Tia & Tamera ~ Breech of Plans

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Episode 1: Pandora’s Box

Episode 2: No Strippers!

Episode 3: I Do!

Episode 4: It Had to be Said

Episode 5: Breech of Plans

Everything looks like it will be very calm this episode. But I did miss them.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #DoubleTrouble

I missed them last week. I mean, I know it was a holiday, but how dare they take a week off from their life….lol.

So, Tia’s baby is still breech and she hasn’t decided if she wants to have a c-section or not. Wow… there is a procedure where you can manually turn the baby around. It sounds very painful. I’m getting stressed just watching Tia have this baby. I know everything turned out well… but still.

Francisco is handsome!!!!! I need to become friends with Adam so he can introduce me to Francisco. Lol. So Francisco is renting Adam’s old condo while Adam moves into Tamera’s condo. So the only other person that Tamera has lived with is Tia. Especially since they decided not to move in with one another until they got married.

Bwhahahaha Tia said she dropped the soap in the shower and she stopped washing because she couldn’t pick it up. Lol. I LOVE TAMERA!!!! The way she described how she would do the M.C. job for Tia’s baby shower almost made me wet myself.

Adam moving in with Tamera is one of the hugest reality checks that she has probably ever had. She is having physical issues, like a headache, because she has to merge her husband’s stuff with hers. See… what she should do is give him a man cave. Pick the second bedroom and make it his storage room with bookshelves and cases that will be for him and his stuff alone. That way, until they move into their house together he can feel apart of her space. And when they do move into their house together, he has a place for his things as well. Besides, every man should have a man cave.

By the way…. I LOVE ANDREA! She is so sensible! She always puts things into perspective. She put all of Adama’s stuff in the guest bathroom! Hahahahah But that is a huge bathroom. Lol. She cracks me up.

Tia decided, based on the comments of clients who had this manual procedure done, that she was nto going to go through with it. She said that this is a huge wake up call and first sign that she is not in control of what her child does. MESSAGE!

The two of them sitting at Sweet E’s is making me jealous. The cupcake pops are scrumptious looking! And then Tia asked Tamera if she looked fat. Tamera played is smart by NOT answering the question. And then Tia goes to the bathroom and Tamera ate her vanilla pop. Lol.

Adam Hunter, and interior designer, comes over to Adam and Tamera’s condo. I need for Tamera to STOP calling this her house. Her and the issue with the chotskies are cracking me up!

Wendy Raquel Robins ( TASHA MACK) comes over to Tia’s house. She jokes and says that Tia now has a booty. Lol. She said that Tia looks like she has on a fat suit. Tia was having Braxton Hicks and Wendy said “ Toni Braxton, what?” hahahaha.

Jenna, Tamera’s therapist, looks amazing. Her eyes look so beautiful. But I love how she IMMEDIATELY corrected Tamera when she said “my” house. I understand how Tamera is feeling. I am soooooooooooooo afraid of getting married because I don’t want to share. I am honest…lol. But I will need Jenna, too, to help me work on the rest.

Tia’s hairstylist, Nikki, talking about how her gums swelled up when she was pregnant made me choke! Hahaha Nikki said her gums got so big that he teeth looked like chicklets…lol.

 They are in the car drinking what looks like coconut water. If that is the coconut water I tasted….that stuff is NASTY!!! I didn’t even like coconut juice when I was inBelizeuntil the put alcohol in the coconut…lol.

Jackee walks in the room. She is so animated and I LOVE her! I KNEW I saw Tae Heckford!!!!  I love the dress hat Tamera has on at the shower.  Brittan Daniel looks so gorgeous!!!  Bwhahahah and the way Tia waddled out of the baby shower yelling : you straight up left me” was comical. Lol.

The sonogram of the baby is so adorable. And the doctor trying to locate his “little pee pee”was funny. Unfortunately, the baby is still breeched. I want to cry with Tia.

Hahahaha Adam comes home and Tamera starts a conversation off with “ we need to talk”. Her therapist should have told her never to start a conversation off with a man with the phrase “we need to talk”. Lol. Awwwwwwwwwww! Tamera presented the scale of 1 to 10 conversation to Adam and he said that none of his chotskies are 10, being with Tamera is a 10. I love how they worked it all out. Lol. Again, I LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!

Next Episode:  I cant wait til next episode. It looks so interesting



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  1. I love this show. 🙂

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