Ultimate Merger S:2~ Runway or Run Away

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 25 August 2011 at 10:14 pm

Episode 1: STAR STRUCK?!

Episode 2: Skating on Thin Ice

Episode 3: Kiss & Tell

Episode 4: Runway or Run Away

I made it on time! Go me! Go Me!!!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #It’sToccaraSnitches

Yeh, I am glad that Jason saw how Sebastian almost walked out of the room. The only reason he turned back around was because he saw Frank hug Toccara.

Now, can someone PLEASE tell me why Jason is all up in King’s face? Dude, had you kept your mouth closed about the kiss…King wouldn’t have told Toccara and she wouldn’t have kissed him in front of you. But I am LOVING the way that King is trying you. But this sucks to have to fine males acting a straight ass. And this taunting across the room is hilarious! Wait…lol..did King say Jason was selling “wolf tickets”? lol. COMEDY!

I love a guy in a suit, but a guy is his sexiest in his lounge wear. Straight up… some of these dudes look so FIONE when they have on nothing more than a spousal abuse shirt and some sweats! HOT!

Okay, why are they at Forever 21? Sometimes, just sometimes, Toccara talks so slow she sounds retarded. And her inability to say men doesn’t help her. Lol.  Cedric picked Jason, Sebastian and Nick to be on his team. They were supposed to pick out outfits to look good on models.  King picked Frank, Damond, and Chris. Ummm… this is hilarious! But from the looks of things, it seems as if Jason may lead his team to victory.

I don’t get it. Guys know what they like to see ON a woman, but send them to the store to buy her an outfit and they feel like you asked them to give the purpose of pi. I don’t get it. I see what my man likes, and I walk in the store and I replicate it. Is it really that hard? Thank the LAWD I’m a female with cognitive skills…lol.  

What was the white thing that was on Jason’s face. Was I the only one who saw that? But I love how Toccara and her judges raised from the floor and walked down the runway. On the runway is where Toccara belongs, she should NEVER try to adlib. Lol. If she says “faaaaabulous” like that one more time I swear I will watch this show on mute.

Watching the girls try to pick outfits for Team Kevin…..ummm. Yeh, it looked as if they had a hard time putting outfits together. But Toccara said she loved the dementions and it spoke to her. But during their show there were HUGE gaps and you didn’t know if it was over or what.

For Cedric’s team….. Jason seems to be running it. They have choreography. Jason even instructed for them to come and stop in front of the judges so that they could see the clothes.  Toccara says that they are hitting the mark. But they all came out in some short, short shorts. And then they all came out in the ugly hats, ugly belts, and horrible dresses. The presentation of the show was better than Team Kevin.

The winning team was Team Kevin….and I figured this out just by the clip they showed of Damond opening up his ignorant mouth. SMDH. Jason looks so hurt…lol.

So the guys got to go shopping to see who would pick out the best outfit for Toccara. The winner would then get to spend some alone time with her later on. And I don’t think Toccara could think about Frank UNTIL she learned he was in the NFL and owned a chain of Popeyes! Lol. But one thing that I do like about her, she really is real when it comes to being who she is. And one of the guys even said she was a tomboy. She knows how to have fun and I like that.  HOLD UP!!! King said that he was with a woman for 5 years and they only broke up 4 months prior to coming on the show.  And COMEDY how Toccara put King on pause and then spoke with Damond.

I LOVE KEVIN’S OUTFIT!!!! The sparkle top with the drape and the white pants. Secy! I would rock Frank’s outfit too. Okay… I want to rock Chris’ outfit too…lol. And this BORING ass outfit that Damond picked?! WTF was this church woman outfit that he picked out? I’m so confused. And then he had the nerve to say that she could be pregnant tonight? *jaw drop*

Toccara picked Frank to have the one-on-one date. It’s his first date and everyone else gets to go back to the Trump suite. Okay, so Toccara took off Frank’s shirt and I almost melted in my house! F the chocolate that they were painting on one another….lol. Yeh, Frank can get it. Toccara is soooo beautiful! Her face look like this would have been an ad for Hershey’s lol. But watching them in the Jacuzzi made me feel uncomfortable. I felt like I was eavesdropping on a private moment. But Frank cracked me up!

Jason’s face when Frank came back into the house almost made me pee myself! Lol. He was maaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I bet you’ll keep your mouth closed next time. Wont you?

Hahahah Nick said that he would pay everything he owns to see Kevin whoop Jason.  Ummmm… Did Nick, Chris, and Sebastian join a White Guy alliance since they are a minority? And then they have their own language? I’m so speechless. Just… yeh.

I love the simplicity of Toccara’s look tonight. Her hair is straight, simple purple dress…and for ONCE we get to see her. I know she has personality but it shouldn’t take away from her natural beauty. And this slow talk is KILLING ME!! Shit, she said faaaaaabilous again. Bwhahahah I love how the camera guy got Jason eyeing Toccara as she walked in front of them and then walk behind the table.

This banter back and forth between Kevin and Jason is cracking me up. Point blank, period. Jason stepped up and took responsibility for the fight and expressed his emotions and apologized. Toccara called out Sebastian for walking to the door after the last elimination.

WHAT?! Cedric is in the first hot seat? Possibly because he was the captain of the losing seat. So, Cedric ended up calling up his entire team up. Toccara almost immediately send Cedric and Nick back, as well as Jason. Sebastian stayed and Damond joined him. Kevin was asked to join the hot seat as well. This is gonna get good. I think that Damond and Sebastian are going to go home.

Toccara said that Damond is there because she is not feeling the chemistry. She said he has the physical mass but she doesn’t feel his presence when he is around. Of course he promises to show her that he is there for her. Sebastian is already on strike 4. Kevin speaks up and says that it isn’t about whether it is fair that Sebastian keeps getting another chance but rather what Toccara feels in her heart. Toccara says that Kevin is so serious.  Did Kevin say that he came there to see how Toccara was and to make his best assessment? Wow! He then brings up how she put him on the spot to kiss in front of Jason and not make it a private moment. He even said that he is not secure that she is his woman yet. Wow! Yeh, Wow! I just wish that Kevin would shut up because he is digging a hole. Lol.

Damond will be leaving us. I think he should have left for that stunt he pulled with Elise. But that is just my opinion. And Sebastian should have left long ago too. How do you and your White guys say “peace, bitch”? lol.

And Sebastian, how you behaved has nothing to do with Toccara’s never having dated a white guy. You were just rude! Black dudes could do the same thing and she would have dismissed them too. So drop the race card playa….you just sucked!

Next Week:  Harvey has them out on the course and I cant wait. And I cant wait to see how this confrontation with the white alliance comes out.




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