You Killed Chivalry, You Bastard! Pt1

In XX Edition: About the Girls on 14 September 2011 at 12:22 am

I don’t think that men actually get it. I mean, the fastest ways to piss me off is to not act your age and to stab Chivarly in the back in my presence. Yes, a tad bit dramatic… I get it, but I am fed up with it. Why couldn’t I have been born 50 years before my time. I would rather have fought Jim Crow than to squabble with Dumbasses. Trust me, this is not an exaggeration… white man…. call me nigger.  I honestly could take that over my own black supposed king calling me bitch.

Where is this stemming from, you ask? So there is this “guy”. I could say sooooooooooo much right now but I am choosing not to as not to set his whole entire village on fire. Fuck burning the bridge, I want to set his future grandkids on fire! He irks the shit out of me in ways that I didnt even know that I could be disturbed. I mean… I have had thoughts of fucking him up. I keep trying to give him a chance because I already know that I am crazy, but there is no helping this fucker in my presence.

So today, I woke up feeling horrible. I was supposed to spend the night at his house (TRUST ME THERE WAS NO SEX GOING ON UNLESS HE RAPED ME!). But, I knew that I would want to come home and get some rest after blogging about The Braxtons  and Sinbad so I called and asked if we could reschedule. I was respectable. But as the day went by I started to feel a little bit better…. took meds….and then said I could come over for a little bit but not stay the night. So we are kicking it…..

He goes and gets his car because it was further away from the door and he pulled up in front of me and I opened the door and got in. So we get to the place where we were getting our Jamaican food and park. He opens his door and I don’t budge. This is a testing moment. I have never been in his car, he always opens the door to my truck when he walks me to my truck but this was different. Would he actually open my door? Do you know that he asked me what I was waiting for! I proceed to tell him that i am waiting for him to open my door. He looked as if I has asked him to go with me on Maury to tell him a secret. Reluctantly, he walks around and opens my door. And I don’t mean subtly… I mean obviously with commentary.

He proceeds to tell me that he only opens doors if he is on the passenger side of the car and that I should not expect him to open the door for anything else. He also said that it takes too much effort for him to walk around the car to open my door. I WAS LIVID!!!!! This fool just told me, in not so many words but in OH SO MANY ACTIONS, that I was not worth the chivalrous actions that it would take for him to walk around the car and open my door no matter what.I could be blowing this out of proportion, but I think that I deserve to have my door opened for me getting in and out of any car!

I sat in that car and didn’t say shit the entire ride back to his condo. Not a word! I even eat in silence and sit on the far couch away from him. I don’t even think that heated could describe how upset, disappointed and disrespected I felt by his words and actions. Finally, the shit hit the fan and I got it off my chest. I let him know how foolish I thought he was and how upset I was by his actions. He didn’t say much about it, but I dropped it. I figured that at least now he would understand how pissed I was, how much it meant to me…and if he was smart, he would take notice the next time we were in a moving vehicle together. *Side eye*

We start to drink, because his house bar comes equipped with enough alcohol to keep a hole in the wall club opened for 3 months or at least enough to make Dr. Drew‘s Sober House relaps. And it is just fun times. Watching Property Virgins and something else on HGTV and watching my Celtics SPANK the Knicks….just fun. Well, I had drunk so much that I didn’t feel safe driving home, so…I asked if he would drive me to my house to get my clothes and I would come back to his house. He said sure….glad that I grabbed all of my shit!

We get down to the car and this dummy walks right to his side of the car, opens the door and gets in. I stand by my door wanting to set his BMW on fucking fire. He leans over from the inside and pushes my door open. I lean in and say, “Nigger are you fucking testing me tonight?” He counter comments with “Its late, come on and stop playing.” Question: Have you ever been so pissed off that you immediately sober the fuck up? In that moment, it hit me so damn hard… This Cameroon-Nigerian mixed breed, nut case was NOT a person that I could stomach any longer. Yes, I tried to deal with my African people, and being half Nigerian… I get it, it is in my blood to be set in my ways, but I cannot, nor will I back down from a guy opening my doors. So, I leaned back into the car and told him “No thank you. I will head home by myself.” I hopped in my car, said a prayer for safety and I was on my damn way.

As if the whole door incident wasnt enough, this nut let me get into the car (check previous comments to understand what I mean)  and then had the nerve to text me and say, “Let me know when you make it home” BITCH, are you kidding me? Now you want to be concerned and caring. Oh, whatever…go dry hump a porcupine! I’m done. NEXT!

Now…. you have to know that this is going to get asked to my 200 Men, right. So stay tuned! This side of the story was too long for me to combine with their comments as well…. but just know that they are coming. Please , oh please, oh please, please comment below so that I can know that you read it and you actually have thoughts. Am I overreacting? Should this have been one of the lesser battles? I doubt that I will agree with you, but I would like to know what you think…at least!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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