doesn’t like ( lol) and he let her spit it into his hand….lol. THAT is love. I believe that Frank and Jason would have made her spit it over the boat or into a napkin. Lol. But it was the thought that counted and I give Cedric credit for that.

I am loving this mediation dress that Toccara has on, but her hair is iffy for me. Cute, but iffy for the dress. Toccara has placed all of the guys in the hot seat as she states that “all three of the guys are checking out”. You aint fooling anyone with that climatic statement before a commercial break. They are all checking out because they are going on a destination location. Watch! Three dudes left unexpectedly and so no one is going home and they are going to go somewhere else. You cant fool me!

Wait for it…. Wait for it…. Macy’s commercial, Nissan commercial….Wait for it…

Hahah Jason asks “ so you don’t think that any of us are compatible with you , at all”. Hahahahahahaha  She punked them! They’re all going to St. Maarten. Lol. I told you.

Next Week: It looks like a ton of fun, until a mystery guest shows up in St. Maarten. By the look on Jason’s face….its got to be Kevin. Lol.




~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Love the recap. My sentiments exactly. Why did Nick hug and cry when he left Cedric and not Toccara? lol

    I will have to say that I am partial to Frank myself. Plus he got along well with the dad.

    • I laughed when I saw the tearful hug.lol. Okay, If I had to choose between Jason, Frank, or Cedric….I would have to go for Jason and Frank. I think Cedric makes a great party friend, but not a man suitable for Toccara’s lifestyle. But Have you seen the commericals where Toccaragets out the car & Cedric/Jason ( can’t remember which) speaks? Yeh…insteresting commerical.

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