T.O Show~ Bad Influence, Good Ideas

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Episode 1: ACL + Hope

Episode 2: Pee Jar, No Antibacterial

Episode 3: Circle of Friends

Episode 4: Bad Influences, Good Ideas

As you know by now, I had food poisoning last week. I’m catching up. lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #T.OShow

Mmmmm. I just saw the Adonis pic of T.O and I can’t focus. I bit my tongue. That is one fine ass man!!!

Awwww Jeff Johnson gave Bukita flowers. Yes, Bukita…. I told y’all I wasn’t going to let that slide. These are some HUGE flowers…. *SCREECH* These are from Kita’s ex, Joe. What? Girl, throw the flowers out.  I do not agree with Mo. Honey, if he started talking to Joe while he lied about being married…then he may make the same mistake again. I don’t give married men, or men who lied about being married a second time.

John Sally cracks me up! But I love the advice that he is giving T.O. I didn’t know that T.O owns a barbershop.  Nice to know.

 I have to get used to Mo without a baby belly! She is soooo cute. I think when I lose weight that I will look like Mo’s body. Lol.

Wait! Did Kita really pull out her vibrator, Ted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLD THE HELL UP!!! Did John sniff her vibrator?! Hahahahahahahaahahah I can’t deal with it.  And then he runs and tells T.O. hahahahahaha I can’t stop laughing. Kita had to crawl on the pool table to get up high enough to snatch it from John. I think I might wet myself. Lls!

T.O claims that Ted is the reason why his batteries are messy. WAIT!!!!! Who is the owner of this HUGE vibrator that John found in the girls’ bedroom? John said Kita was cheating on Ted with Joseph! Hahahahahah I think that it is Kita’s.

It looks like they had fun at the club, while out in Miami last night. And then Kita wakes up with a hangover. Lol.

So John is hosting a swimsuit contest and he invited T.O to judge it. Then somewhere in the mix Mo mentions that Javon Kearse ( from Philly) will be there as well, so she and Kita will go over and meet the guys there. This has hilarious written all over it. Damn, didn’t know Mo was that flexible! No wonder why she has so many kids. I’d stay knocked-up too if I could put my leg behind my head! Lol.

Shelly… the girl from the Dominican Republic was niiiiice. And Andrea from Columbia was beautiful as well, too. I want her butt. And they bring out Kita as a “surprise” model to run the runway. Lol. WHAT!!!!! T.O said that what the other girls were packing, Kita was lacking.  Shame. And then Kita got up on the judge’s table. Lol. COMEDY!!!!! Wait, Kita said that Terrell liked what he saw? In her? They just need to stop faking with each other.

HOLD THE HELL UP!!! Did Terrell open the damn door and let Joe, Kita’s ex, in to join them? Oh, I would be ready to knock the shit out of him so hard. BOTH GUYS. Wait, Joe said that he didn’t have a choice but to come out to T.O’s house because she wouldn’t answer his calls? Umm, dude, that was your message!!! And T. O needs to shut the hell up! This is Kita’s life!


Why are they pushing Joe up on Kita so hard? They are just wrong. WHAT!!!! T.O said that she needs to be happy that someone is happy to love her little ass. I would have told both of them to f themselves as well. And Oh hell nawl! Mo said that Kita needs a man so she can have someone to F? If that black kettle doesn’t sit her abused wife ass down somewhere! Because if my husband spoke to me , with his ugly ass, the way that hers spoke to her when she wanted to come out to see T.O I wouldn’t even part my lips in this conversation. SO SHUT THE HELL UP! Kita, call me if you need some back up b/c I’m pissed just watching it.

And Scene!




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