Tia & Tamera ~ Pandora’s Box

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Episode 1: Pandora’s Box

Just by looking at the intro to the season, they crack me up. Who knew that all of this was going on? Cant wait to watch.

So they go shopping onMelrose. I wish I could go shopping onMelrose. Tamera is getting married in a little while. She is going shopping for a dress for her bridal shower with Tia….they are comical to watch when they aren’t in “character”. Tamera’s engagement photos with her fiancé Adam have been leaked on the internet. Bloggers were saying that she is a white man’s whore, because her fiancé Adam is white. As a child of an interracial marriage…. Why do black people feel that we can claim her as just black? Why cant she just be a person who loves another person? Don’t let those haters slow you down, diva…. They are just bitter women sitting at home alone.

Tamera’s best friend, Andrea, is handling her bridal shower, even though Tia is the Maid of Honor. Tamera says that Tia hasn’t been focused on her Maid of Honor duties. Hold up… Tamera use to be a size six and now she is a size two? JEALOUS!!! WOW! Tia is chowing down!!!! And now Tamera is pulling up the issue of reciprocation about Tia’s supposed slacking on her Maid of Honor duties. OUCH!!!! I don’t like how Tia responded to Tamera on the : I learned I am a tad bit controlling” comment.  But I am not gonna feed my thoughts on the issue… I just didn’t like it.

Dimitry is an amazing photographer and Tia’s husband, Cory, HOT! And I mean that with the utmost respect….lol. YOU GO GIRL!Ummm… did Jordyn, her publicist ( I think) just say that if she posed nude in this photo that some magazine would put her on the cover? O_0. And then Corey says that she should go ahead and do it, if it is done the right way.  These photos are AMAZING!!!!!!

Tia feels that she is over extending herself through this pregnancy. Usually she is a busy bee but now she is so fatigued. Corey is HILARIOUS!!!! And then Tia laughed so hard that she thinks that she peed on herself….lol. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Did Corey wipe the seat and then smell it and then the camera man zoomed in on her butt and the seat where she was…bwhahahahahaha.  They are perfect for one another.

Mindy Weiss is THE wedding planner. And she will be doing Tamera’s wedding….. HOT! I soooooo hate commenting on this, but Andrea should be Maid of Honor. I know that family comes first, but if they are the FIRST to not do their job, then they should be the FIRST to be replaced.

Okay, so the second season of The Game has been picked up. And Adam, Tia’s manager says that they want to go into production just six weeks AFTER Tia gives birth. YIKES!!!!! I don’t have any kids yet, but I know that six weeks after babysitting I don’t want to go back to work…lol.

Bwhahahahah Adam, Tamera’s fiancé said that her dad looked like a younger Gary Busey…lol. COMEDY! ButGarybefore or after the accident? I LOVE Adam’s sense of humor. I am so happy for them.

So Tia has agreed to do the artistic pregnancy photos. BUT… she wants to do it for herself first and then if she likes it, then she will do it for the public.

Wait, there is something called Matron of Honor? I never knew that.

 I LOVE how big Tia’s hair is for these pregnancy photos in this shoot. HOT MAMA!

The bride’s maids dresses are soooo cute. And this miscommunication is frustrating me!!! I don’t want to take sides, but I am SOOOOOO #TeamTamera right now. *Sigh* I don’t know the entire background story up until this point, so I know it is not fair. But I can say that while Tia is worried about what people will think about her bare pregnancy photos, she should be worried about how her fans will feel about how she is treating her sister. Just saying… who knew?

HOSEA CHANCHEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell off the bed!!!! That is my husband in my head. Lol. I swear I love me andAlabamaman. *Sigh* Y’all see how we make ‘em in the south? Lol. Bwhahahah I love how Hosea called her fat! Lol. Hahahah He said he is not babysitting…lol.

WOW!!! Andrea was asked by Tia if she would be her Maid of Honor. Andrea accepted and we will watch the bomb blow up once Tia finds out. I hope she doesn’t drop that baby. But I understand, Tia did give her a guilt trip wrapped in an ultimatum.

Tia gives Cory a photo of her pregnancy shoot photo, and so she is not going to publish it ( even though you just showed the entire world via the show). To each his own. I don’t think it would have hurt her or made her fans think of her differently.

So Tia is headed to the hospital because she just threw up and is unable to keep anything down. I hope the baby is doing well. And she wont be able to make it to Tamera’s bridal shower. I understand but at the same time it just keeps looking like Tamera is getting the short end of this stick no matter how you dice it.

I LOVE this blue ensemble that Tamera is wearing at her bridal shower. And Candace Cameron Bure from Full House showed up. Candace looks AMAZING!!!!!!!! And Andrea did an amazing job with this gathering at the Fairmont Hotel, from what I could see and from what Tamera said.

AND THEN TIA SHOWS UP TO THE BRIDAL SHOWER!!!!! I am glad that she was feeling well enough to show up. Awwww. I Love how Candace walking in the toilet paper dress…lol. HILARIOUS! And I am glad that that Tia gave Andrea her props and accepted the title of Matron of Honor.

Okay… after watching this. I will definitely watch the show… I just don’t know if I can remain a neutral supportive fan after what I saw in this episode and clips of future episodes. So I don’t know if I will be able to blog. Hmmmmmm. Yeh, I don’t want to take sides, but that is what you ask for when you invite a camera into your household. I will think on it. I want to blog but my remarks will be honest and I honestly want to stay a fan but if you know me, then you know that if I don’t like a person’s perceived actions… I cant be around them. Okay, enough about me. Agape!


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