Tia &Tamera ~ Life w/o Directions

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 26 September 2011 at 10:19 pm

Episode 1: Pandora’s Box

Episode 2: No Strippers!

Episode 3: I Do!

Episode 4: It Had to be Said

Episode 5: Breech of Plans

Episode 6: Embracing Womanhood

Episode 7: Life w/o Directions

I look forward to this show every week. it is nice clean fun, but real!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #DoubleTrouble

 I simply love Jordyn. I can’t say that enough.

Mike, Tamera’s trainer…..he can GET IT in a gym, on a bench while bench pressing me into bliss! THANK YOU LAWD!!! One thing, ummm… Tamera, boo you look okay. Can I get to your level? But I understand that it is all about self perception, and it isn’t about looks either.

Speaking of their mother, where are their parents? We have seen every guest appearance known to man, but where are their parents?  But I am so glad that Tamera is there to help Tia for this entire week before the baby comes.  Ummm…. Did Tia just ask Tamera to test out the breast pump for her? LLS!!!! Watching her trying to put this thing together is HILARIOUS!!!

THEY ARE ARMY BRATS LIKE ME!!!!!!! And Tamera has been invited to an event hosted by Michelle Obama. Niiiiiice.

Access Hollywood called Tamera’s agent and said that they are wanting her to be a guest-host. Niiice. I would love to take that! Boo, take it !!!!

Joining Forces is Michelle Obama’s event, or at least an event that she is apart of. I have GOT to Google search this organization. WOW!!! Mrs. Michelle looks sooooooo gorgeous! I need to hit the gym. My first lady makes me want to hit the gym to keep up. She is the FIRST First Lady who has that effect on me. I never have looked at my First Ladies before. And now I want to check out Joining Forces to see how I can help out.

Awww… the twins are two years older thatI.I thought that the pediatrician is chosen much sooner than a week before they are born. Also, I need to see what kind of reservations they have about child vaccinations.

OH YEH!!!! I can do a care package to the troops as well!  Great idea Tamera!!! I can do that this weekend.

Why did Tia call Milano “Booger Boy”. Lol. Okay, Tia, you know your sister doesn’t read instructions. So why in the HELLO would you tell her to put together the stroller knowing good and well you will get frustrated with her process of doing so? But I am proud that Tamera spoke up. Womanhood is looking good on Tamera.

P.S. I love this outfit that Tamera has on. This frilly shirt is ca-ute!

Oh snap! Tamera’s manager just informed her that it is for the LIVE recording of Access Hollywood. I know she will do fine, but I get that it is going to be nerve wracking as well.  Again… I LOVE Andrea and her support.

Wait, when are pregnant women supposed to start taking prenatal vitamins? Tamera’s short term memory is hilarious!!!! She was only supposed to buy 3 things and she bought the store! Lol.

Bwhahahahah Tamer kissing Tia’s belly is the best part of my day! Lol.  Bwhahaha The way that Tamera walked out of the house was comical. Honey, next time just have Tia text what she needs to you. I see both sides. And it is going to pain me to say this, but Tia was right on this one.

I understand what these soldiers are going through. I come from generations, upon generations, of military family members. I LITERALLY was the second family member who didn’t join. I have dated several military guys and people have paid for our dinners anonymously, and sometimes all we wanted was a thank you. So just thank a soldier when you see them. It means so much! THANK YOU SOLDIERS!!!

What now? Tamera had to wake up at 3:30am to do Access Hollywood!!! Where they do that at? Oh my word!!!! I am watching all of these producers come in to brief Tamera. They didn’t teach us this in grad school. And Tamera will be working out while on TV.

Kit Hoover is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love the advice that Kit gave her as well. Just have fun! I already know that Tamera will do well. We love Tamera. WAIT!!! Did Kit hit the door on her way out? Bwhahaha I love her.

This conversation between Cory and Tia was intense. Note to self: Cory doesn’t play about his child. He is going to be an AMAZING father!!! Does he have siblings? Preferably males, around my age, who have the same good qualities as Cory? Bwhahahaha Tia said that Cory looks sexy when he says “our son”. Bwhahahah Cory just said that he only cares about his son getting circumcised because he cant walk around with the “elephant” on his thing. What the hello? Hahahahaha.

Joey Lawrence looks soooooo different! I am soooo proud of Tamera. She did such an amazing job as the guest host. Now, when she auditions for an acting role, she has television host under her belt. Lol.

Goodness, can my sister surprise me with a spa treatment! Bwahahahahaha…. did they say that Tamera cant get her nephew for two or three days until he is 2 years old. lol. COMEDY!

Next Week: The baby is almost here!!!! Umm… is Tamera drinking Tia’s breast milk? Umm… maybe it is a twin thing…lol. I can’t wait


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Tia you comes accross as you being jealous of your sister Tia. It come across so pronounced. What Tamera says that you only think about yourself comes across as such: u 4got her dress in the car, you spoke about animals while you were late to the wedding venue, she tries to show you the joys of her honeymoon, you yarn and jump from topic to topic, it looks like you use your pregnacy to hid behind you jealousy. You have a very handsome husband. Let your sister also enjoy hers and be there for her as she sometimes sacrifice time and her feelings for you, holding back her hurt to support you and not bring up negative things when you are stressing. Rejoice with her, commend her, she tries a lot, but the scale does not balance from your sdie. Just a motherly advice. anonymous

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